alex mcknight series in order

Alex Mcknight series books in order

We hope you are ready for some crime fiction because we have a list with the Alex McKnight series in order, a bestselling saga written by author Steve Hamilton. This is the story of a tormented man who can’t get away either from his past or his ability to solve crimes.

He collected all the books, and we also have some great suggestions for you to read once you have finished these amazing novels.

Alex Mcknight series in order by Steve Hamilton

We recommend you read the Alex McKnight book series in order of publication. However, each of these volumes center on a different case that this former Detroit police cop will have to solve, so you can read them as a standalone novel. Here you have all the books:

Our latest addition to the list, the Riddle Island, is a 29-page short story that can only be read on your Kindle or as an Audiobook. However, it might be worth mentioning that this story will leave you hanging because it happens to be the first chapter of the next Alex McKnight book, so it’s for you to decide if you want to wait until the novel gets released instead.

Now that you know the order of the Alex MCKnight series don’t miss these books

We thought it would be great to select some similar books to the Alex McKnight series so you can add them to your TBR list so to never wonder what to read next, here are our 3 suggestions:

Our first suggestion is Night Work, a standalone thriller also written by Steve Hamilton. In this novel, we follow Joe Trumbull, a parole officer, who happens to have a quite similar background to Mcknight. Her wife was strangled a few years ago, and now 3 other women have been murdered in a similar way and he happens to be one of the main suspects.

Also, if you enjoy detective stories you’ll definitely have a blast reading one of the most popular series by bestselling author James Patterson, here’s our list with the Alex Cross books in order.

What are these books about?

The Alex McKnight series center on a former Detroit police cop who moves to the town of Paradise to find some rest and peace after being shot on several occasions. This place seemed to be the perfect place to rest, Alex thought, but he gets fed up with his relaxed life too soon and when he gets offered a job as a private investigator he will not be able to not accept it.

The main character of this series is a tormented soul, he lost his wife in hand of a serial killer,and his first job will bring los fantasmas del pasado, pues hay un asesino en la ciudad, y su modus operandi es muy similar al de aquel que acabo con la ivda de su esposa.

But not all is grimness because there’s room for lots of humor in these pages. The first novel in the Alex Knight series was awarded several prestigious awards as is the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author.

A list with all the Alex Knight book series in order

This series is not concluded, its last volume was released in 2020 and it happens to be a short story that happens to be the anticipation of the next novel in the series. Here you have a list with all the Alex Knight books in order.

alex mcknight steve hamilton

Alex Mcknight series in order

Alex Mcknight – Steve Hamilton


  • Blackstone Publishing

Reading order:

  • A Cold Day in Paradise  (Alex Mcknight book 1)
  • Winter of the Wolf Moon  (Alex Mcknight book 2)
  • The Hunting Wind  (Alex Mcknight book 3)
  • North of Nowhere  (Alex Mcknight book 4)
  • Blood is the Sky  (Alex Mcknight book 5)
  • Ice Run  (Alex Mcknight book 6)
  • A Stolen Season  (Alex Mcknight book 7)
  • Misery Bay  (Alex Mcknight book 8)
  • Die a Stranger  (Alex Mcknight book 9)
  • Let It Burn  (Alex Mcknight book 10)
  • Dead Man Running  (Alex Mcknight book 11)
  • Riddle Island (short story)

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Here you have the Nick Heller series in order, a story about a  former Special Forces soldier who works as a private investigator. A must-read if you enjoy thrillers.

Have you started reading the Alex Knight series? leave a comment if you have read any of these books already, and tell us which one is your favorite (with no spoilers please!).

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