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Some book seriess are really long and it gets difficult to know which is the proper order to read them. Sometimes there are prequels, other times the publishing dates makes are not in chronological order…  all this makes us confused, wondering what is the best order to read certain saga. As a result, we may even give up trying to start reading new series. It’s time to stop that, if you want to know the proper reading order just check here!

This category is pretty simple and straight forward.  If you want to know the best order to read a certain saga just stay tuned.

timmy failure books in order

Timmy Failure book series in order

You asked for it and here it is, a list with the Timmy Failure books in order. This series is created by American cartoonist Stephan Thomas Pastis tells the story of a kid called Timmy, who runs his own detective agency together with his friend Total, a polar bear. And it gets even crazier than that.

This bestselling series had a movie adaptation on the Disney Plus streaming platform, and kids seemed to enjoy it, so there may be a sequel! which means you should read all books in the Timmy Failure series before you watch them!

Timmy Failure books in order by Stephan Pastis

This series is composed of 8 books, many people believe they are just seven, because they forget about its prequel, from Zero to Hero, which we recommend you read after the original series. In summary, you should read the Timmy Failure books in order of publication, which is like this:

There is this box set, which collects the 7 volumes in the series, in case you want to get the complete collection:

Now that we revealed the order of the Timmy Failure books don’t miss these series

We love that your kids have a great time reading, so we decided to make a list with some titles that fans of the Timmy Failure series would enjoy. Here are our 3 choices:

There are so many great series that will make your children roll on the floor laughing, but since we wanted to keep the story short our first choice was no other than the Tom Gates series. This boy is hilarious, and he’s a master at making excuses.

If you want something slightly different then the Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja books is for you, this is the story of Chase Cooper, a boy who becomes a ninja.

And let’s not forget about the I Funny book series by James Patterson, the main character of these books wants to become a comedian, so yes, it will make you all laugh.

What is this series about?

timmy failure series in order

The Timmy Failure books take place on a fictional Earth in which imaginary friends coexist with humans. The main character in this series is Timmy, a boy who has his own detective agency, he will solve mysteries together with his companion Total, who is a polar bear.

As said before, the first volume in this series had a movie adaptation, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made (the same title as the book it’s based on), and it had a great reception by fans.

Also, the Wall Street Journal says this about this series:

“An endearingly pathetic antihero with delusions of greatness. . . . Seldom has failure been so likable — or so funny.” 

A list with all the Timmy Failure books in order

These books are addressed to children between 8 and 12 years old, they have a Lexile score of 520L and they happen to be quite long, each volume in the series being around 300 pages. Here’s a list with the Timmy Failure series in order:

Timmy Failure books in order

Timmy Failure – Stephan Pastis


  • Candlewick


  • Mistakes were made (Timmy Failure book 1)
  • Now Look What You’ve Done (Timmy Failure book 2)
  • We meet Again (Timmy Failure book 3)
  • Sanitized for Your Protection (Timmy Failure book 4)
  • The Book You’re Not Supposed to Have (Timmy Failure book 5)
  • The Cat Stole My Pants (Timmy Failure book 6)
  • It’s the End When I Say It’s the End (Timmy Failure book 7)
  • From Zero to Hero (Timmy Failure book prequel)

The series is concluded according to the author, but the last volume in the series is It’s the End When I Say It’s the End, which means that maybe if author Stephan Thomas Pastis feels like publishing more books in the series then it will happen. Something not so hard to believe since the movie adaptation of the first volume in the series had such a good reception.

Have you started reading the Timmy Failure books? then tell us if which one is your favorite!

emily windsnap books in order

Emily Windsnap series in order

Don’t you love mermaids? we do! and that’s why we got a list with the Emily Windsnap books in order! this illustrated story, written by author Liz Kessler tells us about a fun, adorable, and adventurous mermaid. A great way to know more about the ocean!

We have lots to tell you about this series, because we have found the perfect boxed set that collects all the novels! and if that was not enough we got a shortlist of books that we think fans of the Emily Windsnap series will really enjoy.

All the Emily Windsnap books in order by Liz Kessler

Here you have the Emily Windsnap series in order of publication, which is the best way to read this story by the way. As may already know, you can get any of these books by Liz Kessler by clicking on their cover:

If you want to get the complete collection then there’s this awesome box set that contains all the 9 volumes of the Emily Windsnap series:

The covers of these books are gorgeous, don’t you think? they make the sea come to life, you can almost smell the salty water and feel the breeze on your face!

Not that we told you the order of the Emily Windsnap books don’t miss these series!

Once you start reading the Emily Windsnap series you won’t be able to stop until you have finished it, and then you will be craving for your next read. So here’s our 3 suggestions:

We thought that choosing the books that were about mermaids would be the easy choice. So we decided to make it a bit more diverse instead by just including one book about mermaids. That is why we included the Never Girls book series on our list, a story about a group of girls that travel to the home of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell!

In addition, here is our list with the Princess in Black series in order, a story about a princess that fights monsters when they attack their kingdom, doesn’t that sound amazing?

What is this series about?

This is the story of Emily Windsnap, a shy 12-year-old girl who lives on a houseboat with her mother. She will have quite a regular life until she finds out something during her first swimming lesson: her feet have turned into a fishtail, she’s a mermaid! or, at least, half mermaid, since she gets her legs back once she gets out of the water.

Emily wants to know more about the ocean and her connection with it, so she will embark on a journey underwater to find some answers.

But she won’t do this alone, because she will meet some new friends. Special mention to Shona, who will guide Emily on this new world.

A list with all the Emily Windsnap books in order

There is a total of 9 volumes, and it is seemingly concluded. However, since book 9 is about time travel this opens the story to many new alternatives so it is likely that there may be more books about Emily’s adventures in the future. Anyway, here’s a list with the Emily Windsnap series in order:

Emily Windsnap books in order

Emily Windsnap – Liz Kessler


  • Orion Children's


  • The Tail of Emily Windsnap
  • Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep
  • Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist
  • Emily Windsnap and the Siren’s Secret
  • Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun
  • Emily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls
  • Emily Windsnap and the Falls of Forgotten Island
  • Emily Windsnap and the Pirate Prince
  • Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time

These books are addressed to children between 8 and 11 years old.

Speaking of mermaids, don’t miss this post in which we reveal why there’s not an Aquamarine 2 movie, discover why this popular film never had a sequel!

Which of the Emily Windsnap books is your favorite? leave a comment and tell us which one you love the most!

princess in black series order

Princess in Black books in order

It’s time to get back to the palace! because we have a list with The Princess Black series in order, a story about Magnolia, who is a princess by day but a sort of cute vigilante by night, or rather, when the monster alarm sounds!

She’s not Batman, but her enemies fear facing her. Because when the Princess in Black shows up the monster party is over, and it’s time for regret and begging for mercy instead.

The Princess in Black series in order by Shanon Hale

These books are written by Shannon Hale and her husband Dean Hale, and its illustrated by LeUyen Pham. We recommend you read the Princess Black books in order of publication, here you have all the 9 volumes shown following that recommendation:

Oh, and there’s also this boxed set that contains the first 3 volumes in the series, in case you want to check it out as well:

Don’t you think this princess is adorable? but she is also brave and fights on her own!

Now that you know the order of the Princess in Black series, don’t miss these books

We make a shortlist of series that fans of the Princes of Black books would enjoy, so here are our 3 recommendations:

You may already know some of this series because some have already been mentioned on this blog. That is the case for the Ivy and Bean books, for example, a story that talks about two girls who hate each other but end up becoming great friends.

The Kitty series may also be a great choice for you, because it tells of a girl who has superhero powers and wants to become as great as her mom.

What is this series about?

This is the story of Magnolia, she seems a cute princess like any other, but when her glitter-stone ring starts going sounds like bring it’s a signal that there’s a monster around causing some trouble. So it’s time for her to dress in black, and turn her scepter into a staff.

Her castle is quite close to the ceiling of Monster Land, that’s why she has had to learn all her ninja and monster-fighting moves so she can deal with their continuous invasion attempts.

Before you start reading the Princess in Black books it might be worth mentioning that some readers get offended when they discover that the name of princess Magnolia’s steed is Blacky. We tell you this in advance so you can decide if this bothers you or not.

A list of The Princess in Black series in order

This series is not concluded, which is great because that means that there will be more releases in the future! we will collect them all in this list with the Black Princess books in order of publication:

The Princess in Black series in order

The Princess in Black – Shanon & Dean Hale


  • Candlewick Press


  • The Princess in Black (The Princess in Black book 1)
  • The Perfect Princess Party (The Princess in Black book 2)
  • The Hungry Bunny Horde (The Princess in Black book 3)
  • Takes a Vacation (The Princess in Black book 4)
  • The Mysterious Playdate (The Princess in Black book 5)
  • The Science Fair Scare (The Princess in Black book 6)
  • The Bathtime Battle (The Princess in Black book 7)
  • The Giant Problem (The Princess in Black book 8)
  • The Mermaid Princess (The Princess in Black book 9)

These books are quite short, each of the volumes being slightly less than 100 pages long- The recommended reading age for this series is between 5 to 8 years old.

Also, if you like animals then we believe you’ll really enjoy the Guardians of the Ga’hoole series, the main characters are owls! how cool is that?

What is your favorite book in the Princess in Black series? leave a comment telling us which of all the volumes you like the most!

tom gates books in order

What order do the Tom Gates books go in?

It’s time for your kids to start this hilarious series! we have a list with all the Tom Gates books in order, a story of a middle school boy with the same name that tells us in his diary-style comic novel all the mishaps of his school life.

You will find lots of useful info on this post. Because we are also going to recommend to you some similar books to this series, and we also have picked the best box set to start reading Tom Gates!

Tom Gates books in order by Liz Pichon

There are lots of volumes in this series, 19 so far, and we recommend you read the Tom Gates books in order of publication. However, they can be read as a standalone as well. Here you have them all, if you want to get any of them it’s as easy as clicking on their cover. Notice how many reviews these books have!

If you want to start this series by Liz Pichon then this Tom Gates box set is great for initiation. It collects its first 3 volumes and looks this cool:

The book covers of this series are tremendously chaotical! these are great anticipation of what you will find when you start reading this story, Tom is a great comedian and a master of excuses, and your kids will love him.

Now that we told you the order of the Tom Gates books don’t miss these series

We love that your kids enjoy reading, that is why we have 3 great suggestions that will make them keep turning pages like crazy:

Fans of the Tom Gates books will also enjoy Jeff Kinney’s bestselling story, the humor in both series is similar, so we are confident your kids will enjoy this one as well. Here goes a list with all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in order so you know where to start.

There are lots of stories that you will enjoy, however, since we have to choose, here goes this post in which you will find the Big Nate series in order.

And last but not least, we decided to go for a more risky suggestion, the Mercy Watson books. True, this is not a tale about a kid going to mid-school and getting in trouble, but this pig is hilarious and her adventures are incredibly funny.

What is this series about?

This is the story of Tom, a middle schooler who gets in lots of trouble. But in the end, he always comes out just fine, because he has mastered the art of making excuses.

This is a hilarious illustrated story that kids love, they will get captivated by Tom’s fun personality and they won’t be able to stop reading.

A list with all the Tom Gates books in order

This is a list with all the Tom Gates books in order of publication, which is how we recommend you read this series. It is updated, and we will include any new release as soon as it gets published.

Tom Gates books in order

Tom Gates – Liz Pichon


  • Candlewick


  • The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
  • Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses
  • Tom Gates: Everything’s Amazing
  • Tom Gates: Genius Ideas
  • Tom Gates Is Absolutely Fantastic
  • Tom Gates: Best Book Day Ever!
  • Tom Gates: Extra Special Treats
  • Tom Gates: A Tiny Bit Lucky
  • Tom Gates: Yes! No
  • Tom Gates: Top of the Class
  • Tom Gates: Super Good Skills
  • Tom Gates: DogZombies Rule
  • Tom Gates: Family, Friends and Furry Creatures
  • Tom Gates: Epic Adventure
  • Tom Gates: Totally Brilliant Annual
  • Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans
  • Tom Gates: What Monster?
  • Tom Gates: Mega Make and Do
  • Tom Gates: Spectacular School Trip
  • Tom Gates: Ten Tremendous Tales
  • Tom Gates: Random Acts Of Fun

These books are addressed to children between 8 and 12 years old, it has a Lexile Measure of 650L.

Have you started reading any of the Tom Gates books? leave a comment telling us if you find them funny or not!

the folk of the air series in order

The Folk of the Air book series in order

It’s was time we talked about this New York Times bestseller, we finally have a list with The Folk of the Air series in order. This story by Holly Black has become one of the most popular among ya fantasy romance fans, and we are confident that Jude’s story will enthrall you as soon as you start reading The Cruel Prince.

Here we’ll tell you a bit about this story, and we are also going to recommend to you the best The Folk of the Air box set that you will ever find, a great deal if you want to get the original trilogy.

The Folk of the Air series in order by Holly Black

This series by Holly Black is composed of 5 novels, we recommend you read The Folk of The Air books in order of publication instead of chronologically. Why? because the prequel, The King of Elfhame, will be more captivating to you if you have read the original series first. Here you have all the novels following that recommendation:

If you want to get the original trilogy then this The Folk of the Air box set is what you need. It is available in paperback (the one shown in the picture), hardcover, and Kindle.

In addition, the sequel, The Lost Sisters, happens to be an e-novella, which means that it’s only available for Kindle. But this does not mean that you can’t read if you don’t have this device, because you can download a Kindle reader on your computer or your smartphone (the app is free at both Android and Apple’s stores).

Now that you know the order for the Folk of the Air series don’t miss these books

As said before, once you start reading The Cruel Prince you won’t be able to stop, Jude’s tale is so captivating that it will make you devour all the books of the Folk of the Air series in no time. And then what? then you can read these novels:

If you end up loving the faerie world created by Holly Black you can actually revisit it by reading The Darkest Part of the Forest, a standalone story that is not related to The Fok of Air books but happens to take place in a faerie kingdom.

Do you enjoy books with romance and strong bonding between sisters? then take a look at this post with the Caraval series in order, because Grace’s quest to save her sister will fascinate you.

What are these books about?

This ya romance series tells the story of Jude, a human girl that lives in the High Court of Faerie, a place ruled by evil creatures. She was brought there when she was just a kid, together with her two sisters.

She wants to be acknowledged, despite being a human, which the fey despite, despite being mortal in opposition to these creatures’ immortality. And yet Jude will try to win a place at the Court, and for that, she must defy Prince Cardan, a fey considered evil even for the standards of his kin…

A list with The Folk of the Air series in chronological order

Here goes the list with The Folk of the Air books in chronological order, in case you want to read this way. While we highly encourage you to read the books the way we suggested at the beginning of this post here goes an alternative:

The Folk of the Air series order

The Folk of the Air – Holly Black


  • Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


  • The King of Elfhame (The Folk of the Air prequel)
  • The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air book 1)
  • The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air book 2)
  • The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air book 3)
  • The Lost Sisters (The Folk of the Air sequel e-novella)

These novels are recommended to readers older than 13 years old.

We hope you really enjoy this series, if you enjoy fantasy stories then you should also read the An Ember in the Ashes series, considered one of the best publications of the decade.

Have you started reading The Folk of the Air series? will you read them in publication order? leave a comment if you have started reading this faerie story by Holly Black!

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