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Michael J. Sullivan reading order – Riyria series

Want to know the Riyria reading order? don’t worry, if you want to know how to read Riyria by Michael J. Sullivan here you will find the answer. This is a high fantasy book series that started being written as an indie work, and now it’s published by Orbit publishing.

But not only you will find the order of all the Riyria books. If you like to collect paper books, or maybe if you are a bookstagrammer, you will find a super cool Riyria Revelations box set here, so keep reading! Should you start with the the riyria chronicles? or is there a better approach? let’s find out!

Riyria reading order: In what order should I read these books by Michael J. Sullivan?

According to the author of this epic fantasy novels, Michael J. Sullivan, the best way to read the Riyria books is in publication order. So, let’s listen to the author’s words, shall we? Based on this, you should start with the Ryria Revelations, which is composed of 3 volumes:

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After this, you should start with the prequel. Here you have The Riyria Chronicles series in order (which s not finnished yet, the next volume in the series will be Drumindor, whose release date is yet unknown):

And last, but not least (not at all actually) you should finish by reading the The Legends of the First Empire, which takes place thousands of years before the other 2 series previously mentioned.

Would you rather want to read Michael J. Sullivan’s books in chronological order? easy! then just start with The Legends of the First Empire.

Now that you know the Riyria reading order, don’t miss these books

As you can see, there’s a lots of books to read in this series by Michael J Sullivan. But we know you are an avid reader and you will devour all the books in the Riyria series in no time. So here’s more fantasy for you to enjoy:

Do you know about Warhammer? this is a popular fantasy rpg table game that is played with plastic and metal miniatures. The lore of this game is incredibly thrilling and is full of great characters, here’s the Gotrek and Felix reading order, which happens to be one of the most popular stories set in this fictional universe. We are confident that fans of the Riyria Chronicles will enjoy these novels as well.

Let’s know more about this amazing series by Michael J. Sullivan

Currently, there are three series that take place in Elan, the fictional world where Riyria is set. These series are:

Riyria Revelations: this is the original series, the ones that started this epic fantasy series. This series is composed of the following books Theft of Swords, Rise of Empire and Heir of Novron.

Riyria Chronicles: a prequel to Riyria Revelations, occurring ten years in the past. Composed of The Crown Tower, The Rose and the Thorn, The Death of Dulgath and The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter.

Legends of the First Empire: a series also set in the world of Elan but taking place 3.000 years before the events of the original series. Composed of Age of Myth, Age of Swords, Age of War, Age of Legend, Age of Death and Age of Empyre.

Notice that Legends of the First Empire takes place a long time ago, as a result, not only all the characters are different, but also the cultures and technology.

A list with the Riyria reading order – Michael J. Sullivan books

The following list shows all the Riyria books by Michael J. Sullivan in publication order. As said before, this is how we recommend you read this series.

Riyria reading order

Riyria reading order

Riyria – Michael J. Sullivan


  • Orbit

Reading order:

  • Theft of Swords (The Riyria Revelations book 1)
  • Rise of Empire (The Riyria Revelations book 2)
  • Heir of Novron (The Riyria Revelations book 3)
  • The Crown Tower (The Riyria Chronicles book 1)
  • The Rose and the Thorn (The Riyria Chronicles book 2)
  • The Death of Dulgath (The Riyria Chronicles book 3)
  • The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter (The Riyria Chronicles book 4)
  • Age of Myth (The First Empire book 1)
  • Age of Swords (The First Empire book 2)
  • Age of War (The First Empire book 3)
  • Age of Legend  (The First Empire book 4)
  • Age of Death  (The First Empire book 5)
  • Age of Empyre (The First Empire book 6)

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Will there be more novels in this series? yes, we already know that there is going to be a fourth book in the Riyria Chronicles (Drumindor). We will add it to the list as soon as it’s released.

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What is the best reading order for the Riyria series? chronological vs publication order

Michael J sullivan reading order Riyria
Michael J sullivan reading order Riyria

Some readers suggest reading the Riyria series in chronological order. While we believe that the most sattisfactional way to read this series is following the author’s advice and therefore reading the Riyria books in publication order we understand that some readers find joy in following the chronology of a story.

For those who want to give a try to this approach, you just have to read these three series oppositedly to their publication order, that is: first Legends of the First Empire, then Chronicles and lastly Revelations.

  1. Legends of the First Empire.
  2. The Riyria Chronicles.
  3. The Riyria Revelations.

In case you want to read Michael J. Sullivan’s books in chronological order then you should start with Age of Myth.

Do you happen to enjoy grim dark stories? if so, you shouldn’t miss the First Law series.

We are deeply curious, which reading order of the Riyria books are you going to follow? will you read them in publication order or chronologically? leave a comment and tell us how are you going to start reading this popular high fantasy series.

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