gaunt's ghosts book order

Gaunt’s ghosts reading order

Here you will find the Gaunt’s Ghosts book order, a scifi series written by British novelist Dan Abnett. These books take place in the fictional futuristic world of Warhammer 40k, and it happens to be regarded to be one of the best series to be introduced into the lore of the novels based on this popular franchise.

The first novel in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series has the honor to be the most read Warhammer 40k novel ever. So it’s time for you to meet commisar Gaunt and his stout men.

Gaunt’s Ghosts book reading order

This series is composed of 3 novels. However, they are no longer published individually, which explains why the original novels are so expensive. We recommend you get The Founding, which happens to be A Gaunt’s Ghosts Omnibus that collects the 3 books in the series:

Maybe you want to get the orignal novels no matter what? if that’s the case, here’s the reading order of the Gaunt’s Ghosts book series:

This is an action packed story of men fighting the forces of Chaos, will commissar Gaunt’s leadership be enough to lead his men to erase the heretical forces that attemp to destroy their home?

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What is this series about?

gaunt's ghosts read order
Gaunts ghosts read order

Gaunt’s Ghosts books tell us about a commisar by the same name and his men having to fight the most evil and horrendous creatures. The 40k universe is a nightmare, galaxies are full of enemies and races more than willing to extinguish humanity, and it’s thanks to men like Imperial Commissar Gaunt that this is unlikely to happen.

From chaos forces to Eldar, this military scifi series will show us the struggle of Gaunt’s men in the most bloody battles. The  Imperial Guard faction is usually regarded as one of the most appealing to readers, since it shows how ordinary men have to deal fighting against monsters and powerful creatures.

While knowing about the lore of WH 40k might be of great help, there’s no need of previous knowledge to enjoy this series, since Dan Abnett does a great job making these novels self-explanatory. The grimdark tone, together with a plot full of treachery and mysteries to discover, makes this a more than enjoyable read for fans of the lore of this table top game.

A list with the Gaunt’s Ghosts book order

Here’s a list with all the Gaunt’s Ghosts books in order by Dan Abnett. This series is concluded, and there are no plans that there will be a sequel to it. However, while there is no indication that this will change, note that this is one of the most popular stories in the WH 40k franchise, so it’s not impossible that there will be more books in a close future.

gaunts ghosts book order

Gaunt’s Ghosts book order

Gaunt's Ghosts – Dan Abnett


  • Black Library

Reading order:

  • First and Only (Gaunt’s ghosts book 1)
  • Ghost Maker (Gaunt’s ghosts book 2)
  • Necropolis (Gaunt’s ghosts book 3)

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These books are published by Black Library (a publishing company that belongs to Games Workshop), each of the volumes in this series is around 300 pages long. Because of the violence in this series we recommend this series to 13 years old children and beyond.

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Did you find this reading order for the Gaunt’s Ghosts books useful? maybe you have some questions? leave a comment and we’ll do our best to help you!

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