Daniel Silva books in order

Daniel Silva books in order

After all this time, you finally found the place with all Daniel silva books in order, yes, the list you are looking for is here. Congrats for finding it! Also, if you would like to buy any of the books by this author you will find it easy to do so. Let’s know all the books of Daniel Silva in order.

In case you like espionage and thriller novels then you will love his books. And for the best experience, you will need Daniel Silva novels in order for which you will need this:

Daniel Silva books in order: all his novels

There goes all daniel silva books in order, I hope this might help you choosing your next book.

If you want to check out any of the books by Daniel Silva you only have to click on its cover, the link will take you to Amazon (it will open in a new tab).

Let’s start with all the Gabriel Allon novels, here you have all the books in this series in publication order:

And now, these are the two novels centering on Michael Osbourne:

Daniel Silva’s first book was actually a standalone novel, The Unlikely Spy:


The Marching Season

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Maybe you need a list with all Daniel Silva books in order?

You had all the books above, but in case you wanted a list with all Daniel Silva books in order you will find one here. This is a handful list that also includes the year of publication and the series to which it belongs to (if it’s not a standalone, obviously):

Daniel Silva in order

Daniel Silva books in order

Daniel Silva reading order


  • Harper

Reading order:

  • The Unlikely Spy 1996
  • The Mark of the Assassin 1998 (Michael Osbourne)
  • The Marching Season 1999 (Michael Osbourne)
  • The Kill Artist 2000 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The English Assassin 2002 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Confessor 2003 (Gabriel Allon)
  • A Death in Vienna 2004 (Gabriel Allon)
  • Prince of Fire 2005 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Messenger 2006 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Secret Servant 2007 (Gabriel Allon)
  • Moscow Rules 2008 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Defector 2009 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Rembrandt Affair 2010 (Gabriel Allon)
  • Portrait of a Spy 2011 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Fallen Angel 2012 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The English Girl 2013 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Heist 2014 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The English Spy 2015 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Black Widow 2016 (Gabriel Allon)
  • House of Spies 2017 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The Other Woman 2018 (Gabriel Allon)
  • The New Girl 2019 (Gabriel Allon)

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Want to know the author better?

Danian Silva is an American novelist of espionage and thriller novels, he was born in 1960 in the city of Detroit (Michigan).

He wrote his first novel, The Unlikely Spy, at the age of 34. It turned out to be a successs, debuting on The New York Times best seller list and remaining on the list for five weeks. After such a successful debut, he left his job as an executive producer at CNN in order to focus on his career as a novelist.

After this, he has written more than 20 novels, all of them being best-sellers on the New York Times. One of his most popular characters is the spy and assasin, Gabriel Allon of which he has written a total of 19 books. In these novels Gabriel Allon must face differents enemies such as Russian villains or Islamic terrorism.

Despite the fact that the adaptation rights of the Gabriel Allon series have been acquired more than once, both to produce movies or tv series, none of the projects have never been produced.

Now that you have all the books written by this Daniel Silva you can start reading his amazing work. Before you leave, maybe you would like to check all the Michael Connelly books in order.

If you have read any of the books by Daniel Silva don’t forget to leave a comment telling us which novel you read and if you liked it or not. Also, which aspects would you highlight of his books? the attention to detail? maybe the prose? or how the story unfolds? just share your opinion with us.

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