private series in order

James Patterson’s Private series in order

We know you love thrillers, this is why we have the Private book series in order for you, there is no case that Jack Morgan and his investigation firm cannot solve, or there is? these books, written by bestselling author James Patterson together with  Maxine Paetro, will draw you into the most mysterious cases.

This series is quite long, but we know you’ll read them really fast because Jack Morgan’s stories are kind of addictive, that is why we will recommend you some similar series as well.

James Patterson’s Private series in order

We recommend you read the Private book series in order of publication. The books were published in chronological order, therefore, it’s the best way to know Jack Morgan and his impressive agency located in Los Angeles. This series is composed of 16 volumes, and here you have them all, you can get any of the novels in the series by clicking either on their cover or on the check it out button:

In fact, there is this awesome Private book set that collects the first 6 volumes in the series. A great way to start reading these books, and also perfect if you want to gift it to someone who loves Jammes Pattersons’ books.

Now that we told you the best order for the Private book series don’t miss these novels

Once you start reading the Private books you will be entertained for quite a while. But the day on which you finish the 16th volume in the series will arrive, and what then? panic and fear? not at all, because here you have 3 great book suggestions that you will really enjoy:

The first of our recommendations is actually one of the most notorious works by James Patterson, here you have the Alex Cross books in order, a series about a detective and former FBI agent. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy detective stories.

In fact, James Patterson has written so many novels that his own work is enough to make a great list of books that are similar to the Private book series. You’ll definitely be thrilled reading NY Police Red and the Michael Benett series.

What are these books about?

james patterson private series in order

Former Marine pilot Jack Morgan has opened a business: the most technological and resourceful investigation firm ever. This agency has the reputation of having the most prepared and smartest agents in the world, this is why their results are unparalleled, and it’s also why it has such a select clientele. If someone in the elite needs a case to be solved, the Private agency’s phone will start ringing.

From murders to scandals, there is nothing that this incredibly prepared staff of this agency based on LA can’t solve.

It is important for you to know that not all the books are starred by Jack Morgan, the Private agency has different divisions all around the world, and we will get to know some of their best investigators in the firm. This is the case of Private London, in which we get to know Dan Carter, head of the UK division.

One of the most delightful aspects of this series is the relationship of Jack Morgan and Del Rio, a great connection between the two men that run the firm.

A list with the Private series in order of publication

Here goes a list with James Patterson’s Private series in order, you can use this list for a quick check to make sure you are reading the next book in the series:

Private series in order

Private – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro


  • Vision

Reading order:

  • Private (Private book 1)
  • #1 Suspect (Private book 2)
  • Private Games (Private book 3)
  • Private London (Private book 4)
  • Private Berlin (Private book 5)
  • Private Down Under (Private book 6)
  • Private L.A. (Private book 7)
  • Private India (Private book 8)
  • Private Vegas (Private book 9)
  • Private Missing (Private book 10)
  • Private Paris (Private book 11)
  • The Games (Private book 12)
  • Royals (Private book 13)
  • Gold (Private book 14)
  • Count to Ten (Private book 15)
  • Private Princess (Private book 16)

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James Patterson is an author that loves to write for different genres, from mystery, to books for kids, and teenagers. Here you have the Daniel X series in order, which is also written by this prolific author.

That would be all, just leave a comment telling us which of the Private divisions is your favorite, and also tell us the book in the series that you enjoyed the most!

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