angela marsons books in order

Angela Marsons books in order

We hope you are ready for some  crime fiction because we have a list with Angela Marsons’ books in order, this includes the Kim Stone series of course. This British Author has sold millions of copies and her book have been translated into more than 25 languages, not bad uh?

Also, we found the best book set to start reading the Di Kim Stone novels, so make you don’t miss it because it’s perfect to start reading this  mystery-suspense series.

Angela Marsons books in order of publication – Di Kim Stone series & standalone novels

Get ready to be captivated by the storytelling of this Crime Fiction series. Here’s our compilation with angela marsons’ Kim Stone books in order. If you want to get any of the books you can do so by clicking on their cover:

As we anticipated, this is the best Di Kim Stone book set we found out there, it’s great because it collects the first 3 volumes in the series (in paperback)

Also, Angela Marson has written two novels that are not part of her popular detective series, here you have them both:

These are standalone novels, so no need to read them in any particular order. However, we displayed them in order of publication. Also, just so you know, Dear Mother is the first novel Angela Marson published.

Now that we told you the order of Angela Marsons’ books, don’t miss these series

Are you itching for more women detective books? then here are 3 great suggestions that you will surely enjoy. People who have read Kim Stone also have enjoyed the folloing series:

If you enjoy Angela Marsons’ Kim Stone series then you’ll definitely enjoy the detective Lottie Parker books as well.

Do you also enjoy legal thrillers? then you couldn’t be more lucky, because here’s a list with the Joe Dillard series in order.

Do you  have to read the DI kim stone novels in order?

Not necessarily, that is, you should begin with Silent Scream since it’s the first book in the series and therefore makes the introduction to the characters, the setting, and everything else. Aside from that, each of Angela Marsons’ DI Kim Stone books are about a different case, so they can be read as a standalone.

Having said this, while not mandatory, we believe the reading experience of this series will be way more satisfying if you read the kim stone series in order of publication (which equals to the chronological order). The reason for this is because this way you’ll witness how the main character’s personality evolves as she faces new events.

How many books are there in the Di Kim Stone series?

So far this series is composed of 16 books, however, we already know there’s a 17h on the way, because author Angela Marsons already stated there would be a new installment soon. 

So far, the last volume in the series is Six Graves, and in this novel Detective Kim Stone must solve the most peculiar case: a house fire, two teens dead, also their parents. But they didn’t die because of the fire, because all the bodies have a gunshot, and the mother is holding a gun. But what would sound the easiest case ever will get more complex when she finds a tiny but crucial clue, what if everything is not as it seems to be?

A list with all Angela Marson books in order of publication

The following list collects all the books published by Angela Marson in order of publication. As told before, so far she has written the DI Kim Stone series and 2 standalone novels:

Angela Marsons books

Angela Marsons books in order

Kim Stone & Standalone novels


  •  Grand Central Publishing

Reading order:

  • Silent Scream (Detective Kim Stone 1)
  • Evil Games (Detective Kim Stone 2)
  • Lost Girls (Detective Kim Stone 3)
  • Play Dead (Detective Kim Stone 4)
  • Blood Lines (Detective Kim Stone 5)
  • Dead Souls (Detective Kim Stone 6)
  • Broken Bones (Detective Kim Stone 7)
  • Dying Truth (Detective Kim Stone 8)
  • Fatal Promise (Detective Kim Stone 9)
  • Dead Memories (Detective Kim Stone 10)
  • Child’s Play (Detective Kim Stone 11)
  • First Blood (Detective Kim Stone 12)
  • Killing Mind (Detective Kim Stone 13)
  • Deadly Cry (Detective Kim Stone 14)
  • Stolen Ones (Detective Kim Stone 15)
  • Six Graves (Detective Kim Stone 16)
  • Dear Mother (Standalone novel)
  • The Forgotten Woman (Standalone novel)

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Haver you started reading Angela Marsons’ books? if so, tell us which one of her novels is your favorite!

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