hello neighbor books in order

Hello Neigbor series in order

Video Game fans out there! we finally have a list with all the Hello Neighbor books in order. This series is written by author Carly Anne West and happens to be a prequel to the popular survival horror stealth game developed by Dynamic Pixels. so if you want how it all started this is a must-read! 

Do you need to play the video game first to enjoy the book series? not at all, but we strongly encourage you to play it because it’s a masterpiece! Oh, in case you are wondering, the main character in the books is Nicky Roth as well.

Hello Neighbor book series in order

There are a total of 7 volumes in the series, and the best and only way to read the Hello Neighbor series is in order of publication. Here you have them all:

Aside from the individual novels, there’s also this book set, which collects the first 3 novels in the series:

Would you rather read the graphic novels? here’s the first volume.

Also, you might be wondering if you should be playing the video game before or after reading the books. Truth is, both formulas work. That is, the video game came first, but the books happen to be a prequel to it, in any case, no matter what you start first, you’ll definitely have a great experience.

Now that we told you the order of the Hello Neighbor books don’t miss these other series

This dark story is great for mature kids, it’s always easier to make children read when they are enjoying a story based on the characters they already love, don’t you think? here are some great recommendations:

As you can see, the Hello Neighbor series is not the only Video Game that has some books based on its universe. The same happens with the popular franchise developed by Scott Cawthon, and here’s our list collecting all the Five Nights at Freddy’s books in order.

We are confident that fans of the Hello Neighbor book series will also enjoy the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series, way less dark but real fun as well. And takes place in one of the most popular video games ever!

What is this series about?

Nicky Roth has just moved to the city of Raven Brooks with his parents. Being a newcomer in a new place is always tough, but Nicky will soon befriend his neighbour Aaron Petersons. Their friendship grows stronger every day, but he starts to notice something, people seem to be afraid of Aaron’s family.

There’s a secret to be unraveled, Nicky knows, and he will conduct his own investigation to find out the truth. But will he be able to accept the dark past of the Petersons?

You probably know about the video games this series is based on, but in case you don’t there are 4 of them. There will be a new release in april, 2022, Hello Neighbor 2, so make sure you read the complete series before the new video game gets released!

A list of all the Hello Neighbor books in order of publication

The following list is a compilation of all the Hello n¡Neighbor books. As said before, so far there are only seven volumes, but we believe there may be new releases in the close future. So stay tuned! 

Here’s a list of the Hello Neighbor series in order of publication:

hello neighbor book series

Hello Neighbor books in order

Hello Neighbor – Carly Anne West


  • Scholastic

Reading order:

  • Missing Pieces  (Hello Neighbor book 1)
  • Waking Nightmare (Hello Neighbor book 2)
  • Buried Secrets (Hello Neighbor book 3)
  • Bad Blood (Hello Neighbor book 4)
  • Grave Mistakes (Hello Neighbor book 5)
  • Puzzle Master (Hello Neighbor book 6)
  • Reset Day (Hello Neighbor book 7)

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This series, published by Scholastic, is addressed to children over 10 years old. It has a Lexile Measure of 780L and, while not scary, it may not be appropriate for very sensitive kids.

Also, there are lots of other books that expand the lore of the most popular series. But, if we have to choose, then we believe the Halo book series and the Diablo novels should be a mandatory read to every gamer.

Are you going to start reading the Hello Neighbor books and then you’ll play the video game? or have you already played this popular stealth game and now you want to read its prequel? leave a comment and tell us!

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