caraval series order

Caraval book series in order

It was time we talked about this New York Times bestseller, we have a list with the Caraval series in order, an epic tale by author Stephanie Garber that tells us about the unbreakable bond between two sisters. One of them has been kidnapped, and the other, Scarlett, will make every effort to get her back..

Some compare this series to The Hunger Games, others to Night Circus… while the plot may be certainly sort of similar, we believe that the Caraval books shine out with their own light.

Caraval series in order by Stephanie Garber

There’s not much secret to it, you have to read the Caraval book series in order of publication. This is the best way to enjoy this magical story, here you have the 3 novels that compose this series, you can get them by clicking on their cover:

Don’t you think that the book covers are just gorgeous? they are so magical! great anticipation of what you’ll find out once you start reading this series. Speaking of which, this Caraval book set is perfect for you if you want to get the 3 books that make this series:

This set is available both in paperback and hardcover (the one shown in the picture is the latest).

Now that we told you the order for the Caraval series don’t miss these books

The Caraval trilogy is so addictive that you will devour it in a few weeks, maybe even sooner. But do not panic, because we have 3 book suggestions that you can read once you have finished this series:

Our first recommendation is another book by Stephanie Garber, if you enjoyed her writing then her new series, Once Upon a Broken Heart, is a must-read for you.

Do you enjoy paranormal romance? then we recommend you take a look to the Lux series, a story by Jennifer L. Armentrout that tells us about the love between a human girl and a Luxen, a sort of alien.

What are these novels about?

The Caraval books take place in a small fictional island known as The Conquered Isle of Trisda, in this, there is a magical celebration, an annual festivity which sisters Scarlett and Tella are so keen on being part of.

This year seemed to be the luckiest for them, because they have been invited to the Caraval festival. However, everything will change when Tella gets kidnapped by no other than the organizer of this event. And not only that, but it turns out that this year’s event revolves around saving her. The price to the winner? Tella herself.

Stella is more than determined to save his sister, and if winning the Caraval is the only way to do so, she’ll be more than willing to participate.

A list with the Caraval book series in order

This story is concluded, and here goes a list with all the Caraval books in order. They happen to be quite long, around 450 pages each, so you will have a great time while reading Scarlet’s tale.

caraval stephanie garber

Caraval series in order

Caraval – Stephanie Garber


  • Flatiron Books

Reading order:

  • Caraval (Caraval book 1)
  • Legendary (Caraval book 2)
  • Finale (Caraval book 3)

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You will really enjoy the Caraval series if you are entertained with stories that have a mysterious villain, a romance, and unbreakable bonds between sisters.

Also, if you enjoy spooky fantasy stories then you should take a look at this list with The Last Apprentice books, a story about a boy who becomes a guardian of the county fighting the evilest creatures.

We hope you enjoy these magical novels by author Stephanie Garber, will you read the Caraval series in order or you’ll read in a different way? leave a comment telling us! also say if you think that this story is similar to Night Circus.

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