Black clover manga volumes

How many Black Clover manga volumes are there

We’ve compiled the collection of Black Clover manga volumes, just for fans like you! Get ready to embark on a magical journey through the pages, following the adventures of Asta, a young boy devoid of magic in a world where it is everything.

You might be wondering, how many Black Clover volumes are there exactly? Hang tight, as we’re about to dive into all the specifics you’ve been eagerly waiting to discover. Get set to delve deeper into this magical world with every turn of the page!

Black Clover manga volumes

First up, we have a fascinating set that compiles the first 17 Black Clover manga volumes. Although it’s not a traditional box set, this compilation is a treasure for any manga lover, providing a significant chunk of the storyline at your fingertips. It’s a perfect way to jumpstart your journey with Asta and the Black Bulls, watching them grow and face incredible challenges.

Here you have all the Black Clover volumes in English:

Now, let’s shift our focus to the English version of the Black Clover manga. Published by VIZ Media, the English volumes are well-translated, ensuring that the essence of the original storyline remains intact. Each volume typically contains around 200 pages of black-and-white manga panels, with an occasional color page thrown in for dramatic effect.

The paper quality is commendable and the printing is clear, which is crucial for truly appreciating the detailed artwork in this series. So, whether you’re a new fan or an ardent follower of Asta’s journey, the English Black Clover volumes promise a quality reading experience.

Now that you know how many Black Clover volumes are there don’t miss these:

Don’t you think your Black Clover volumes would look too boring if you don’t add some figures to keep good watch of them? Here you have our favorites:

If you are a fan of intense battles and unique power systems like in Black Clover, you might also be interested in checking out the Demon Slayer volumes. Much like our protagonist Asta, Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer faces seemingly insurmountable odds but overcomes them with sheer determination and a robust spirit.

On the other hand, if the concept of magical squads, dynamic character growth, and enduring friendships has you hooked on Black Clover, you might enjoy delving into the Bleach manga. Its fascinating world of Shinigamis and Hollows, paired with Tite Kubo’s memorable characters and impressive battles, mirrors the thrill that Black Clover consistently delivers.

What is this story about?

How many Black Clover volumes are there
How many Black Clover volumes are there

The Black Clover manga throws you into a magical world where magic is the norm, and your place in society is determined by your magical prowess. But what if you were the only person in this world without magic? That’s the predicament our hero, Asta, faces.

Despite his lack of magical abilities, Asta aspires to become the Wizard King, the most powerful mage in the kingdom. With his unyielding will and a mysterious anti-magic sword, Asta sets out to prove that hard work can indeed trump natural talent. This manga series belongs to the shounen genre and is recommended for readers aged 13 and above.

The Black Clover volumes have been widely acclaimed and have enjoyed robust sales since their inception. As of now, the series has sold over 15 million copies worldwide, standing tall as one of the best-selling manga series of the last decade. Its blend of action, comedy, drama, and fantasy has endeared it to a vast fanbase that only continues to grow with each new release.

The magic of Black Clover didn’t stop at the printed page. The series was adapted into an anime by Studio Pierrot, garnering international fame and love from fans around the globe. The anime has faithfully followed the manga’s storyline, offering a dynamic and action-packed viewing experience that perfectly complements the depth and thrill of the original source material.

How many Black Clover manga volumes area there in Japan? Is it concluded?

Black Clover volumes
Black Clover volumes

Over in Japan, the Black Clover manga has made quite a splash! Currently, there are 35 volumes of Black Clover, and the series is still going strong. Published by Shueisha in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, the manga is a hot favorite among fans of the shounen genre. Its engaging storyline and vibrant characters have made it a mainstay in the realm of popular manga.

Now, let’s take a peek at the English version of the Black Clover manga. Published by VIZ Media, the English adaptation is generally just a couple of volumes behind the original Japanese release, making it perfect for international fans who want to keep up with the latest developments. The English adaptation holds true to the essence of the original, providing an authentic Black Clover experience to readers.

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Got any questions or thoughts about the Black Clover manga volumes? Don’t hesitate to ask! Whether you’re wondering about the next release or have a query about the series in general, we’re here to help. Remember, your journey into the world of magic is just a page away with Black Clover!

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