wahammer 40k books in order

Warhammer 40k reading order

The lore created by GW is incredibly complex and fascinating, we got a list with the Warhammer 40k books in order so you can delve into this enthralling universe. There are many volumes and books that cover the different armies and yes, the  Big Four Chapters get most of the love, but we’ll try to cover as many armies, races, and events as possible.

In what order you should read the Warhammer 40k novels? oh, boy, that’s a complicated question. And we got the answer, but, what did it cost? everything… from lots of heresy to bribing a bunch of gretchins, and even having to listen to a Shas’el lecturing us about the Tau’va for several hours… 

List with the Warhammer 40k books in order

First of all you should know that these are subseries that are self contained, that is, each of them focus on a different event. Because of this, you can actually skip any of the series we suggested and focus on the ones that center on the factions or characters you are most interested about.

Here’s the Warhammer 40k reading order, make note that you don’t actually have to follow this guide since, as said before, the stories in each of these subseries are not connected at all and focus on different events.

The Eisenhorn series is generally considered as the best introduction to the Warhammer 40k novels since it’s quite easy to get into it. With this sort of detective story you’ll get into the Imperium. Here’s how to start with the Warhammer 40k novels:

There’s way more WH 40k books, plenty more in fact,so many that It would be quite impractical to collect them all. That’s why we decided to make a more exclusive selection of the series that we believe you should not miss.

Now that we told you the order of the Warhammer 40k books don’t miss these series

There are many scifi novels that you should not miss, the following novels are a must if you enjoy the military genre:

Quick note, we are not including the Horus Heresy book series in this list because not only do we have an entire post dedicated to it but they also happen to take place before WH 40k. More specifically, they are set in the 30k. So, yes, they are a sort of prequel, and, while they are no mandatory to either understand or  start reading the Warhammer 40k novels they happen to be one of the major events so you should give them a try as well.

Our first recommendation is an acclaimed work, you’ll really enjoy this story if you love military fiction set in a Star Wars alike universe, here’s a list of  the Galaxy’s Edge books in order.

Would you rather read a story that mixes humor with scifi? then here a list with Dennis E Taylor’s Bobiverse books in order, so much fun!

Warhammer 40k books in chronological order: this is why you can’t read them that way

warhammer 40k reading order
Warhammer 40k reading order

It would be amazing, and way easier, to tell you that there’s a list in which you could find all the Warhammer 40 k books in chronological order. But, sadly, that’s not how it works (party because most of the 40k stories are not set on a specific date). 

Let’s put it this way, there’s actually no main plot in this series, instead, there’s a lot of stories that revolve around a certain event or an important character (an emperor, a primarch, a Warlord,etc). Therefore, while all the WH 40k novels share the setting, they are not actually connected (except the ones that belong to the same subseries, of course).

While it may be frustrating for some, we believe it’s better to forget about any attempt to follow the chronology of events narrated in these stories and just try to have fun. Speaking of having joy, here’s our list with the best warhammer fantasy books to start with.

What are these novels about?

warhammer 40k book order
Warhammer 40k book order

Warhammer 40k is a popular military table top wargame created by Games Workshop played with miniature figures. There are different factions and armies.

The setting of this game is a hostile universe in which there’s no hope, only war and heresy. It is full of different races and creatures who are more than willing to kill and extinguish each other. One of the most captivating aspects of this wargame is its well developed lore. Behind each of the armies that are part of this game there’s a rulebook that stipulates every single detail of them (how much they move, their weapons, and a long and extensive etc).

Aside from that, there are certain miniatures that happen to be the leaders of these armies (primarchs, warlords or so on). The background of these prominent characters is incredibly well built, and so is the universe in which all these fictional battles take place, that’s why fans are more than willing to read any Warhammer novel based on their favorite factions.

There’s no denial that the Space Marines faction is the most popular, the ultramarines usually being the most prominent Chapter. However, there’s room for other armies to have their place in this military scifi literature.

There you have it, now that you have a list with the Warhammer 40k books in order you can start reading this amazing scifi military series. What’s your favorite faction? leave a comment and tell us!

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