Jedi academy books in order

Jedi Academy books in order

Here you will find all Jedi Academy books in order, a series written by Jeffrey Brown Jarrett and J. Krosoczka. The Jedi Academy books series is a graphic novel series adressed to children that takes place in the Star Wars universe. If you are looking for the Jedi Academy reading order you’ll find it here.

If you want your children to be introduced in The Star Wars series the Jedi academy books series is a great way to do so. If the Jedi Academy reading level worries you, you’ll find it at the end of this article.

Here are all Jedi Academy books in order

The best way to read Jedi academy books series is in publication order which is at the same time the chronological order. This way you will not miss any detail of this Star Wars story.

Here goes Jedi Academy books in order:

jedi academy books in order

Jedi Academy books in order

jedi academy books series


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Reading order:

  • Jedi Academy
  • Return of the Padawan
  • The Phantom Bully
  • A New Class
  • The Force Oversleeps
  • The Principal Strikes Back
  • Revenge of the Sis
  • Attack of the Furball
  • At Last, Jedi

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Now that you have the Jedi Academy books in order maybe you want to buy them?

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Jedi academy reading level

The jedi academy books series is adressed to children. More spifically, The Jedi Academy reading level is grades 3 to 7 (ages 8 to 12).

This graphic novel narrates the story of Roan, a boy from Tatooine (as Anakin Skywalker by the way) who wants to attend the Pilot Academy since he dreams of being a Pilot, as his older brother, and his father. Things don’t go as expected and instead he ends up being invited to the Jedi Academy instead.

Roan will meet the rest of the jedi students, and he will discover all his potential thanks to the best master he could ever have: Master Yoda. Will this padawan beome a jedi and one day be on the council with the rank of master? it is time for you to discover.

You will enjoy this series if you are a fan of Star Wars or if you enjoy graphic novel series such as Dog Man or Captain Underpants both by Dav Pilkey

Take a look at the Best Star Wars books and since you seem to enjoy graphic novels then see Dog Man books in order as well.

Are you planning to read this series or are you searching for the Jedy Academy series order for your kids? if that’s the case, they will start loving the Star Wars series at a very young age, well done! you have achieved the rank of master and you have been granted a seat at the Jedi Council (an achievement that not even Anakin Skywalker was able to get). Leave a comment telling us how you discovered this Star Wars for kids series.

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    What?! there are Star Wars for my kids? a great way to introduce this franchise to my precious one since the very begining! Yep I’m buying these

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