spy school series in order

Spy School book order by Stuart Gibbs

It’s time for your kids to discover Ben Ripley, a for that here you will find The Spy School series in order. A hilarious story that children love that tells the story of a kid that wants to become a C.I.A agent, and funnily, he will… well, somehow.

We also have a great recommendation for you, a box set that collects all the Spy School books, how great is that? and if that was not enough, we will also tell you some similar series to these books by Stuart Gibbs.

Spy School series in order by Stuart Gibbs

Each of the books in the series narrates a standalone story, so there’s actually no need to read them in a specific order. However, it would be highly advisable that you read started with the first volume, so you get to know Ben Ripley and his dream of becoming a CIA Agent. Here you have the Spy School books in order of publication, you can get any of them just by clicking on their cover, or you can also read the reviews from people that have already enjoyed these books by clicking on the blue button.

In addition, you can take a look at this Spy School paperback book set that collects the first 7 books in the series. It already has 200 ratings, having 4.9 out of 5 stars, so yes, it is indeed a great purchase!

Now that we told you the order of The Spy School series don’t miss these recommendations

We don’t have the slightest doubt that you will enjoy the Spy School series, which means that once you and your kids have finished it you’ll be willing to read something similar. We have 3 great book recommendations for you, here they are:

Base Alpha is another book series written by Stuart Gibbs, it has the same hilarious tone as the Spy School series, so you will surely enjoy it a lot.

On the other side, here goes this post in which you will find the order of The Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series, a hilarious tale that happens to be based on one of the most popular videogame franchises ever. If your kids love to play this videogame then getting the books is a great way to introduce them to the wonderful world of reading.

What is this series about?

spy school book order

This series tells the story of Ben Ripley, a mid-schooler who has already decided what to be when he’s a grown-up: a CIA Agent. But why wait until he gets older? dreams can become true at an early age, and this happens when Ben gets recruited (by mistake, but not that he cares) to join the junior C.I.A. academy.

A great combination of espionage and hilarious scenarios that will surely make your children have a good laugh. This is a must-read if you enjoy the Artemis Fowl series, since it has a similar tone.

A list with the Spy School book series in order

These books are published by Simon + Schuster Inc, and each of the volumes is around 290 pages long. Here you have a list with the Spy School series in order by Stuart Gibbs:

Spy School books

Spy School book order

Spy School – Stuart Gibbs


  • Simon + Schuster Inc

Reading order:

  • Spy School
  • Spy Camp
  • Evil Spy School
  • Spy Ski School
  • Spy School Secret Service
  • Spy School Goes South
  • Spy School British Invasion
  • Spy School Revolution
  • Spy School at Sea

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The recommended reading age for the Spy School books is from 8 to 12 years old, but older teenagers will also have a great time reading this series.

Have you read any of the books in this series? if so, leave a comment and tell us if you, and your kids, enjoyed these books. Also, tell us similar books to these so other people can discover new series and add them to their tbr lists!

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