Big Nate books in order

Big Nate series order

If you are seeking the Big Nate books in order you will find them here. This is a book series about a kid with a big head, Big Nate, which was created by Linconln Pierce. It all started as a comic strip that was published in several newspapers, as the popularity increased the author wrote the Big Nate books. Here you will find a list with the Big Nate series in order.

Did you know that Lincoln Pierce named his man character as Big Nate because that was the nickname he used for his big brother? If you like to collect books you will find a recommended Big Nate book set, make sure you don’t miss!

Are you wondering what the Big Nate reading level is? you’ll find the answer at the end of the post.

Here are the Big Nate books in order

The best way to read The Big Nate series is in publication order , which is at the same time to publication order.

Here you have the Big Nate books in order. You only have to click on the cover of the book you want to check, the link will take you to Amazon (opens in a new tab):

Now that you have all the Big Nate books in order, maybe you want to get a good Big Nate book set ?

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List of Big Nate books in order

Here you have a list with the Big Nate series order:

Big nate books

Big Nate books in order

The Big nate books
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  • Andrews McMeel Publishing

Reading order:

  • Big Nate: The Boy with the Biggest Head in the World
  • Big Nate Strikes Again
  • Big Nate on a Roll
  • Big Nate Goes for Broke
  • Big Nate Flips Out
  • Big Nate in the Zone
  • Big Nate Lives it Up
  • Big Nate Blasts Off

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What is the Big Nate reading level?

Big Nate reading level is grades 1 to 4. These books are adressed to children and therefore this series is perfect for them, they are fun and super easy to read.

What is Nate’s story about?

Big Nate narrates the story of a child with the same name who is is sixth grade. He doesn’t like school at all, that may be the reason he has the record of detentions in his school. Despite such a record, he is actually a good boy, and not only that but he also knows he is destined to make something big.

No matter how much life tries to prove him wrong, he believes in fate and he ought to since he knows his greatness is inevitable as he read it in a fortune cookie, and everybody knows fortune cookies don’t lie.

If you are up for a fun story for children then you will enjoy the Big Nate book series, will you give them a try? leave a comment if you or your children are going to read them!

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