How many Kaiju no 8 manga volumes are there

Absolutely! Let’s dive into the world of monsters and mayhem with the Kaiju No. 8 manga volumes. This thrilling series was penned by the talented Naoya Matsumoto and has taken the manga community by storm. Its unique plot and compelling characters make it a must-read for any manga enthusiast. 📚🐲😄

Ever asked yourself, how many Kaiju No. 8 volumes are there? Well, you’re about to get your answer! Join us as we explore this exciting series, its volumes, and everything else you need to know about it. 🕵️‍♂️🔍📘

All Kaiju No. 8 Manga Volumes in Order

For the avid manga reader, there is a fantastic set available that brings together the first 6 volumes of Kaiju No. 8. This compilation provides a convenient way to immerse yourself in Kafka’s struggle against Kaijus and his personal journey as a unique creature himself. With all these volumes bundled together, it’s an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to jump into the series or for long-time fans wanting to revisit the heart-pounding beginning. 📘📦🐲

For your convenience, we have collected and listed the volumes below, presenting them in their publication order. Enjoy:

The English version of Kaiju No. 8, published by VIZ Media, retains all the high-quality artwork and engaging storytelling found in the original Japanese release. The translations are well executed, ensuring you get every detail of the plot and character development. As for the drawing style, Matsumoto’s talent shines through with beautifully detailed Kaijus and intense battle scenes. ✏️🖼️🔥

For a fun fact, did you know that Matsumoto previously worked on a one-shot manga called Futoku no Guild? His ability to weave engaging narratives certainly shines through in Kaiju No. 8 as well. As for similarities to other series, fans of Attack on Titan will find the giant monster theme familiar, but Kaiju No. 8 puts its own unique twist on the genre. 📖🤓

Now that you know how many Kaiju No. 8 volumes are there, don’t miss this:

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In a similar vein to Kaiju No. 8, Record of Ragnarok delivers an intense and gripping series that pits gods against humans in a battle for survival. This intense storyline, characterized by its action-packed battles, has resonated with readers, akin to the monstrous conflicts in Kaiju No. 8. If you’ve enjoyed the heart-pounding excitement of Kaiju No. 8, we strongly suggest checking out our detailed article on how many volumes of Record of Ragnarok are there.

What is this Manga series about?

Kaiju No. 8 is an action-packed manga series that follows the life of Kafka Hibino, a man with a dream of fighting Kaijus – gigantic monsters that terrorize humanity. Although he works in the Kaiju clean-up department, his burning desire to join the Defense Force never wavers. Suddenly, Kafka’s life takes an unexpected turn when he transforms into a Kaiju, pushing his life into a whirlwind of chaos. 👊👾💥

With only 9 volumes out, Kaiju No. 8 has already made quite an impact. The series hit a massive milestone by becoming the fastest manga on Shonen Jump+ to reach 30 million views. This speaks volumes (pun intended!) about its popularity and the captivating nature of its plotline. 🎉

As for adaptations, while there isn’t a movie or video game adaptation yet, given the manga’s popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an anime adaptation in the future. Keep your fingers crossed! 🤞🎥🎮

How Many Kaiju No. 8 Manga Volumes are There in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

In its original Japanese version, Kaiju No. 8 has a total of 9 volumes and counting. The series, which began its publication in 2020, is serialized in Shueisha’s online platform, Shonen Jump+. The story is still ongoing, with fans eagerly anticipating each new volume. 📚🇯🇵🔜

As for the English version, it’s slightly behind with only 6 volumes out, but VIZ Media is working diligently to get the remaining volumes translated. However, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything as the story remains true to the original. 🌐📚🚀

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Whether you’re a new reader or looking to get the latest Kaiju No. 8 manga volumes, this guide has got you covered. Happy reading! 🎊📚📖

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