briar u series in order

Elle Kennedy’s Briar U in order

We are getting back to college because we got a list with the Briar U series in order, the spin-off of one of the most popular series by Elle Kennedy. The fun thing about these novels is that you already know their protagonists because they happen to be side characters in the Off-Campus books.

For instance, the first volume in the Briar U books is starred by no other than Summer! will she find love? let’s find out.

Briar U series in order by Elle Kennedy

This spin-off series is composed of 4 volumes, each of the novels in this tetralogy focusing on a different romance. Here you have all the Briar u books in order:

Needless to say, you should read the original novels before reading this spin-off. Because of this, make sure that you check out this post with the Off Campus series in order, it is a pentalogy focusing on 4 couples (the 5th volume in the series being a summary of what happened with them 3 years after being graduated)

Now that we told you the order of the Briar u series don’t miss these novels

You are itching for more steamy romance novels, aren’t you? of course you are, we already knew that! and that’s why we already have selected 3 great series that you should add to your TBR list:

At this point, we have no doubt that you will devour the Briar U book series in no time, and what if you need to read more of Elle Kennedy’s fascinating writing? then you can start with the DreamMakers series.

Do you love dangerous love? then you should read the Shatter Me series, a story of a girl who has the most powerful power: whoever touches her will die, will any man be able to love her knowing that he won’t even be able to feel her skin?

What are these books about?

Elle Kennedy Briar U order
Elle Kennedy Briar U in order

The Briar U book series tells us about 4 different steamy romance stories starred by side characters of the original series by Elle Kennedy. In the first novel, for example, the main character is Summer, while in the second one is Brenna Jennsen (who will be introduced in the first volume).

The Chase, book 1 in the series, tells us about the romance between Summer and Colin. They could be no more different, because he is into video games, hockey, and tattoos… and the worst thing is, that he is the best buddy of her brother.

You might be wondering if you have to read the Off Campus books before reading these novels, or even if it’s mandatory to read the Briar U series in order. Truth is, since each of these novels center on a different couple, there is no need to read them in a specific order, because they can be read as standalone. Having said this, since these characters make an appearance in the original series, we believe your reading will be more satisfactory if you read the Off Campus books first.

Also, here’s the most popular quote from the first book in the series. A quick way for you to know about the funny tone of the Briar U books:

Briar u book series
Briar u book series

A list of the Briar U book series in order

Here you have a list with all the Briar U books in order of publication (which is how we recommend you read this series). We hope it’s useful to you:

The Briar U book series in order

Briar U series in order

Briar U – Elle Kennedy


  • Bloom books

Reading order:

  • The Chase (Briar U book 1)
  • The Risk (Briar U book 2)
  • The Play (Briar U book 3)
  • The Dare (Briar U book 4)

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Will there be more books in the series? while there is no news about this, we believe that there’s a chance that there might be at least one more volume in the Briar U series. As you might already know, the Off Campus’ book 5 was a follow-up of all the 4 relationships narrated along the series, maybe the same will happen with these novels and we’ll have a new volume that tells us how did it go to our beloved characters? would you like it to be so? leave a comment and tell us.

Have you read the Lord of the Underworlds books? you’ll definitely love them, a steamy paranormal romance that tell us about greek guardians that were punished for failing their duty. Each of the volumes will center on a different character, telling us how he finds love.

We hope this post was very useful for you! will you read the Briar U series in order of publication (as we suggested) or will you read it otherwise? tell us which of the main characters of these spin-off novels is your favorite! maybe Summer?

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