Miss Julia books in order

Miss Julia series in order

We finally have all the Miss Julia books in order, the incredibly popular bestselling series by American author Ann B. Ross. Are you ready to solve some cozy mysteries? because there are plenty of cases to solve!

We collected the complete Miss Julia series, and we will tell you what is the best order to read these novels. And that’s far from all the useful info that you will find in this post because we also have some great book suggestions for you as well.

Miss Julia books in order by Ann B. Ross

We recommend you read the Miss Julia series in order of publication, there is a total of 22 volumes, and it’s concluded. Here you have all the books, if you want to get any of them you just have to click on their cover:

The first novel in the series is way over 1k reviews on Amazon! how crazy is that, it also has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars which means that everybody loves these books by Ann B. Ross. You’ll see that you’ll soon be also a fan of this fast-paced story.

Also, don’t be overwhelmed by the number of books in the series, because they happen to be quite short. The first volume of the series is less than 300 pages long, which means you will read it in a few takes!

Now that have all the Miss Julia books in order don’t miss these series

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Once you have finished checking out the order of the Miss Julia books you can also take a look at the Lady Hardcastle series, a story about a widowed old woman who moves to the country so she can find a more relaxing environment and ends up solving mysteries.

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What is this series about?

Miss Julia series in order
Miss Julia series order

The Miss Julia series tells us about a widowed woman of the same name, her life will change drastically the day that Hazel Marie Pucked shows up at her door with a 9-year-old kid, a child that comes with a harsh revelation: the boy is the bastard son of her, Miss Julia’s, late husband.

As happens with lots of these mystery series, each of the novels is self-conclusive. Therefore, it is not mandatory to read the Miss Julia series in order. However, we do recommend that you start with Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, because in this you’ll get an introduction to the characters and the setting. If you decide to read them at your own will then we advise you not to read the back covers of these books, because they may spoil the ending of the previous one in the series. Be careful so as to not ruin the fun!

In case you were wondering, Miss Julia is not based on any person Ann B. Ross knows, but the character is rather a combination of mannerisms of people she has known throughout her life.

This story takes place in the south of the United States, during the 1950s. One of the most appealing aspects of this series is the quirky humor of the main character, the rest of the cast is well built as are the dialogues, which are rich and entertaining.

List of Miss Julia books in order

What a greater way of ending this post than by providing you a list of the Miss Julia series in order of publication? here’s a list of all the books in this series by Ann B. Ross:

miss julia book series

Miss Julia books in order

Miss Julia – Ann B. Ross


  • William Morrow

Reading order:

  • Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind  (Miss Julia book 1)
  • Miss Julia Takes Over  (Miss Julia book 2)
  • Miss Julia Throws a Wedding  (Miss Julia book 3)
  • Miss Julia Hits the Road  (Miss Julia book 4)
  • Miss Julia Meets Her Match  (Miss Julia book 5)
  • Miss Julia’s School of Beauty  (Miss Julia book 6)
  • Miss Julia Stands Her Ground  (Miss Julia book 7)
  • Miss Julia Strikes Back  (Miss Julia book 8)
  • Miss Julia Paints the Town  (Miss Julia book 9)
  • Miss Julia Delivers the Goods  (Miss Julia book 10)
  • Miss Julia Renews Her Vows  (Miss Julia book 11)
  • Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle  (Miss Julia book 12)
  • Miss Julia to the Rescue  (Miss Julia book 13)
  • Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble  (Miss Julia book 14)
  • Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover  (Miss Julia book 15)
  • Miss Julia Lays Down the Law  (Miss Julia book 16)
  • Miss Julia Inherits a Mess  (Miss Julia book 17)
  • Miss Julia Weathers the Storm  (Miss Julia book 18)
  • Miss Julia Raises the Roof  (Miss Julia book 19)
  • Miss Julia Takes the Wheel  (Miss Julia book 20)
  • Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two  (Miss Julia book 21)
  • Miss Julia Happily Ever After  (Miss Julia book 22)

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As said before, the Miss Julia series is concluded. In case you are curious, the first novel in the series was published in 2001, while the last one was released 20 years later. More than 20 decades dedicated to this series! while it’s more than impressive, this series is far from being the most extensive, just take a look at this post with the longest kids book series, some of them have been running for several decades.

Do you fancy detective stories starred by a smart and resolute woman? if that’s the case, don’t miss the DI Kim Stone series, you will love it!

We hope this reading guide was useful to you, we are deeply curious, will you read the Miss Julia books in order of not? remember that we recommend that you at least start with Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind so you can get to know the characters of this story!

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