fever series order

Karen moning’s Fever series in order

Hope you are ready for some paranormal mystery romance because here you will find the Fever series in order. It is time for you to know MacKayla Lane, a young girl whose life was pretty decent until her sister gets murdered, she’ll try to find the murderer, an investigation that will lead her to the shadow realm…

Sounds kinda mysterious and epic, doesn’t it? we’ll tell you the Fever series reading order, and not only that but we’ll recommend you some similar series as well.

Fever series reading order

The best order to read the Fever books is in order of publication. The story is narrated chronologically, therefore it is really easy to follow. We collected all the books so you can get them as well:

You will really enjoy these books if you are into paranormal fiction, Karen Marie Moning’s story is a good mixture of mystery, fantasy, and humor. Actually, here goes a Fever book set that collects the first 6 books, in case you want to get them in paperback:

Now that know the proper reading order for the Fever books don’t miss these recommendations

The Fever series is quite long so you will be entertained for a while. However, the gloomy day in which you finish the story of MacKayla Lane will arrive someday, and there is no better way to recover from such a tragedy than having some similar books on your to be read list, so here you have 3 similar series:

Our first recommendation is the first volume of the Highlander series, a tale that not only is written by Karen Marie Moning but also takes place in the same universe, so don’t miss that one.

Speaking of books that take place in the shadow realm or quite atypical places, here you have the Dark Tower graphic novels in order in case you’d like to enjoy one of the best works by Stephen King in comic book format.

What is this series about?

fever series reading order

As we said at the beginning of this post, the story centers on young MacKayla Lane, her sister was murdered and she is decided to find the one behind that terrible crime. Her only clue to start her investigation will be a cryptic message that she will receive on her phone, for which she will decide to travel to Ireland so to find some answers.

Mackayla will discover that she is gifted with some kind of magical power, one that allows her to see a world that lives hiding in ours, the shadow realm, a mysterious dark place in which the fae live… everything seems to tell her that this place is related to the death of her sister, but how?

People usually wonder if vampires play a significant role in the series, the answer is no. There is only a minor character that is just thought to be a vampire, the main fictional creatures that you will find in this series are the fae, which is depicted in the Fever series as ruthless cruel beings.

A list with the Fever series in order

While it is true that we already showed you the best reading order for the Fever books at the beginning of the post we thought it would be a great addition to our guide to show you a list collecting the titles of all the novels in the series.

fever book order

Fever series book order

Fever – Karen Marie Monig


  • Delacorte Press

Reading order:

  • Darkfever (Fever book 1)
  • Bloodfever (Fever book 2)
  • Faefever (Fever book 3)
  • Dreamfever (Fever book 4)
  • Shadowfever (Fever book 5)
  • Iced (Fever book 6)
  • Burned (Fever book 7)
  • Feverborn (Fever book 8)
  • Feversong (Fever book 9)
  • High Voltage (Fever book 10)
  • Kingdom of Shadow and Light (Fever book 11)

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You may have noticed that the first five volumes in the Fever series have that word in the title, this sequence is not continued in the sixth volume, which feels kinda odd, why not have them all include that word after all don’t you think? an author is always free to title her books the way she wants, of course, that’s out of the question, it’s just that it feels appropriate that all the books in this series had the word fever on their title. What do you think about this?

Hope you enjoyed this post, here you have the Kate Daniels reading order, in case you want to read more paranormal fantasy.

Have you read any of the books in the Fever series? if so, leave a comment and tell us what you liked the most about them! the characters? the setting? or the plot itself? tell us!

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  • 5 stars
    It’s been so long since I read series. I have 1 through 11 but I believe I quit reading because Baron seem to be out, like he wasn’t a character in books anymore. Does he ever come back? I’m going to reread them. Maybe I missed something.

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