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Owl Diaries books list

We love to make kids enjoy reading, and that’s why we have a list with the Owl Diaries books in order. This story, both written and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott, is starred by animals and it’s all about friendship. Your children are going to love it, you’ll see.

Here we’ll tell you the reading level of this series, and we’ll recommend some other great stories for your kids as well. And, of course, we collected the best Owl Diaries book sets out there!

Owl Diaries books in order by Rebecca Elliott

Good news! there are lots of books in this series, 16 volumes so far! the main character in this story is an owl called Eva by the way, and the books are told from her perspective, in the form of a diary. Here’s our list with the Owl Diaries books:

There are many book sets of the Owl Diaries, but here are our 2 favorites. The first one collects the first 5 installments, while the second collects the complete collection!

The covers are already anticipating how fun they are going to be, don’t you think? Do you have to read the Owl Diaries books in order? not necessarily, each of the installments is self conclusive, so you can just pick your favorite!

Now that we told you the order of the Owl Diaries books don’t miss these series

There are many series starred by animals that also are of the same reading level as the Owl Diaries books. Here you have 3 great suggestions:

Okay, you got us, our latest recommendation is not starred by an animal, but by a cute girl who is half a vampire half a fairy. Kids love the Isadora Moon books, so make sure you don’t miss this series!

Also, what about a story starred by a cut and fun pig? sounds amazing, doesn’t it? then here you have a list with the order of the Mercy Watson books.

What is this series about?

owl diaries books list

The Owl Diaries books tell us about Eva, an owl who tells us about her daily life through her diary. The pages in this series have e full-color illustrations, and always tell cute stories with great lessons for kids as is the importance of friendship for example.

The books are quite short, around 80 pages each, so your kids will be able to finish them in a few sittings. But have no doubt that they will read them over and over again because the illustrations are gorgeous and are full of vivid colors that will draw their attention.

There have been rumors that there was going to be a movie adaptation of this series starring Demi Lovato as Eva being directed by Adam Sandler. However, this is either fake or just based on pure rumors.

A list of the Owl Diaries books in order

This series by Rebecca Elliott has been a huge success, Eva is a great main character and kids love her, at the same time your kids will learn great lessons reading her diary while having lots of fun. That’s why we are confident that there will be new releases in the close future because kids will be more than willing to read new installments tellings us about the new adventures of Eva the Owl. 

Here’s a list of the Owl Diaries books shown in the order in which they were published:

owl diaries series

Owl Diaries books in order

Owl Diaries -Rebecca Elliott


  • Scholastic

Reading order:

  • Eva’s Treetop Festival (Owl Diaries book 1)
  • Eva Sees a Ghost (Owl Diaries book 2)
  • A Woodland Wedding (Owl Diaries book 3)
  • Eva & the New Owl (Owl Diaries book 4)
  • Warm Hearts Day (Owl Diaries book 5)
  • Baxter is Missing (Owl Diaries book 6)
  • The Wildwood Bakery (Owl Diaries book 7)
  • Eva & The Lost Pony (Owl Diaries book 8)
  • Eva’s Big Sleepover (Owl Diaries book 9)
  • Eva and Baby Mo (Owl Diaries book 10)
  • Trip to the Pumpkin Farm (Owl Diaries book 11)
  • Eva’s Campfire Adventure (Owl Diaries book 12)
  • Eva in the Spotlight (Owl Diaries book 13)
  • Eva at the Beach: (Owl Diaries book 14)
  • Eva’s New Pet (Owl Diaries book 15)
  • Get Well, Eva (Owl Diaries book 16)

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Published by Scholastic, the reading level of the Owl Diaries series is 5 to seven years old. It has a Lexile level of 560L. Also, your kids may be too young to read this series yet, but The Pendwerick series is a great read once they get a bit older.

Will you read the Owl Diaries books in order or will you just pick the one with the most appealing cover or title instead? tell us what makes you choose your next read!

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