How many Call of the Night manga volumes are there

Dive into the mysterious nocturnal world with the Call of the Night manga volumes! This captivating series, penned by the talented Kotoyama, draws you into an enchanting realm where the unusual is the new normal. The beguiling narrative and compelling characters offer an immersive experience that’s bound to keep you hooked. Buckle up, folks, as we take you through an enthralling journey that’s as mystifying as the call of the night itself! 🦇🌟

Ever wondered, ust how many Call of the Night volumes are there? Well, you’re about to find out! Prepare to embark on a nocturnal adventure through the enchanting manga series that has captivated countless readers worldwide. 🌍💫

All Call of the Night manga volumes in order

Get ready to journey through the enigmatic world of Kotoyama’s captivating series with this not-to-be-missed collection, encompassing the first six volumes of Call of the Night. This compilation offers you a ticket to traverse the tantalizing nocturnal landscape where ordinary meets extraordinary, where humans cross paths with vampires, and where an insomniac boy discovers a world beyond his wildest imagination. The first six volumes serve as the foundation of this enthralling saga, making it an absolute must-have for any manga enthusiast. 🌃🌌📘

In the spirit of providing a comprehensive reading experience, we’ve assembled the Call of the Night volumes in their original publication order. So gear up, dear reader, as we guide you through the mesmerizing labyrinth of this supernatural romance! 📚🌟

The English version of Call of the Night, published by Viz Media, presents a unique blend of exceptional translation and artistic mastery. The series stands out for its atmospheric artwork, drawing readers into its mesmerizing world of supernatural phenomena and unexpected romance. 🌙🖌️ As a short aside, did you know that Kotoyama, the author, also created the delightful Dagashi Kashi series? This artist sure knows how to weave intriguing tales that keep us yearning for more! 🙌🎨

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Unearth a treasure trove of captivating narratives! 📚🌟 For fans who have basked in the beguiling charm of Call of the Night volumes, we’ve got three more manga gems that’ll keep your adventurous spirit ignited:

There’s a world full of fascinating characters and captivating storylines waiting to be explored! If you’ve enjoyed the thrilling yet charming tale of Call of the Night, there’s a good chance you’ll find equal delight in Nanashi’s rom-com masterpiece. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions with the Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro volumes. Its charming blend of comedy, romance, and slice-of-life elements is sure to draw you in just like Call of the Night! 🎭💌💥

On a similar note, if romantic comedies with a unique twist intrigue you, then it’s high time you check out Akasaka Aka’s standout series. Take a peek at how many volumes of Love is War are there and dive into the tumultuous world of student council battles, love strategies, and emotional chess games. Both Love is War and Call of the Night share an unparalleled knack for creating tension and humor, making them irresistible reads for any manga lover! 🎓💖

What is this manga series about?

Call of the Night is a supernatural romance manga that plays out under the enigmatic cover of darkness. The narrative revolves around Ko, an insomniac boy, whose monotonous life takes a drastic turn when he meets the beautiful vampire, Nazuna. As their peculiar bond deepens, Ko finds himself torn between his human existence and an immortal life of the night. Despite its supernatural elements, the series also brilliantly explores themes of loneliness, acceptance, and the yearning for connection.

On the commercial front, Call of the Night volumes have enjoyed a warm reception from fans, contributing to robust sales figures. The series has also gained critical acclaim for its innovative narrative and character development.

Although Call of the Night has not been adapted into an anime or a videogame as of now, the compelling narrative and engaging character dynamics make it a potentially fantastic candidate for adaptations in these mediums in the future!

How many volumes of Call of the Night are there?

The Japanese version of Call of the Night has a rich collection of 15 volumes to its name. Published by Shogakukan, one of the largest publishers in Japan, it has been enthralling fans since its inception in 2019. Belonging to the ‘shōnen’ genre, this manga caters to a vast range of readers who seek elements of action, adventure, and comedy. As of now, the series has not concluded and continues to keep its readers on their toes. 📚🌃✨

The English adaptation, while just as captivating, is slightly delayed, trailing behind by 3 volumes. That said, the essence and allure of the original narrative have been preserved immaculately in the English version, so rest assured, you won’t miss out on the intriguing plotline! Despite the gap, avid readers find it worth the wait as each release brings forth an exciting extension of the storyline. 🌎📘🌛

If you have any further queries about the Call of the Night manga volumes, feel free to drop them below. We’re here to help you delve deeper into this enigmatic nocturnal world! 🌜

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