house of robots series in order

House of Robots books in order

Here you will find the House of Robots series in order, would you imagine having a Robot that goes with you to school? that’s exactly what happens to Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez because her genius mom has built a nerdy robot and she insists that her invention must attend school too… and Sammy is not amused by this idea.

These books are written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, the inside pages have great colorful pages illustrated by Juliana Neufeld.

House of Robots series in order by James Patterson

This series is composed of 3 books, so it’s very easy to follow. Just read the House of Robots books in order of publication, by reading them this way you will not miss any detail. Here you have them following that recommendation:

In addition, there is this book set that collects the 3 books of the series. If your kids love robots then why not get the complete trilogy?

Now that you know the order of the House of Robots series don’t miss these recommendations

If you are a regular visitor to our website you will know that we would usually suggest 3 books that are similar to the House of Robots series by James Patterson. However, this time we are going to take a different approach because this author has lots of series that are addressed to kids and you can discover them by getting this Best of James Patterson for Kids Boxed Set:

Looks really cool, doesn’t it? all these series have a similar reading level, so your kids will be able to enjoy them all. In addition, the first volume of the House of Robots series is also included in this set, so by getting it you’ll be able to get the book you wanted to purchase and also to discover some other stories that are of the same reading level.

Aside from Patterson’s work, there are lots of series for kids, The Last Kids on Earth series is a great example, a great story with lots of crazy moments, and also huge monsters willing to devour the main characters!

What’s this story about? and what about the reading level?

house of robots books in order

This is the story of Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez, he is more than used to robots, because her mother is a great inventor and their house is full of them. However, everything will change when her mother builds a new robot, known as ·, that not only believes he is Sammy’s brother but he’ll also attend class together with Sammy. For him, this might be a way to become a loser, or maybe having a robot brother will make him popular at school?

The House of Robots books are recommended to children between 8 and 12 years old. Their grade level is 3 to seven, while their Lexile is 750L

A list with the House of Robots series by James Patterson

These books are published by Jimmy Patterson, as are most of the series written by the author that are targeted to a young audience. You will find a list with the House of Robots books in order of publication below:

house of robots book series

House of Robots series order

House of Robots – James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein & Juliana Neufeld (Illustrator)


  • Jimmy Patterson

Reading order:

  • House of Robots (House of Robots book 1)
  • Robots go Wild (House of Robots book 2)
  • Robot Revolution (House of Robots book 3)

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James Patterson is one of the authors with the most bestsellers. As a result, lots of his novels have had a movie adaptation. Some of them have been quite successful, there’s also some that flopped, this is why there is not a Maximum Ride 2 movie for example, because the adaptation that was supposed to be the first of a film series didn’t perform as well as the producers had expected.

Before you leave, tell us if you have ever dreamed of being a robot, or maybe you’d rather have a robot companion as in the Star Wars movies? Wait, what if you were a robot? how can you tell if you are you ask? well, you can do this Am I Robot quiz to know the answer! Also, leave a comment and tell us how much you love these machines.

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