joe dillard books in order

Joe Dillard series in order

We finally got a list with the Joe Dillard books in order, the popular legal thriller series by author  Scott Pratt. These novels are praised for their vivid characters and plot twists, also, the first volume in the series has more than 20 thousand reviews on Amazon, captivated yet?

In this guide, we will tell you what is the best order to read the Joe Dillard series, but that’s not all we’ve got plenty more. Like what you ask? Well, we found a great set that collects some of these novels (in Kindle), and we also have some great book recommendations for you. Let’s begin!

 Joe Dillard books in order by Scott Pratt

There are a total of 9 novels, and you should read Scott Pratt’s Joe Dillard series in order of publication. That’s all. Here you have all the books following that recommendation:

We mentioned before that there was a set that collected some of these novels, so here it is. This Joe Dillard box gathers the first 5 volumes in the series, therefore it’s a great purchase to start delving into this legal thriller:

Sadly, this set is only available for Kindle. Which is a pity. But if you don’t have a Kindle then it might be your chance to get one! This series was self published, and, as you can see, coming from a more humble background didn’t prevent it from becoming a bestseller. Not only do these books have thousands of reviews (mostly positive by the way) on Amazon, but Scott Pratt is also acknowledged as a New York Times bestselling author. Also, the author passed away in 2021 due to a diving accident.

Now that we revealed the order of the Joe Dillard books don’t miss these series

There are many legal thrillers that are worth mentioning, we decided to make a list of only 3 titles so to make it easier for you. Fans of the Joe Dillard series also enjoy the following novels:

If you are aware of the work by Scott Pratt then you might already know about this trilogy. So there’s no need to tell you that this should be your next read.

There’s also the Alex Mcknight series, the story of a former cop from the city of Detroit who decides to retire and move to a more peaceful city, but then he realizes that resting on his porch while seeing people cross the streets is not as enjoyable as he thought. As a result, he becomes a private investigator, a great mixture of humor and crime scenes. But don’t forget that the Jack Dillard books go first!

Would you imagine talking about legal thrillers and not mentioning John Grisham? worry not, we don’t make those kinds of silly mistakes. Here’s a list with the Jake Brigance series in order, if you enjoy difficult and controversial court cases then he, Jack, is your man.

What are these novels about?

joe dillard scott pratt series
Joe Dillard Scott Pratt’s series

Joe Dillard loves law as much as he loves his family. He takes his cases personally and fights for his clients in court with all the legal weapons he knows. Each of the volumes in the series tells us about a different case, all of them complicated and some rather controversial. For Joe justice always prevails, but sadly not everyone thinks like him…

The fact that each of the volumes tells us a self-contained story does not mean that you shouldn’t read the Jode Dillard books in order because this series is not only about what happens in court but it’s also about Joe Dillard himself and his family. By reading the novels as we suggested you’ll have a way better experience, seeing how the character progresses along with the series.

Just so you can know how it all starts here’s a quick excerpt of the first volume in the series: a young girl is accused of brutally murdering a preacher, and the city of Tennesee is shocked by this horrifying news. Joe Dillard believes she is innocent, so he decides to represent her, however, his personal life will also demand his attention more than ever, because his drug addict sister has been released from prison.

A list of all the Joe Dillard books by Scott Pratt in order of publication

The following list shows the complete collections of this series by Scott Pratt. Here you have the Joe Dillard series in publication order:

joe dillard scott pratt book series

Joe Dillard books in order

Joe Dillard – Scott Pratt


  • Self-Published

Reading order:

  • An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard book 1)
  • In Good Faith (Joe Dillard book 2)
  • Injustice for All (Joe Dillard book 3)
  • Reasonable Fear (Joe Dillard book 4)
  • Conflict of Interest (Joe Dillard book 5)
  • Blood Money (Joe Dillard book 6)
  • A Crime of Passion (Joe Dillard book 7)
  • Judgment Cometh (Joe Dillard book 8)
  • Due Process (Joe Dillard book 9)

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Scott Pratt’s Joe Dillard series is usually compared to Lee Child’s popular work, which we hope you have read already. But if that’s not the case it’s time for you to discover this gem in legal thriller literature, here’s a list of the Jack Reacher novels in chronological order.

Have you started reading the Joe Dillard books by Scott Pratt? then tell us what aspect you enjoy the most about this legal thriller series.

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