shatter me book series order

Shatter me reading order

Imagine not being able to touch anyone because you would kill them… hard to imagine? no problem, because we’ve got the Shatter Me book series order, so you can know how hard Juliette’s life is. These books by Tahereh Mafi become more popular day by day, and it’s time for you to read them as well.

There is a lot to tell you, because not only you’ll find the reading order for the Shatter Me books, including the novellas, by the way, we also have great teen & Young Adult Dark Fantasy suggestions for you, and if that was not enough to please you we’ll also recommend you the best box set to get all the books of the series.

Shatter Me series book order including the novellas

This series is composed of 11 books, or more specifically, of 6 books that tell the original story, and 5 novellas that tell the story from the perspective of minor characters. And this is when things get complicated, the novellas are set between the original books, so what’s the best order to read the Shatter Me series?

well, if you want the full experience, we recommend you read the Shatter Me books in chronological order including the novellas, which means you should read them like this (the ones with an “N” are the novellas in case you want to skip them):

As an alternative, you can just read the books and start with the novellas afterward. If that’s your option then this one is the perfect Shatter Me book set for you, since it collects the six books:

Now what we told you what is the order of the Shatter Me book series don’t miss these novels

You never have enough young adult dark fantasy books, don’t you? well, we don’t either. So here are 3 great suggestions that will please the fans of the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi:

Also, we have this list with lots of fantasy romance novels, so you can check it out too so you can add more stories to your tbr list.

There are so many enjoyable impossible love stories with fantasy elements… take Beca Fitzpatrick’s for example, a great tale of a girl called Nora that gets in love with Patch, who happens to be a fallen angel, here you have the Hush Hush series in order in case you want to know more.

What are these books about?

Shatter me reading order

This is the story of Juliette Ferrars, a girl with the power to kill anyone just by touching them. Many wish they had been born with such incredible power, but for her it is a curse, for it prevents her from touching anyone, and who will be able to love her if she can’t even be kissed safely?

Her life will entirely change when she meets someone…

The Shatter Me series is a romance set in a dystopic world, with lots of action and adventure.

On a personal note, author Tahereh Mafi is married with Ransom Riggs, author of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book series.

Is it crucial to read the Shatter Me novellas to enjoy the series?

No, our Shatter Me reading order includes the novellas because we believe that these short tales provide interesting content to the reader, they are told from the perspective of side characters, therefore they serve to make understand their mindset.

Despite that, you can just read the original series and skip the novellas (or, as we suggested before, read them once you’ve finished the books).

A list with the Shatter Me book series in order

Here you have a list with the Shatter Me series in chronological order and including the novellas:

Shatter Me series order

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi


  • HarperCollins

Reading order:

  • Shatter Me  (Shatter Me book 1)
  • Destroy Me (Shatter me Novella 1)
  • Unravel Me (Shatter Me book 2)
  • Fracture Me  (Shatter me Novella 2)
  • Ignite Me (Shatter Me book 3)
  • Restore Me (Shatter Me book 4)
  • Shadow Me (Shatter me Novella 3)
  • Defy Me (Shatter Me book 5)
  • Reveal Me (Shatter me Novella 4)
  • Imagine Me (Shatter Me book 6)
  • Believe Me (Shatter me Novella 5)

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