Galaxys Edge book order

Galaxy’s edge book reading order

The Force has entrusted us with a crucial mission, to make a list with the Galaxy’s Edge book order so here it is. This series is a Military sci-fi meets space opera, and it takes place a the Star Wars-like universe, what else do you need to start reading this tale?

The lore of this franchise is so fascinating, that there are lots of stories to tell. In this case, we’ll focus on the Legionnaires, an elite commando sent to the planet of Kublar by The Republic.

Galaxy’s edge book order

This military sci-fi series is composed of 15 volumes, and they are written by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. You must read the Galaxy’s edge books in order of publication, this way you’ll understand what’s going on in the series. Her you have all the novels:

Take a look at those stunning covers! The illustrator did a great job conveying the sci-fi vibe and, at the same time, this series has its own soul. Also, we love when all the covers have common elements that make them look incredibly cool when they are put together. So kudos to the illustrator!

Now that we revealed to you the book order of the Galaxy’s Edge series don’t miss these novels

There’s never enough military SciFi, and there are definitely some titles that you shouldn’t miss on any account. Here are 3 great suggestions:

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Wouldn’t you love that your kids, or maybe your little brother or sister, enjoyed the SW franchise as much as you do? well, it might be too early for them to start reading the Galaxy’s edge books, but you can introduce them to this sci fi universe already because there’s a version for kids, and here you have the Star Wars Jedi Academy books in order, the perfect guide to know how to start this story addressed to children.

What are these books about?

Galaxys Edge reading order
Galaxy’s Edge reading order

The Republic must send a message to the planet of Kublar with which they will make sure that the most powerful chief of this world allies with the Senator. The only way to make sure that this message gets to its destiny is by entrusting the task to their special force, known as the Victory Company. The galaxy is full of perils, and this commando will be ambushed, and what started as a simple mission will turn out to be a battle for survival in enemy territory.

The main character in this series is Lieutenant “Wraith” Ford, and it might be worth mentioning that each of the volumes in the Galaxy’s Edge series has its own plot.

You might be wondering how similar this series is to the Star Wars franchise. Truth is that, while the setting is obviously similar, the stories are completely different.

A list with the Galaxy’s Edge book order

The following list collects all the books in this series. Here’s the reading order of the Galaxy’s Edge series:

galaxys edge book series

Galaxy’s Edge book order

Galaxy's Edge – Jason Anspach & Nick Cole


  • Galaxy's Edge Press

Reading order:

  • Legionnaire (Galaxy’s Edge book 1)
  • Galactic Outlaws (Galaxy’s Edge book 2)
  • Kill Team (Galaxy’s Edge book 3)
  • Attack of Shadows (Galaxy’s Edge book 4)
  • Sword of the Legion (Galaxy’s Edge book 5)
  • Prisoners of Darkness (Galaxy’s Edge book 6)
  • Turning Point (Galaxy’s Edge book 7)
  • Message for the Dead (Galaxy’s Edge book 8)
  • Retribution (Galaxy’s Edge book 9)
  • Galaxy’s Edge (Galaxy’s Edge book 10)
  • Legacies (Galaxy’s Edge book 11)
  • Dark Victory (Galaxy’s Edge book 12)
  • Convergence (Galaxy’s Edge book 13)
  • Remains (Galaxy’s Edge book 14)
  • Last Contact (Galaxy’s Edge book 15)

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While not confirmed, we believe that there will be more books in the Galaxy’s Edge series. So make sure you revisit this post soon because we are confident there will be new releases.

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We hope you really enjoy the Galaxy’s Edge books, if you have started reading this series already leave a comment and tell us if you are enjoying them or not. Also, don’t forget to rate this series so others can know how much you love them!

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