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How many Love is War manga volumes are there

Welcome to a world of romantic warfare, with our complete collection of Love is War manga volumes. Imagine the world of romance to be a battlefield, where expressing your feelings first means losing. Kaguya Sama: Love is War captures this struggle delightfully, keeping you gripped from volume to volume.

But the question is, how many Love is War volumes are there for you to immerse yourself in? Hold your breath because we are about to tell you and take you on an exciting journey through this romantic battlefield.

All Kaguya Sama: Love is War manga volumes in order

For all the Love is War fans out there, we’ve discovered a fantastic deal for you. A special set that collects volumes 1 through 22, giving you a fast track to the heart of Kaguya and Miyuki’s romantic rivalry. However, if you prefer to start small, there’s another set that collects the first six volumes. Either way, these options provide an excellent way to dive right into this captivating world of romantic warfare.

Here you have the Kaguya Sama: Love is War manga volumes in publication order:

Published in English by VIZ Media, the Love is War manga has taken readers by storm with its unique blend of romance and competition. The illustration style beautifully portrays the characters’ emotional turmoil and the strategic aspect of their romance. The quality of the translation is top-notch, ensuring that the humor and nuance of the original work are not lost in translation.

One interesting tidbit about the Kaguya Sama series is that it was written by Aka Akasaka, who is also known for his work on Oshi no Ko. The intense, competitive romance in Love is War can be traced back to Aka Akasaka’s signature style of intricate and engaging storytelling.

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Here are 3 figures that you must get so they can stand next to your Kaguya Sama manga collection:

There’s an intriguing connection between the Love is War volumes and Sasaki to Miyano that fans may appreciate. Both series revolve around unique romantic dynamics, giving them a distinct charm that sets them apart from the typical romance manga. Just like in “Love is War,” where Kaguya and Miyuki engage in a complex battle of wits, “Sasaki to Miyano” offers a sweet blend of humor and heartfelt moments in its bl narrative. For anyone interested in exploring more of these charming dynamics, diving into the Sasaki to Miyano volumes could be an excellent next step.

On another note, if you enjoy the humor and school life aspects of “Love is War, you might find “Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun” an intriguing choice. This series doesn’t focus on romance, but it does offer an entertaining mix of humor, friendship, and a protagonist thrown into a bizarre situation – in this case, attending a school for demons. The distinct character interactions and engaging plot found in Welcome to Demon School manga might just appeal to the “Love is War” fans seeking more laughter and extraordinary school life stories in their manga reading journey.

What is this manga series about?

How many Love is war manga volumes are there
How many Love is war manga volumes are there

The Love is War manga is a thrilling ride through the competitive world of high school romance. It revolves around two student council leaders, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. They are in love with each other but believe that the first one to confess would be the “loser” in their love war.

As for the genre, Love is War brilliantly combines comedy, romance, and psychological elements, making it suitable for readers aged 13 and up. The main characters, Kaguya and Miyuki, have their unique motivations. Kaguya, from a prestigious family, finds her icy demeanor melting in love, while Miyuki, known for his intellect, finds that love is a puzzle he can’t quite solve.

In terms of sales, the Love is War volumes have done incredibly well. The series has broken sales records in Japan, showing its broad appeal. The manga has been critically acclaimed and has even won the 65th Shogakukan Manga Award in the General category in 2020.

The Love is War manga has been successfully adapted into an anime series, further broadening its fanbase. The anime series beautifully brings to life the strategic yet hilarious love battles between Kaguya and Miyuki, enhancing the appeal of the manga series.

How many Love is War manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

Kaguya Sama Love is War volumes
Kaguya Sama Love is War volumes

In the original Japanese version, there are 28 volumes of Love is War. The manga series concluded its journey in November 2022. It was published in Japan by Shueisha, one of Japan’s most prominent publishers, known for numerous popular series.

As for the English version, it’s on its way to being fully translated, with completion expected in 2024. The delay in translation is common with manga series, as maintaining the storyline’s authenticity and humor requires careful and considerate translation.

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If you’re ready to dive into this compelling world of romantic rivalry, don’t hesitate to explore our collection of Love is War manga volumes. Get ready to be captivated by the clever mind games and heartfelt moments in this unforgettable manga series!Regenerate response

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