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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

The swords choice books in order

The Sword’s Choice book series in order

Finally, we have all The Sword’s Choice books in order! 🎉 Well, you’re definitely in for an exhilarating ride filled with thrilling action, complex characters, and enchanting world-building. Penned by author I.M Redwright, this series will transport you to a world of intrigue and epic battles. 📚📖

This is not your average fantasy tale, oh no! The Sword’s Choice series is an epic fantasy adventure that unfolds in a magical realm with swords that command the elements. With every turn of the page, you’ll find yourself immersed in a gripping plot that tests the resilience and strength of its characters. Buckle up, because once you start, there’s no going back!

The Sword’s Choice books in order by I.M. Redwright

You have to read The Sword’s Choice books in publication order (which equals to chronological order), this means that your first read must be The Sapphire Eruption, which takes place in the Queendom of Water. Here you have all the books in the series:

If you’re a fan of stunning cover art, you’ll absolutely fall in love with The Sword’s Choice books! 😍🎨 Each book cover is a masterpiece in its own right, reflecting the epic journey that unfolds within its pages. You’ll find an array of vivid colors and intricate details, compelling you to delve into the enthralling world of magical swords and elemental powers that I.M. Redwright has so expertly crafted.

Each book in “The Sword’s Choice” series brings to life a different kingdom, providing readers with a new and exciting setting for each installment. The journey begins with the Queendom of Water and travels through the Kingdoms of Earth and Air, culminating in the explosive Kingdom of Fire. 🌊🌍🌪🔥

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Looking to continue your epic fantasy journey beyond The Sword’s Choice? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the journey of the legendary dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden, don’t miss this guide with the Drizzt reading order. Known for its intricate world-building, memorable characters, and enthralling storyline, this series is sure to satisfy your cravings for epic fantasy and memorable swordplay. From the darkness of the Underdark to the tops of the Icewind Dale, the adventures of Drizzt will keep you engrossed for hours on end! 🏞️🐉

Another series that fans of The Sword’s Choice will surely enjoy is Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn book series. This high fantasy series is renowned for its unique magic system, deep character development, and a complex plot that will keep you guessing at every turn. Like The Sword’s Choice, Mistborn offers a fascinating blend of magic and adventure that will keep you turning pages well into the night. Whether you’re enthralled by the elemental powers of the swords in Redwright’s world or the Allomancy of Sanderson’s universe, both series offer a thrilling escape into fantastical realms! 🌆✨🔮

What is this series about?

The Sword's Choice reading order
The Sword’s Choice reading order

The Sword’s Choice series by I.M. Redwright is an enchanting epic fantasy saga that follows two parallel storylines bound to intertwine in a captivating manner.

Our first hero is Noakhail, heir to the Kingdom of Fire, chosen as an infant by one of the twin sacred swords of Fire, Distra. As a baby, Noakhail was targeted for assassination due to his extraordinary destiny. However, a brave soldier intervened, saving his life and escaping with him to the Aquadom, the Queendom of Water. There, Noakhail is trained in the art of combat, preparing him to reclaim his birthright. Now a 17-year-old warrior, Noakhail discovers his royal lineage and sets forth on a thrilling journey across the four kingdoms to increase his power and confront King Wulkan.

In the Aquadom, we meet Princess Vienne, who, against all expectations, has been chosen by the sacred Water sword, Crystalline, to reign. The introverted princess now faces the daunting task of proving her worthiness to the crown, even when everyone believed it would be her older sister, Katienne, who would reign.

As these two young individuals traverse their destinies, their fates, guided by their respective elemental swords, are bound to converge in a way that will reshape their world. The Sword’s Choice series is filled with magical elements, epic battles, and the constant struggle of proving one’s worth, making it a must-read for any fan of the fantasy genre.

A list of all the Sword’s Choice books in publication order

Here’s a list of all the Sword’s Choice books in publication order. So far there’s only two books in the series, but the third one, The Citrine Earthquake, will be released soon (planned to be published in November, 2023):

The Sword's choice series
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The Sword’s Choice books in order

The Sword's Choice – I.M. Redwright


  • Redwright


  • The Sapphire Eruption (The Sword’s Choice book 1)
  • The Emerald Storm (The Sword’s Choice book 2)
  • The Citrine Earthquake (The Sword’s Choice book 3) – November 2023
  • The Ruby Hurricane (The Sword’s Choice book 4) – TBD

Despite these changes in scenery, the story revolves around our two main characters, Noakh and Vienne, whose fates are entwined in a narrative full of intrigue and high stakes. Their stories are so intricately connected that reading the books in their publication order is absolutely essential to understanding and enjoying the series in its entirety. This is not just a series of standalone novels, but a continuous epic adventure that unveils piece by piece as you turn each page. So buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride!

What age are these books recommended to:

The Sword’s Choice series is a fantastic reading adventure, suitable for both teens and adults. With its engaging storytelling, vivid characters, and immersive world-building, it provides a delightful reading experience that people from a variety of age groups can appreciate. Given its level of complexity and the themes it explores, it is recommended for individuals aged 11 and older. So, whether you’re a young reader just beginning to explore the world of epic fantasy or an adult seeking a thrilling, immersive read, this series offers a rewarding adventure that you’ll find hard to put down. 📚😊👍

The Sword’s Choice books present a unique and captivating medieval world that fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will find familiar and intriguing. Like Avatar, it features a universe divided into elemental domains, in this case four kingdoms, each associated with a specific element. However, the series adds a fresh twist with its introduction of magical swords imbued with elemental powers, a concept reminiscent of the zanpakuto in the popular manga Bleach. Imagine bending not only through martial arts, but also through the swing of a sword, and you have the thrilling concept that this series brings to the table. 🔥💧🌪

Have you started reading these books? Tell us what you think about the Sword’s Choice book series!

How many Vinland Saga volumes are there?

We have another treat for you – an exhaustive collection of Vinland Saga manga volumes! Penned by the brilliant Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga is a masterpiece that marries historical events with intense character development, and we’ve got all of the available volumes ready for your reading pleasure. 📚💖 If you’re seeking epic adventures, complex characters, and gripping storytelling, this is your perfect pick.

Now, if you’re wondering just how many Vinland Saga volumes there are, keep reading! We’ve assembled all the details, from the number of volumes, the plot, the adaptation, and everything else you need to know. So buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the thrilling world of Vinland Saga. 😉

All Vinland Saga manga volumes in order

We’ve also put together a specially curated set that collects the first 12 volumes of Vinland Saga. It’s not a box set, but it’s an easy way to kickstart your journey into the Viking era with Thorfinn. These volumes cover some of the most intense arcs of the series and provide an unforgettable reading experience.

We’ve also individually collected all available Vinland Saga volumes, and they’re listed below in the order of their publication. Just pick your starting point and dive right into this epic saga! 🚀

The English version of Vinland Saga is published by Kodansha USA, known for its excellent translation quality and faithful adaptation of the original art style. Each panel in these volumes brilliantly showcases Makoto Yukimura’s incredible talent for storytelling and detailed illustration. As you flip through the pages, you’ll find yourself immersed in the dynamic battles, the vast landscapes, and the intricate character expressions, all that contribute to making Vinland Saga a visual feast. 🎨📖

A fun fact about Vinland Saga is that Makoto Yukimura spent considerable time researching historical details to maintain the authenticity of the setting and events. So, while you’re immersed in the story, you’re also getting a peek into the Viking era! And if you’re a fan of Yukimura’s other works, especially Planetes, you’ll find similar themes of struggle, survival, and human spirit in Vinland Saga as well.

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We have 3 great manga recommendations that you can begin reading once you have finished al your new Vinland saga volumes:

Are you a fan of intense battles and stories with historical leanings? If you loved Vinland Saga, you will also enjoy diving into the world of Record of Ragnarok! It’s an exciting manga series that features a tournament-style battle between gods and humans from different eras of history. Check out our collection of Record of Ragnarok volumes to explore this gripping narrative.

On the other hand, if you want to switch gears from the gritty realism of Vinland Saga to something a bit more lighthearted, why not give My Hero Academia a try? It’s a captivating story set in a world where superpowers are the norm and follows the journey of a young hero in training. Discover how many volumes of MHA are there and join the journey of aspiring hero Izuku Midoriya.

What is this manga about?

How many Vindland saga volumes are there
How many Vindland saga volumes are there

Vinland Saga is an epic historical tale that takes you back to the time of Vikings and explorers. The manga starts off with our main character, Thorfinn, a talented warrior fueled by a thirst for revenge. Thorfinn’s life takes a drastic turn when his father is killed by the mercenary leader Askeladd, sending him on a path of vengeance. The series explores Thorfinn’s transformation from a vengeful warrior to a man seeking a more peaceful life.

Vinland Saga has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award, and has sold millions of copies worldwide. These Vinland Saga volumes have left a considerable mark in the manga industry with its compelling storytelling and rich, historical backdrop.

In terms of adaptation, Vinland Saga has been transformed into a critically acclaimed anime series. Although there are no video games or movies directly adapted from the manga, the influence of Vinland Saga’s historical and action-packed narrative can be seen in various forms of media.

How many Vinland Saga manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

The Japanese version of Vinland Saga boasts a whopping 27 volumes to date, having been serialized since 2005. The series, however, has not concluded yet, with Makoto Yukimura continuing to enthrall fans with Thorfinn’s ongoing journey.

As for the English version, we’re a bit behind with 13 volumes published so far. However, even with this delay, each volume delivers the same captivating storytelling and detailed artwork that have made Vinland Saga a global sensation. Speaking of vikings, don’t miss this post with books like Skyrim, the ultimate compilation awaits you!

If you have any further questions regarding Vinland Saga manga volumes or if you’re eager to start your Viking saga, keep reading! We’re here to guide you on this epic adventure. 🚀

How many Naruto manga volumes are there?

Dive into the captivating universe of Naruto Uzumaki with our compilation of Naruto manga volumes.✨😁 Authored by the brilliant Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto is one of the most well-known and adored manga series worldwide.

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘How many Naruto volumes are there?’ – we’ve got the answers. 🕵️‍♀️ Plus, we’ve done the work of curating each volume so that you can immerse yourself in Naruto’s journey from a young ninja to the Hokage of his village. So, are you ready to join us on this exciting adventure? Let’s get started!

All Naruto manga volumes in order

Are you looking to add the legendary Naruto saga to your manga collection? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Naruto’s epic journey is neatly organized into 3 grand box sets, each a treasure trove of excitement and ninja action. 🎁😲 These box sets collectively contain all 72 volumes of the Naruto series, offering a convenient and stylish way to indulge in the tale of Uzumaki Naruto. Here’s the first box set, and here’s the other 2:

We know how important it is to experience Naruto’s journey as it was meant to be. So, to keep things in perfect order, we’ve collected and sorted all the Naruto manga volumes below, as per their publication order. Just scroll down, and you’ll find them all waiting for you!

Just to clear up any possible confusion: in the manga world, Naruto’s story doesn’t split into ‘Naruto’ and ‘Naruto: Shippuden’ like it does in the anime series. That’s right, all 72 volumes of the Naruto manga include both the early years and the ‘Shippuden’ timeskip within the same cohesive collection! 📚🌀

The English version of Naruto, published by VIZ Media, maintains the exhilarating spirit of the original manga with high-quality translation and artwork that stays true to Kishimoto’s distinctive style. 🎨🖋

Did you know that Kishimoto’s first successful manga pilot was about a demon fox? 🦊 The remnants of this concept are evident in Naruto’s story! Also, Naruto’s popularity has led to a sequel, Boruto, focusing on the next generation of ninjas, including Naruto’s son. Quite the legacy, isn’t it? And, of course, we collected the Boruto volumes as well.

Now that you know how many Naruto volumes are there don’t miss this

Such a precious collection deserves a proper shinobi army to protect them, but which warriors are worthy to custody your Naruto volumes? Here are our 3 candidates:

Now that you’ve got all the information on the Naruto volumes, why not delve into another incredible world of Manga? If you’re hooked on the high-octane adventure and depth of character in Naruto, then you’re likely to be entranced by the epic saga of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in One Piece! Embark on a quest to discover the world’s ultimate treasure, the “One Piece,” and become the Pirate King. Check out our comprehensive collection of all One Piece manga volumes.

In the mood for a different flavor of action? We got you covered! From the creator Tite Kubo comes Bleach, another titan of the manga world that shared the limelight with Naruto during its run. Dive into the supernatural life of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager with the ability to see ghosts, and his dramatic journey as a Soul Reaper. Find out how many volumes of Bleach are there and join Ichigo on his riveting adventure! 🚀😄

What is this manga about?

How many Naruto volumes are there
How many Naruto volumes are there

When it comes to Naruto manga, it’s an exhilarating tale of friendship, rivalry, and the quest to be acknowledged. Centered around Naruto Uzumaki, an ambitious young ninja from Konohagakure, this story takes us through his struggles, growth, and ultimate success. Naruto is driven by his dream to become the Hokage, the leader of his village, and be recognized by his peers.

Naruto has made a considerable impact globally, with millions of Naruto volumes sold worldwide, multiple anime adaptations, movies, and even inspired a host of merchandise and video games.🏆🎮 This compelling narrative, combined with Kishimoto’s exquisite artistry, created a phenomenon that transcends cultural and language barriers.

Speaking of adaptations, the Naruto anime is equally successful as its manga counterpart. Spanning over 200 episodes, the anime managed to capture the essence of Naruto’s story, giving life to the world of ninjas that fans have come to adore.

How many Naruto manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

Turning our gaze to the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese version of Naruto consists of 72 volumes and has been concluded (in 2014). Published in the Weekly Shonen Jump, Naruto was one of the flagship titles of this popular magazine, known for hosting several iconic shonen manga.

The English version of Naruto is a faithful translation of the original, having all 72 volumes available for the fans. What’s more, the English volumes preserve the sense of suspense and drama present in the original Japanese text, thanks to the expert work of translators.

For any questions, curiosities, or discussions surrounding the Naruto manga volumes, feel free to engage with us! We’re here to share this love for manga with you! 🍥💖 So, ready to walk alongside Naruto on his journey? Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… or in this case, a single manga volume! 😁

How many Moriarty the Patriot manga volumes are there?

Dive into the thrilling world of Sherlock Holmes’ arch-nemesis with our collection of Moriarty the Patriot manga volumes! Authored by the talented Ryōsuke Takeuchi 🕵️‍♂️📚and illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi, this manga provides a fresh take on the classic character, spinning a tale of suspense, intrigue, and wit.

🔍📖 Ever wondered how many Moriarty the Patriot volumes there are to delve into? You’re about to find out! So stay tuned as we embark on a thrilling adventure through London’s foggy streets and into the heart of its underworld.

All Moriarty the Patriot manga volumes in order

Get ready, because we’re diving headfirst into the world of British intrigue with a set that includes the first 10 volumes of Moriarty the Patriot! 😍💼🔎 While it’s not a box set, these 10 volumes bundled together make for a thrilling ride and an essential addition to any manga lover’s shelf:

Don’t worry if you’re eager to read beyond the first 10 volumes – we’ve got you covered! 😊📚 We’ve painstakingly collected each of the Moriarty the Patriot manga volumes, which are presented below in their original publication order for your convenience and reading pleasure:

📚 The English version of the Moriarty the Patriot manga is published by VIZ Media, known for its high-quality translations and fidelity to the original content. The art style beautifully captures the Victorian era’s elegance and darkness, with intricate details that breathe life into the narrative.

🎩🔍 But did you know? Ryōsuke Takeuchi, apart from Moriarty the Patriot, also worked on ST&RS, a Shonen Jump series, giving him a unique experience in crafting intense and engrossing stories. And fun fact: Moriarty the Patriot has a fascinating similarity with Death Note, especially in the intelligent mind games the characters play. 💡📝

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Here’s 3 great companions to your Moriarty the Patriot volumes:

If you enjoy the suspense and intellectual battles in Moriarty the Patriot manga, you’ll undoubtedly love the thrill and mystery offered by Alice in Borderland. This riveting manga series takes you on a heart-pounding survival game, challenging both your nerves and intellect. To embark on this mind-bending journey, check out our comprehensive collection of Alice in Borderland volumes. 😎📚

In the realm of intelligent plots and intriguing characters, another manga you can’t afford to miss is Spy x Family. This unique blend of espionage, comedy, and familial bonds, provides a refreshing and engaging read. Curious about how many volumes are there for you to devour? Discover how many volumes of Spy x Family are there and join the adventure of this unconventional family of spies! 🕵️‍♂️👨‍👩‍👧📖

What is this manga about?

How many Moriarty the patriot volumes are there
How many Moriarty the patriot volumes are there

Moriarty the Patriot manga is a captivating journey into the mind of Professor Moriarty, the notorious villain from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series. 🧠📘 This crime and mystery manga revolve around William James Moriarty, an orphan who becomes Britain’s underworld consulting criminal to reform society. Recommended for ages 16 and up, this story’s intense plot and sophisticated themes cater to mature audiences.

In terms of sales, the Moriarty the Patriot volumes have been well received both in Japan and internationally. Its compelling narrative and intriguing reinterpretation of a classic character have made it a notable entry in the crime and mystery manga genres. 🏆📈

Adaptation-wise, Moriarty the Patriot has been turned into a successful anime series, further broadening its appeal. While there aren’t any notable videogames or movies tied to it, the anime serves as an excellent complementary experience for manga readers. 🎬📺

How many Moriarty the Patriot manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

The Japanese version of Moriarty the Patriot has, as of our last update, a total of 19 volumes. Surprisingly, the series is still ongoing, and fans eagerly anticipate the new thrilling installments. It’s published by Shueisha, one of the largest manga publishers in Japan, known for titles like Dragon Ball and Naruto.📚

Meanwhile, the English version is catching up, albeit a little behind with an 8 volume delay. Still, the English adaptation has done a commendable job maintaining the essence of the original, presenting fans with an immersive and authentic reading experience. 🌎📚 In case you love detective stories don’t miss this post with the DD Warren series in order, you’ll love it.

So, do you have questions about the Moriarty the Patriot manga volumes? Need more information? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! We’ve gathered everything you need to know about this enthralling series right here. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this captivating journey! 🛋️📖😊

How many Maximum Ride manga volumes are there?

because we’ve brought together all the Maximum Ride manga volumes you could possibly need! Created by the brilliant James Patterson and adapted by NaRae Lee, this thrilling series offers a captivating blend of action, adventure, and suspense that is sure to keep you glued to each page.

Are you wondering just how many Maximum Ride volumes there are? 🤔 Get ready for a wild journey across ten volumes, each one packed with high stakes and stunning illustrations.

All Maximum Ride Manga Volumes in Order 📚🎉

If you’re just getting into the Maximum Ride manga series, then this special set that collects the first 9 volumes is a fantastic starting point! 🎁 This comprehensive collection allows you to dive right into the exciting world of Max and her friends without any delay. Plus, having them all together means you can easily marathon your way through the gripping plotlines and stunning artwork that have captivated readers all over the world. 📚💨

If you’re more into curating your collection one volume at a time, no worries—we’ve got you covered! We’ve individually collected all Maximum Ride manga volumes, right up to the final volume. That way, you can enjoy the freedom of picking exactly which parts of Max’s high-flying journey you want to explore next. Ready to take off? 🚀📖

When it comes to the manga adaptation of Maximum Ride, it’s all about the detailed artwork and smooth storyline that successfully captures the essence of the original novels. Thanks to Yen Press, fans of Patterson’s work can enjoy his thrilling narrative in a new and vibrant format.

Something you might not know about this series is that it holds a special place in NaRae Lee’s heart, the same artist who worked on the brilliant The Third Party webcomic. 💖 Patterson’s high-flying adventures perfectly resonated with Lee’s artistic style, leading to the creation of a manga that both old and new fans can enjoy.

Did you know that this story is an adaptation of a book series? Yes it is! Here you will find all the Maximum Ride books in order. It’s great news, don’t you think? Because this means you’ll be able to learn more about your new favorite story.

Now that you know how many Maximum Ride manga volumes are there don’t miss this:

Here’s 3 amazing series that you can start reading once you are finished with the Maximum Ride volumes:

There’s a fascinating parallel that can be drawn between the Maximum Ride manga and another thrilling adventure series—Black Clover. Fans of action and fantasy will definitely appreciate the captivating universe of magic in Black Clover. As you follow Asta and Yuno’s competitive journey to become the Wizard King, you’ll experience a world filled with as much excitement and intrigue as the high-stakes escapades of Max and the Flock! 😎🌟

When it comes to suspense and drama, another series by James Patterson, the Witch & Wizard manga, is also a definite must-read. Just like Maximum Ride, the Witch & Wizard book series combines the thrill of the supernatural with the struggle for survival. If you’re a fan of the tension and mystery in Maximum Ride, you’ll be equally captivated by the world of Witch & Wizard, where magic is real and every day is a fight against tyranny. 🎩🔮

What is this Manga About? 🎯📖

How many Maximum Ride volumes are there
How many Maximum Ride volumes are there

The Maximum Ride manga introduces us to Max and her friends, genetically engineered beings known as “The Flock,” who possess unique avian DNA. This action-packed series centers around their efforts to uncover the secrets of their past while evading the clutches of the sinister organization that created them. With a storyline that offers equal parts mystery and excitement, this series belongs to the action-adventure and science fiction genres, and it’s best suited for readers aged 13 and up.

Maximum Ride volumes have flown off the shelves, proving their popularity amongst readers. James Patterson’s thrilling narrative coupled with NaRae Lee’s striking illustrations have resulted in a manga series that’s loved worldwide. The books have reached a significant number of sales, gaining popularity not only in the U.S but also in several other countries.

If you’re wondering about adaptations, there is a live-action film adaptation titled ‘Maximum Ride’ released in 2016. While it doesn’t follow the manga closely, it’s still a fun watch for fans of the series, also, we also wrote about why Maximum Ride 2 movie was never filmed. As for video games, though no specific Maximum Ride game has been released, the series’ popularity has led to fan-made creations and modifications in existing platforms.

How Many Maximum Ride Manga Volumes Are There in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished? 📚

While the Maximum Ride manga series was adapted into a total of 10 fantastic volumes, unfortunately, the story has remained incomplete since no new volumes have been released after 2015. 😢💔 The reason behind the manga’s abrupt end isn’t clear-cut and is often a topic of speculation among fans. The series was adapted from James Patterson’s Maximum Ride novels, and there might have been complexities in the process that led to the halt. Given the series’ popularity, it’s a real bummer that the manga fans never got a proper conclusion to this adventurous tale. 📚🕊️ But hey, the journey through the 10 volumes we have is a roller coaster of emotions and excitement that’s still worth every page flip! 🎢📖

If you’re still left with questions about the Maximum Ride manga volumes, we’re here to help! Whether you’re wondering about a particular volume or the series in general, feel free to ask. We’re all about delivering the most accurate and helpful information for manga fans everywhere! 🎉😊