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How many volumes of Tokyo Revengers are there?

Jump right into the world of Tokyo Revengers manga volumes with us! This adrenaline-pumping series has captured the hearts of manga enthusiasts worldwide with its compelling storyline and unique character designs. A captivating blend of suspense, action, and time travel, this manga has a bit of everything for everyone.

You must be thinking, how many Tokyo Revengers volumes are there To your delight, we’re about to reveal this and much more about this mind-bending series.

All Tokyo Revengers manga volumes in order:

This Tokyo Revengers omnibus set is a great choice for anyone looking to dive into this exciting series:

A standout feature of our collection is the omnibus version, which combines two volumes in each book. This compact format not only saves space on your bookshelf but also offers improved page quality and a slew of exciting extras.

Diving into the English version of the Tokyo Revengers manga, published by Kodansha USA, you’ll be struck by the crisp translation and high-definition artwork. The translation does an admirable job of maintaining the spirit and tone of the original, ensuring an authentic reading experience. Something interesting about Tokyo Revengers is that it started as a digital-only series before gaining enough popularity to warrant a physical release!

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Your bedroom can be a dangerous place, so it would be better that some brave gang members to protect your Tokyo Revengers volumes, here’s three great candidates:

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What is this series about?

How many Tokyo Revengers manga volumes are there
How many Tokyo Revengers manga volumes are there

Tokyo Revengers manga is a heart-racing tale of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young man given a second chance to rewrite a tragic past. This captivating narrative falls under the genres of action, shounen, and science fiction. With Tokyo Revengers volumes, be prepared to ride along with Takemichi as he navigates the dangers of the Tokyo underworld to save the people he cares about the most.

Despite being a relatively recent series, Tokyo Revengers has made significant waves in the manga industry. It has not only gathered a loyal fanbase but has also made a considerable impact on manga sales charts. The popularity of Tokyo Revengers has led to its adaptation into a 24-episode anime series and a live-action film, further extending its reach and impact.

Tokyo Revengers has seen its share of controversy, primarily related to its depiction of violence and the prominent use of delinquent gangs in its storyline. The series revolves around the theme of youth gangs and street violence, and some readers and viewers have raised concerns about the potential glorification of such behaviors, particularly for younger audiences.

One significant controversy arose in relation to the symbol used by the Tokyo Manji Gang, one of the central groups in the series. The emblem closely resembled a Buddhist swastika, a symbol often misunderstood due to its misuse by the Nazi party. This led to the anime being censored in some countries and regions. The author and publisher responded to the controversy, explaining that the symbol was inspired by ancient cultural icons and did not intend to propagate or support any form of hate speech or racism.

How many Tokyo Revengers manga volumes are there in Japan? Is it concluded?

Tokyo revengers volumes
Tokyo revengers volumes

The Japanese version of Tokyo Revengers has already seen 37 volumes published and it’s not concluded yet, keeping fans on the edge of their seats for what’s to come.

In contrast, the English version is a bit delayed with a gap of about 5 volumes. Nonetheless, the English adaptation holds up brilliantly against the original, preserving the essence and charm that makes Tokyo Revengers so special.

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If you have any questions regarding Tokyo Revengers manga volumes or any other aspects of the series, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you dive deeper into this exhilarating world of time-travel and gang wars!

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