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How many One Punch Man manga volumes are there?

Ready to step into the powerful world of One Punch Man manga volumes? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The epic tale of Saitama and his nonchalant superhuman strength has captivated audiences worldwide, and now you can explore every volume of this thrilling manga series right here. Buckle up, because it’s time for a one-punch knockout of a journey!

Now you might be wondering: just how many One Punch Man volumes are there? The answer is just a few lines away. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the volumes currently available, so whether you’re a new reader or a seasoned veteran looking to fill out your collection, stay tuned. We’re about to reveal the number of volumes waiting to be discovered in the exciting universe of One Punch Man.

All One Punch manga volumes in order:

If you’re keen on amassing the entire One Punch Man saga, you’ll be thrilled to know there are two fantastic sets available. The first set compiles the first 20 volumes, giving you a massive chunk of Saitama’s adventures. For those who have started their collection but want to catch up, there’s a second set available too. This one rounds up the following 10 volumes, meaning that no matter where you are in the story, there’s a set just right for you.

As an alternative, you can start collecting the One Punch Man volumes at your own pace, here you have them all:

When it comes to the English version of the manga, it’s all about quality and faithfulness to the original. Published by Viz Media, these volumes boast high-quality paper and crisp, clear print. The translation is spot-on, accurately capturing the unique humor and spirit of the original text.

With beautifully rendered art, including colored pages that bring the dynamic battles to life, the English version of One Punch Man offers an immersive reading experience. Just as with the original, the pages are filled with Saitama’s epic, over-the-top battles and the unique mix of comedy and action that has made One Punch Man a hit worldwide.

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Who better than these 3 unbeatable heroes to defend your beloved One Punch Man volumes?:

Much like the rapid-fire action seen in One Punch Man, there’s another series that packs a powerful punch, it’s the Black Clover manga. If you’ve been absorbed by the high-energy battles in One Punch Man, you might also find yourself captivated by the magical warfare found throughout the Black Clover manga volumes. With the relentless pursuit of their dreams and overcoming challenges, the protagonists in both series share a similar undying spirit.

On another note, fans of One Punch Man might be interested to know that it shares a common root with a popular romantic comedy series – Horimiya. Both these series originated as webcomics before making the leap to printed manga, and eventually, to successful anime adaptations. So, if you appreciate the ground-up growth of One Punch Man and want to explore a different genre with a similar history, consider picking up the Horimiya manga. The shared lineage of these two series is a testament to the diverse styles and stories that can flourish in the world of webcomics.

What is this series about?

How many One Punch volumes are tehre
How many One Punch volumes are there

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of One Punch Man manga, where the humorously powerful protagonist, Saitama, can obliterate even the toughest foes with a single punch. Designed as a satirical take on superhero narratives, this series belongs to the action, comedy, and superhero genres. It’s packed with wild battles, eccentric villains, and unforgettable humor. Despite its action-heavy content, it maintains a lighter tone, making it suitable for a wide range of audiences, from teenagers to adults. The manga began as a webcomic created by ONE, an independent artist who self-published the story online.

The One Punch Man volumes have seen a massive global impact since their release. They’ve not only generated substantial sales in Japan but have also gained a dedicated fan base worldwide.

The popularity of the manga has resulted in the production of various merchandise, video games, and even a successful animated series. The series’ unique blend of comedy and action, paired with its parody of conventional superhero tropes, has won hearts and kept fans eagerly waiting for the release of each new volume.


As for the adaptation, One Punch Man truly punched above its weight. The anime adaptation by Madhouse and later J.C.Staff garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike, propelling the series to greater heights. Its stellar animation quality, faithful adaptation, and impactful music have enriched the overall narrative of One Punch Man, making the viewing experience as thrilling as flipping through the manga pages.

Both the manga and anime offer a unique blend of humor, action, and drama that will keep you entertained till the very end.

How many One Punch Man volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it concluded?

One Punch Man volumes
One Punch Man volumes

Over in Japan, the land of its origin, the One Punch Man manga is still ongoing, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with each new release. As of now, there are 28 volumes in the Japanese version, with no definitive end in sight. ONE continues to weave the captivating story of Saitama and his unconventional superhero journey under the wings of the renowned Shueisha publishing company, specifically in their Young Jump Web Comics.

Switching gears to the English version, it’s released by VIZ Media, the largest distributor of anime and manga in North America. The English adaptation has been mostly on par with the Japanese version, albeit typically lagging by a couple of volumes. This slight delay is quite standard in manga translation and distribution to ensure the highest quality and faithfulness to the original work. The English translation has been praised for its accuracy and ability to maintain the humor and essence of the original script.

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If you have any questions or need further information regarding the One Punch Man manga volumes, feel free to ask! Whether you’re curious about the backstory of your favorite character, want to delve deeper into the world-building, or simply want to know where to start reading, we’re here to assist you. Dive headfirst into the thrilling world of Saitama and experience a unique spin on the superhero genre!

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