bobiverse books in order

Bobiverse book 4 is here!

Here you will find an updated list with all the Bobiverse books in order, a science fiction series written by Canadian author Dennis E. Taylor. Book 4 in the Bobiverse series is out! but only for Audible, which is not a problem because here you have a 30 days free Audible trial:

But if having all Dennis E. Taylor’s reading order for this series is not enough for you that is fine, because here you will find some books like the Bobiverse as well! so don’t skip any section of this post!

Bobiverse book series order by Denis E. Taylor

You have to read the Bobiverse books in order of publication, this is the way author Dennis E. Taylor conceived his series and the most recommended way for reading this series.

Here you have all the books in the Bobiverse series in order, if you want to get any of these or know more it’s as easy as clicking on the cover of the book you want to know more about, the link will take you to Amazon (opens in a new tab:

Now that you have the reading order for this series, check out these books like the Bobiverse

If you need more scifi in your life (who doesn’t? right?) here you have some similar books to the Bobiverse series:

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A list with the complete Bobiverse series order updated 2020

Here you have an updated list with all the books in the Bobiverse series in order:

Bobiverse reading order

Bobiverse books in order

Bobiverse series by Dennis E. Taylor


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Reading order:

  • We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse book 1)
  • For We Are Many (Bobiverse book 2)
  • All These Worlds (Bobiverse book 3)
  • Heaven’s River (Bobiverse book 4)

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Let’s know a bit more about these books by Dennis E. Taylor

The Bobiverse series centers on Bob Johansson, a man who has sold his software company and has decided to retire so to leave the pleasures of life. However, Bob’s plans will be frustrated once he gets killed while crossing the street.

But this is not the end for Bob, he wakes up 100 years later, finding out that his body had been cryonically cryopreserved and he is now property of the state. If that was not enough, he is now part of a computer hardware which is seeking habitable planets all along the universe.

If you are wondering why the Bobiverse book 4 is out as an audiobook (it was released on September 24, 2020 by the way) but not in print that is because Dennis E. Taylor, as well as many other authors, debuts his works in audio format as to take advantage of the growth of the audiobooks.

Given that book 1 in the Bobiverse series, We are Legion, was awarded Best Science Fiction Audiobook of the year it can’t be denied that such a strategy is working for him.

Hope that now you will enjoy this series. You can also take a look at this post with the Mass Effect book order if you like this videogame franchise.

Before you leave, tell us by leaving a comment if you rather read these books in paper or you prefer the audiobooks?

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