treasure hunters book series order

Treasure Hunters series in order

We hope that your kids are ready to live great adventures because we have the Treasure Hunters book series in order for you! Your children will love Bick and Beck Kidd, the two siblings that happen to be the main characters of these amazing stories.

This is quite a peculiar story actually, because the Kidd siblings travel the world recovering the most unusual objects from the bottom of the ocean. A feat that won’t come easy, because these treasures are also hunted by some dangerous pirates!

The Treasure Hunters series in order

Each of the volumes in the series is self conclusive, which means that they can be read as a standalone. However, we recommend you read the Treasure Hunter series by James Patterson in order of publication, it will be way more fun this way! Here you have all the books:

In case you want to gift them to your kids, maybe for a birthday party? here you have a superb book set that collects the first 6 books in the series:

By getting this set you will only have to get the seventh volume in the series individually. Also, there are more books to come, however, there’s no info about when the eighth book will be released.

Now that we showed you the Treasure hunters series in order don’t miss these books!

The Treasure Hunters series is addressed to mid schoolers, and James Patterson has written lots of other series addressed to kids of the same age. Here you have the first volume of some of them:

There are other authors that also have written great stories for children, here you can discover the Spy School books, a great story of a boy who wants to become a CIA Agent, a hilarious tale.

What is this series about?

treasure hunters book series in order

As we anticipated at the beginning of this post, the Treasure Hunter books are centered on Bick and Beck Kidd, two siblings that travel around the world together with their parents recovering treasures from the depths of the ocean.

The first volume in the series was published in 2013, and since then a new book in the series has been published each year. Except for 2017, in which James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein seemingly had a break. However, it is fair to assume that the eighth volume in the series will be released in 2021.

A list with the treasure hunters book series in order by James Patterson

Here goest this list with the Treasure Hunters book series in order, we will update it as soon as book 8 gets released, which we hope happens soon.

treasure hunters book series

treasure hunters book series order

Treasure Hunters – James Patterson


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Reading order:

  • Treasure Hunters (Treasure Hunters book 1)
  • Danger Down the Nile (Treasure Hunters book 2)
  • Secret of the Forbidden City (Treasure Hunters book 3)
  • Peril at the Top of the World (Treasure Hunters book 4)
  • Quest for the City of Gold (Treasure Hunters book 5)
  • All-American Adventure (Treasure Hunters book 6)
  • The Plunder Down Under (Treasure Hunters book 7)

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These books are great for kids not only because they are quite fun and really easy to read, but they also tell lots of interesting facts related to the oceans.

The Treasure Hunters’ recommended reading age is from 9 to 11 eleven years old. These books are published by Vision Publishing.

Also, if you are a parent reading this post, then you can also enjoy the books by this author, here you have this post with the Private series in order, a story about an investigation firm that will solve any case they are hired for.

Hope you enjoy this story, who knows? maybe thanks to these books you end up becoming a treasure hunter yourself? leave a comment telling us what you love the most about the oceans.

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