michael vey series in order

Michael Vey books in order

Do you like stories about teenage boys with superpowers? great! because here you will find a list with the Michael Vey series in order, this 14-year-old boy goes unnoticed at his High School, but he has electric powers. And, while he thought at first that he was unique, he will find out that he’s not even the only one at his school that happens to have abilities…

We have collected all the Michel Vey books here so you can get them all, and we even have a great book set recommendation for you that collects the 7 novels in this action-adventure series.

Michael Vey series in order by Richard Paul Evans

We suggest you read the Michael Vey books in order of publication, and here you have all these novels by Richard Paul Evans following such a recommendation.

Do you want to get the complete collection? then take a look at this amazing Michael Vey boxset, because it collects all the books in the series (in paperback):

Wouldn’t you like to have superpowers? if that’s the case leave a comment telling us which kind of ability you would love to have!

Now that we told you the order of the Michael Vey series don’t miss these books

The Michael Vey books are great for readers who enjoy stories about main characters with superpowers, and that’s why our 3 recommendations are about teens with special abilities:

The Unwanted series tells the story of a boy who happens not to be good enough to be part of an elite group and therefore is discarded, which apparently leads to being killed. However, reality will turn out to be quite different.

Fans of the Michael Vey book series also find the I Am Number Four series really amusing.

And last but not least, There’s also the series about two siblings with magical powers, one of the most popular ya novels by James Patterson. You can check out our list with the Maximum Ride books in order so you can discover this great fantasy story.

What are these books about?

This series tells the story of Michael Vey, a teenager with Tourette’s syndrome who attends Meridian High School. He might seem to be a regular student, however, he hides a secret: he happens to have electric powers. He has always thought that he was the only one with abilities, however, soon he will find out that not only he’s not, but that there happens to be another student who not only has superpowers, but she has exactly the same ones a Michael. A mere coincidence?

Once they find out that they have the same abilities they will start an investigation. But when a certain organization discovers that these kids have this kind of power they will start their evil plan: to get them so they can control the world using their powers.

A list with the Michael Vey book series in order

This story Richard Paul Evans is full of action and adventure. And here¡s a list with all the Michael Vey books in order:

Michael Vey book series

Michael Vey series in order

Michael Vey – Richard Paul Evans


  • Mercury Ink

Reading order:

  • The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Michael Vey book 1)
  • Rise of the Elgen (Michael Vey book 2)
  • Battle of the Ampere (Michael Vey book 3)
  • Hunt for Jade Dragon (Michael Vey book 4)
  • Storm of Lightning (Michael Vey book 5)
  • Fall of Hades (Michael Vey book 6)
  • The Final Spark (Michael Vey book 7)

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This series is concluded, and its recommended reading age is over 12 years old.

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Have you started reading the Michael Vey series? then tell us if you are enjoying this action-adventure story! and don’t forget to tell us which powers you’d like to have!

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