Books like Skyrim

Books like elder scrolls

If you are seeking for books like Skyrim it’s because you like both this videogame and reading, so you thought “there has got to be some books similar to Skyrim“, yes, there are and you will find a list of books like Elder Scrolls here.

Also, you will be able to get the first volume of any of the novels suggested in this list with books like Skyrim.

Understanding the series to find books like Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most acclaimed videogames in the last decade. This action RPG developed by Bethesda was released in November 2011 for different platforms (Windows, Xbox 360 and Play Station 3) and subsequently, new versions were released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation VR.

A beautiful story that might have made you ask the following questions: are there books similar to Skyrim? That is, a grimdark story, a rich and deep world with magic, different races and of course: dragons! But not all of books like Elder Scrolls must have dragons, or have they?

The answer is yes, here goes a great list of books like Skyrim:

Malazan: Book of the Fallen  by Steve Erikson: a must in a list of books like Skyrim

This series has been mentioned on Wottaread more than once, not only it’s one of the longest fantasy series ever but also we introduced it so you can start reading this series knowing the basics: Malazan books in order.

Malazan is probably the most similar to Skyrim, however, it has a slightly darker tone and it doesn’t have a main character but the story is narrated by the perspective of a lot of different characters.

The Sword’s Choice by I.M Redwright: an indie book like Skyrim

A story of a boy with a fire sword who has decided to meet the most powerful enemies in the four kingdoms. This series takes place in a similar setting to Avatar the Last Airbender and it has lots of action, adventure, and humor.

In this list of books like Elder Scrolls this is the only series that is written by an indie author, so give it some love!

The Dark Elf series by R.A Salvatore: similar books to Skyrim

A story about a Dark elf, Drizzt Do U’rden, that decided to not become as evil as the rest of his race. Magic, races, conflict and, not that common, dragons. And here’s the Drizzt reading order you need.

Dragonlance by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

A series inspired in Dungeons and Dragons, even so, you don’t need to play the board game or even know about the lore in order to enjoy this series. As it happens with Malazan, here you have a quick Dragonlance guide in order to start reading these amazing epic novels.

Guardians of the Flame by Joel Rosenberg

A group of students who play a role playing game and end up being transported to the world of the game. As you may have thought it is a similar premise to the Jumanji, of course, Guardians of the Flame has a darker tone, showing how these students struggle in order to survive in this fantasy world.

Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

If you are looking for a standalone fast-paced novel then Broken Sword is a great choice for you. It narrates the story of Skafloc, a kid raised by elves. This novel is heavily inspired in Norse mythology, as a result not only the story takes place during the Viking Ag but lots of elements of the Scandinavian folklore make their appearances such as demigods and faerie.

Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock

Elric of Melnibone tell the story of the character with the same name and his sword Stormbringer, a weapon that confers him great power but as a counterpart, it must be fed by the souls of intelligent beings. The narrative takes place in an alternative Earth. This novel is heavily inspired by the previous recommendation, The Broken Sword.

Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan

This six novel series tells the story of Royce and Hadrian, together known as Riyria, who are approached by a mysterious man offering them gold for stealing a sword. While they are in the search they not only discover that the King is dead but they will be accused as the murderers. If you want to know the reading order of Riyria here you go.

Are there any Elder Scrolls books?

Skyrim was successful for so many things:  a RPG that was playable both in third and first-person perspective, an open world with enormous map that you could explore freely where so many quests were at your disposal, and of course the level of character personalization with so different races and builds to make your hero unique despite not having the character class system as the previous Elder Scrolls entries (as long as many other RPG videogames) have. NPCs and their storylines, the music and let’s not forget the memes, particularly the infamous  “I Took an Arrow in the Knee”.

These are just a few of the admirable qualities of this videogame, it was not only beautiful but also its story and lore were fascinating.  The game resolves around defeating a dragon, Alduin the World Eater, for which we will previously have to complete different quests and face all kind of monsters and challenges, therefore improving our skills.

Yes, they are farm from being the best considered fantasy books though, they are short and they can be fun. If you want to give them a chance, here you have them:

-The Infernal City by Greg Keyes

-Lord of Souls by Greg Keyes

Which you can get here:

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