lady hardcastle books in order

Lady Hardcastle mysteries in order

Get ready to solve some mysteries because we finally have a list with all the lady Hardcastle books in order by author T.E. Kinsey. This series tells the story of a widowed retired woman who moves to the country to live a relaxed life, but instead, she’ll end up solving crimes, can it get cooler than that?

If you enjoy thrillers with witty and humorous dialogues then this is your cup of tea, because this is exactly what you will find in this series. Did I mention that the Lady Hardcastle mystery books take place in Britain during early 1900? well, they do!

Lady Hardcastle books in order by  T.E. Kinsey

This series by T.E. Kinsey is composed of eight volumes, each of them telling a self conclusive story. However, we strongly encourage you to read the Lady Hardcastle mysteries in chronological order, because this way you’ll have a better understanding of the setting and the characters involved in these novels. Here you have them all:

These books are also available in Kindle and audiobook format.

Now that we told you the order of the Lady Hardcastle books don’t miss these series

There are never enough crimes to solve, don’t you think? you’ll have to wait a bit more until you accompany lady Hardcastle and her maid Florence to a new crime scene, so here are some similar series you can read meanwhile:

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What is this series about?

lady hardcastle mysteries in order

The streets of London are getting too chaotic for old Lady Hardcastle so she decides it is time to retire and move to the country, where she will be able to live a peaceful life together with her maid Florence.

However, her relaxed life will not last for long and it seems that fate has different plans for her, because a corpse has been found in the country and Lady Hardcastle suspects the police in charge of the investigation is not going in the proper direction. It is time for her to embark on her own investigation, Flo will accompany her, and her knowledge in martial arts will soon prove to be very useful.

This historical mystery series has a great combination of puzzle-solving, well-crafted characters, and charming dialogues. A powerful combination that will make you have a great experience. Also, here there is not the typical cliche in which the police play a dumb and clueless part, instead, it has a more interesting take.

A list with all Lady Hardcastle books in order of publication

At the beginning of this post, we suggested you read the series chronologically. The following list shows the Lady Hardcastle series in order of publication (which in this case equals the chronological order shown earlier).

lady hardcastle novels order

Lady Hardcastle books in order

Lady Hardcastle – T.E. Kinsley


  • Thomas & Mercer

Reading order:

  • A Quiet Life in the Country (Lady Hardcastle book 1)
  • In the Market for Murder (Lady Hardcastle book 2)
  • Death Around the Bed (Lady Hardcastle book 3)
  • A Picture of Murder (Lady Hardcastle book 4)
  • The Burning Issue of the Day (Lady Hardcastle book 5)
  • Death Beside the Seaside (Lady Hardcastle book 6)
  • The Fatal Flying Affair (Lady Hardcastle book 7)
  • Rotten to the Core (Lady Hardcastle book 8)

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This cozy mystery series is published by Thomas & Mercer, while we can’t tell for sure, we believe that there will be more Lady Hardcastle novels in the near future (the last volume was published in 2022). 

When it comes to solving mysteries it is mandatory that we mention the work of Arthur Conan Doyle because it turned out to become a huge influence in the genre. And you are lucky because here you can find the Sherlock Holmes stories in order, you’ll love them!

Have you already decided how you will read this series? will you follow our advice and you will read the Lady Hardcastle mysteries in order of publication or will you just read the book whose blurb captivates you the most? we are thrilled to know! so leave a comment and tell us.

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