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Maximum Ride sequel movie

Are you still waiting for the Maximum Ride 2 movie to be released? then we have bad news for you, the sequel was canceled and so far there are no plans to make a reboot of this series. The film was released in 2016, what happened so they decided not to film a sequel? keep reading to find it out.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will never know how the story continues, because this film is actually based on a book series by the same name.

Since you can’t watch the Maximum Ride 2 movie here’s an alternative

The Maximum Ride movie is based on the first volume of the book series by the same name written by author James Patterson. Therefore, you can know how the story continues by reading the books. Here you have the novels, so you can know how Max’s story ends:

We’ll stop talking about the books here, in case you want to know more about them here you can find the Maximum Ride books in order and lots of interesting info about this series.

Why there won’t be a sequel?

In order to know why there’s not a sequel, we have to talk about the first movie adaptation of the book series. The film, released in 2016 and directed by Jay Martin, was a small project and was not even available to be watched in cinemas (or, rather, it was available in some select theatres). Instead, it was released on Digital HD (which is an alternative format to Bluray or DVDs).

maximum ride film poster

There is no info about the budget for this film. However, we know that it grossed $138 million worldwide. The average budget for a movie like this is around $80-90 million.

The film, starred by Allie Marie Evans, performed quite poorly. Nevertheless, those numbers are quite decent if we consider the fact that the movie was not released in theatres.

The reason why there’s not a Maximum Ride 2 movie

There are many reasons that explain why there won’t be a Maximum Ride sequel. Aside from its underperformance, which as we said is understandable, the movie was not well received.

The movie was way different from the book on which it’s based, a fact that did not please the fans of the book series, who expected the film to be as similar to the original content as possible.

Together with this, the acting is considered to be quite poor and unconvincing, while the dialogues sound very unnatural. And speaking of the special effects, they weren’t great either…

maxium ride film

Also, we must mention that the Hunger Games movies were released a few years earlier. This franchise, being so successful and profitable, made some studios try to copy their formula, which meant that lots of series were completely restructured and modified in order to look more similar to The Hunger Games. An attempt that didn’t work in most of the cases, as is the case of the Ascendant movie.

So far, there is no news that this series will have a reboot. Do you think there should be a new film or do you think it’s better that Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime Video develop a tv series? leave a comment telling us what would you rather prefer.

This is the case of the books by Cassandra Clare, the first volume of her popular urban fantasy book series had movie adaptation, which flopped, and therefore The Mortal Instruments 2 movie was never filmed, instead, it was rebooted as a tv series.

Did you enjoy the film? would have loved if they filmed the Maximum Ride 2 movie? then leave a comment and tell us what you enjoyed the most about this movie adaptation, also, tell us if you have read the books or if you plan to.

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  • Love the movie.
    Read all the books. Would love to see more movies. Thanks

  • Loved the movie! Read and own all the books. The cast and acting was not bad. Allie was a good pick as Max. Not meaning to offend anyone but I would say those that read the books and then complained about the movie, obviously did not read the book or is unable to retain information. Movie was not far off from the book. Plus things have to be changed or left out. Cannot please all! If it was a 3+ hour movie they’d complain about that as well. Would love to see more movies but would probably be better suited as a tv series. I’d pick Amazon Prime to do the series as they seem far superior at creating great tv and movies over the others. Then again maybe an ultimate collaboration between the 3 and shown by all 3. James Patterson must be included. I want more Maximum Ride!!

  • I really liked Maximum Ride. It was kind of close to the book. Hunger Games I thought was pretty awful. I have read most of the books I was just really hoping they would make more movies. Most of the stuff they put out there is all repetitive on many levels.

  • I haven’t read the books but plant to. I would also like to say sense there are so many books and they are quite long that I believe a tv series would be best. It would be easier to stay closer to the books plot, not having to leave so much out or Chang it to cram into a one and a half to two hour movie. I would rather have 9 series with 20 episodes each and it follow the book better than nine movies that don’t depict the books well. I really do hope to see a TV series on Netflix or Hulu soon or even Amazon video

  • I’ve read the books & enjoyed the movie. Movies seldom follow a book exactly but are just as entertaining. I’d like to see a sequel to the 1st movie.

  • I absolutely love the books and read them all at least 10 times each. The movie was kind of a bummer and I was hoping that they would make a second one or a TV series.

  • I loved the movie. The characters were a little off from the book, but it was an amazing movie. Both me and my friend love the series and now she’s going to be SO jealous that I watched the movie. I would love a second one and a third one. But maybe not a 4th one. Anyway, a sequel would be great.

  • I liked the movie to a point. There was not a lot that I thought were bad except for the really long transition periods at times. It made the movie feel stretched out. I wished it went into more of the first book instead of cutting off the way it did. Originally it was supposed to be a series not a movie so I think thats part of the reason why it was cut short and also money wise. If it were made into a TV series maybe they would have been given more freedom and the money to be able to create a master piece that the fans would enjoy. When I saw the trailer I was so excited. I saw that they could continue with it, like a sequel, but due to poor ratings and everything it was scrapped. Bringing it to life like this was such a hassle cause so much stuff kept going wrong. Why not make it into a TV series or something along those lines? The Golden Compass movie did a bit poor and it was redone into a TV series called His Dark Materials which is very good. Heck, even the Percy Jackson series is getting a reboot for Disney +. Why not give Maximum Ride the same justice and redo it as a series? There is lots to show off in this series that the fans love.

  • Really liked the movie and wished they had the drive and vision to produce more. In looking at the numbers – grossed 138mil, normal budget being the high end of 90mil, that’s a difference of 48mil. That’s quite a handy profit and record of good profit , sounds like greed to me was what actually cut it short. —- shame

  • I have read all the books and yes I would love to see Amazon make this into a series.

  • I love James Patterson, the Maximum Ride Series was one of my faves. I think an Amazon Prime Series would be better than just a movie. It’s been a long time since I’ve read the first book, but from what I remember, there was a lot missing, and I don’t think you can fit that all into a film. I thought the characters were good, and there was some dead space in the film. Graphics good, but some parts meh. The score was very meh. It did not give enough suspense where needed. Personally I would love to see all of James Patterson books come to Prime videos, like the Alex Cross series or the Women’s Murder Club.

  • I read all the books the movie was just okay but I believe it would be a whole lot better if it was a series as for hunger games they were good to but I can’t compare because both are really the polar opposite of each other Amazon make a series please…

  • Personally a movie was my dream come true for me and my highschool dream so much so that when she found it even tho me and her haven’t talked as even friends that she called me and we watched it together on video chat. Yeah it didn’t match the books exactly but since when do movies perfectly match the books they are based on. I own all the book and love them. I also thought the movie was pretty good. I’d love to see them do a second movie.

  • I want a second movie of the maximum Ride series I think it is a great movie and the best movie that I have ever seen that has never been in theaters

  • Love the book like the movie would like to see the TV show of it I think that will be amazing and great

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