michael bennett series in order

Michael Bennett books in order

There are many crimes to solve in the USA, luckily, we have the Michael Bennett series in order, this NYPD officer really knows how to do his job. An so does author James Patterson, who brings to us another unputdownable story together with author Michael Ledwidge.

Police thrillers are really entertaining, and the books about detective Michael Bennett are full of suspense and epic moments. But don’t worry, there’s room for some laughs as well.

James Patterson’s Michael Bennett series in order

Each of the volumes of the series presents to us a different case that detective Michael Bennet will have to figure out. This means these books can be read as a standalone, however, we strongly encourage you to read the Michael Bennet books in order of publication, this way you’ll see how the main character of this series develops as the different events in the series affect his personality. Here you have all the books in the series:

You can also read the bookshots, these are fast-paced stories that are less than 150 pages long (and less than $5) which focus on getting to the climax as soon as possible. While not a must-read, fans of the series might enjoy reading a shorter story about Michael Bennet:

Now that we revealed the order of the Michael Bennett to you don’t miss these novels

We don’t have the slightest doubt that you will have an exceptional time reading the Michael Bennett books. They are so enthralling that you will devour them faster than you would have ever imagined. And that’s not all, you’ll be willing to read something similar once you have finished them, therefore, we decided to give you some recommendations. Here’s our selection:

Our first recommendation is one of the most popular series by James Patterson, yes, we are referring to his classic tale about one of the most popular homicide detectives of all time, we have a list with the Alex Cross books in order in case you want to start this series.

Also, there are the Michael Gannon books, which are written by Michael Ledwidge (coauthor as the Michael Bennett series), an action-packed thriller that takes place in the Bahamas and tells us about a diving instructor who was military in the past.

What is the series about?

michael bennett books in order

Detective Michael Bennett is entrusted with the most complicated and suspenseful cases. In the first volume of the series, Step on a Crack, he’ll be asked to be the lead police negotiator so to deal with a bunch of armed men that have taken several hostages.

Meanwhile, in the second volume of the series, he’ll get back to his role as a detective in order to find who’s the serial killer that is after the wealthiest and most arrogant personalities in the city of New York.

As said before, it’s not all action, suspense, and murder. There are also some funny moments in the story, also, Michael Bennett happens to be quite a likable character, we bet you’ll really care for him once you know him better.

A list with the Michael Bennet series in order

This series is quite long, therefore, this list with the Michael Bennett books in order will be quite handy to you, a fast check and you’ll know which one to read next, easy.

michael bennett book series

Michael Bennett series in order

Michael Bennet – James Patterson & James O. Born


  • Grand Central Publishing

Reading order:

  • Step on a Crack (Michael Benett book 1)
  • Run for Your Life (Michael Benett book 2)
  • Worst Case (Michael Benett book 3)
  • Tick Tock (Michael Benett book 4)
  • I, Michael Bennett (Michael Benett book 5)
  • Gone (Michael Benett book 6)
  • Burn (Michael Benett book 7)
  • Alert (Michael Benett book 8)
  • Bullseye (Michael Benett book 9)
  • Haunted (Michael Benett book 10)
  • Ambush (Michael Benett book 11)
  • Blindside (Michael Benett book 12)
  • The Russian (Michael Benett book 13)
  • Chase (Michael Benett bookshot 1)
  • Manhunt (Michael Benett bookshot 2)

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As you can see, we recommend you read the bookshots once you have read the original series. The reason for this is that these stories have lesser character development, and they leave some questions unanswered sometimes.

Can get enough of James Patterson? then you shouldn’t miss this post with the Women’s Murder Club books in order, a series about a group of incredibly well-prepared women who will work together in order to solve the cruelest crimes in their city.

There are lots of novels in the series, so tell us, will you follow our recommendation and you’ll read James Patterson’s Michael Bennett series in order of publication or you’d rather pick the volume that seems most thrilling to you? leave a comment telling us which of the books you’ll read first!

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