Alex Cross books in order

Alex Cross books in order: A Mystery thriller series

If you are you seeking all the Alex Cross books in order it’s because you are up for a mystery thriller story, and these novels by James Patterson will not disappoint you. A bestselling series centering on detective Alex Cross, who will have to face threats to his family. Here you will find Alex Cross series in order.

This series is a must read if you like detective stories, the first novel was published in the 90s and after garnering favorable reviews lots of subsequent novels were published. This is a really long saga, so you will need this list with all Alex Cross novels in order in order to start this.

Alex Cross books in order: what is the best order to read this series?

The best way to enjoy the Alex Cross series is to read it in publication order. This way you will understand how the main character’s personality evolves along the series, as he happens to go through some traumatic events.

Here it is, all Alex cross books in order. If you would want to check out any of these books just click on the cover, the link will take you to Amazon (it will open in a new tab):

Now that you have all the Alex Cross books in order maybe you would like to get a cool book set like this one?

If you are completely sure that you want to read all the books of the Alex Cross series, then a book set is a great choice for you. This is a great pack, contaning all the books in the Alex Cross series:

Maybe you need a list with all Alex Cross books in order?

In this list you will find the Alex Cross series in order. This is a handful list that includes the year when each of the novels was published. As you can see, there is a total of 22 books in this series.

Alex cross series order

Alex Cross books in order

Alex Cross series in order


  • Grand Central Publishing

Reading order:

  • Along Came a Spider 1993 (Alex Cross)
  • Kiss the Girls 1995 (Alex Cross)
  • Jack & Jill 1996 (Alex Cross)
  • Cat and Mouse 1997 (Alex Cross)
  • Pop Goes the Weasel 1999 (Alex Cross)
  • Roses Are Red 2000 (Alex Cross)
  • Violets Are Blue 2001 (Alex Cross)
  • Four Blind Mice 2002 (Alex Cross)
  • The Big Bad Wolf 2003 (Alex Cross)
  • London Bridges 2004 (Alex Cross)
  • Mary, Mary 2005 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross 2006 (Alex Cross)
  • Double Cross 2007 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross Country 2008 (Alex Cross)
  • Alex Cross’ Trial 2009 (Alex Cross)
  • I, Alex Cross 2009 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross Fire 2010 (Alex Cross)
  • Kill Alex Cross 2011 (Alex Cross)
  • Merry Christmas, Alex Cross 2012 (Alex Cross)
  • Alex Cross, Run 2013 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross My Heart 2013 (Alex Cross)
  • Hope to Die 2014 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross Justice 2015 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross the Line 2016 (Alex Cross)
  • Cross Kill 2016 (Alex Cross)
  • The People vs. Alex Cross 2017 (Alex Cross)
  • Detective Cross 2017 (Alex Cross)
  • Target: Alex Cross 2018 (Alex Cross)
  • Criss Cross 2019 (Alex Cross)

What is this series about?

If you were seeking the Alex Cross series in order you probably what this series is about. But, in case you don’t, here goes some interesting info about this character and the novels centered on him.

The series centers on Alex Cross, a detective in the city of Washington D.C who is also a widower and a father. He will be in charge to solve the most difficult cases in the city, while dealing with the threats coming from criminals who want to murder him and his family.

Several film adaptations have been released along the last two decades, however, none of them had a good reception by both the critics and the audience as well as a minor box office success. One of the main reasons the films didn’t work was the fact that these were loose adaptations of the book.

Hope this article with all Alex Cross books in order was what you need to start reading this amazing series. I also would like to recommend you to check out all James Patterson books in order, so you can know other novels written (or coauthored) by the same author (he has a lot of books actually!)

Have you read any of books of the Alex Cross series? if so, leave a comment and tell us if you liked it or not, share your experience with other readers who love mystery and detective novels!

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