witch and wizard series in order

James Patterson’s Witch and Wizard series in order

There are few things better than a dystopian story, but we got the Witch and Wizard series in order, a tale written by James Patterson together with Gabrielle Charbonnet that mixes dystopia with magic, and that is surely even better!

Wisty and Whit are siblings, they are a witch and a wizard, and they have a crucial mission: to overthrow an authoritarian government known as the New Order.

Witch and Wizard book series in order

The Witch and Wizard series must be read in publication order, the series is five volumes long and it’s concluded, so you can read it from beginning to end. Here you have all the books in the series:

There are some book sets that collect all the books in the series but, to be honest, they are way more expensive than if you get the books individually. For this reason, we decided not to recommend any of them in this post.

Know that we told you the order for the Witch and Wizard series, don’t miss these recommendations

Once you start reading wizardry books you never stop. And, let’s face it, you will finish these books in a few weeks because they are not long. Therefore, here you have 3 book recommendations that are similar to the Witch and Wizard books:

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What are these books about?

james patterson witch and wizard series in order

Every aspect of society is controlled by an authoritarian government known as the New Order. This organization does not like kids with magical power, this is why they kidnap Wisty and Whit, two teenagers who are not aware of their magical abilities. But when their life is at a stake their powers will finally show up, and with their new abilities, they will be entrusted on the most important mission.

Siblings Wisty and Whit Allgood are a witch and a wizard. And they have a prophecy to fulfill: to overthrow the New Order so as to free their world from their manipulative and vicious control. They may have magical powers now, but they are just two teenagers after all, will they be able to overthrow an entire organization just on their own?

The Witch and Wizard books tell us an action-packed story with lots of magic. It’s a quick read, and also very easy to follow. The chapters in this series are very short, being 2 or 3 pages long at most.

A list with the Witch and Wizard series in order

Here you have a list with the Witch and Wizard series in order of publication, make sure you read these books by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet (which by the way is the pen name of Cate Tiernan) in the proper order so you enjoy it as much as possible:

what order do the witch and wizard books go in

Witch and Wizard series in order

Witch and Wizard – Jammes Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet


  • Jimmy Patterson

Reading order:

  • Witch and Wizard (Witch and Wizard book 1)
  • The Gift (Witch and Wizard book 2)
  • The Fire (Witch and Wizard book 3)
  • The Kiss (Witch and Wizard book 4)
  • The Lost (Witch and Wizard book 5)

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The Witch and Wizard books are recommended to teenagers between 12 and 15 years old. This series is published by Jimmy Patterson publishing, as are most of the series written by this author that are addressed to children or teens.

This is not the only story that James Patterson has written about siblings, there is the Treasure Hunters series too. A story addressed to children centered on Bick and Beck Kidd, who travel around the world hunting treasures long time lost in the oceans.

If you have already started this series then leave a comment telling us your favorite moment of the Witch and Wizard book series. Also, would you recommend it to fans of the Harry Potter series?

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