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Hello there Wottareaders! The Internet is a very powerful tool. For us, who love books and reading, it is a great way to find new books, to discover authors who otherwise we would never know about. Being able to buy books online is amazing, you can find that book you had been searching for so long and purchase it only with a single click. In this article, I will talk about the best online bookstores.

In these bookstores, you will find both ebooks for your eReader and printed books not only new but also second hand. Also, if you are looking for alternative ways of reading you might want to take a look at this article (click here),f you haven’t heard of Wattpad or Spritz you better take a look!

You will surely know some of these, I have not the slightest doubt you know the first one obviously. And also, before I list these online bookstores I must say that, of course, we shall never forget about our local bookstores! those wonderful places must exist forever.


This company started out as an online bookstore… and still is. In this website you can find books of all kinds, almost any book you look for will be there, history books, nonfiction, second hand and of course the best selling novels.

What else can be said about Amazon that is not already known?  Allow me to highlight three things.

Firstly, the ease of finding out-of-printed books, as many people choose to sell them second-hand when they are no longer marketed as new. Secondly, it has one of the widest offers on books in other languages (usually at very cheap prices). And finally, we can’t ignore the large number of self-published writers who have decided to sell their books only to Amazon – a world of books you can’t find anywhere else!

On Amazon you can buy cheap books, not only you can purchase second hand books but also there a lot of ebook bargains for your Kindle. Also, let’s not forget about Kindle Unlimited. This is a service that allows you to read as much as you can. More than 1 million ebooks at your disposals and also audiobooks. And this for only $9.99 a month…

Is Amazon the best online bookstore? well, one of the top ones for sure. But there are other alternatives for sure.

Barnes & Noble

This large North American bookstore specializes in all types of books, from kids to adult through textbooks. Although they specialize in books in English, you can also find some in Spanish and other languages. The offer is very wide and B&N is undoubtedly your best option if you are looking for something in English.

Barnes and Noble’s catalog is as wide as Amazon’s, here you Will find all those best selling books you are looking for. As you might know, Barnes and Noble has the largest  retail outlets in the United States, on which you can even get a coffee from Starbucks.

In addition, the whole service is very well taken care of, for example, shipping costs are free from $25. No wonder they continue to compete with Amazon!


It is the largest independent bookstore in the world and allows you to buy books at much more affordable prices, as it has second hand books (as well as new ones). This is one of the best choices if you are looking for half price books, no matter if they are the best selling novels. Finding the books is as simple as putting the name in their search engine, but you can also choose other editions by searching the ISBN. This bookstore is perfect if you’re looking for an edition that’s already out of print or if you just want to find bargain books.

In addition, it also allows you to sell online the books you no longer use. This way you can get extra money and give them a second life. If you want to buy cheap books Powell’s Books is the online bookstore you are looking for.


Finally, we’re going to something more specialized. Alibris is an online bookstore that actually serves to put third parties in contact, in this case, independent booksellers. Therefore, it is a perfect place to find rare books, special editions or out of print. I recommend that you take a virtual tour and examine everything calmly, you will find small hidden and unique bargains. Plus, they have really cheap books, discount coupons and up to a section at $0.99!


Have you already chosen which is your perfect online bookstore? Of course, if you want to read online for free, you have other useful websites as the ones I posted on the article Reading online websites so take a look!  Which is for you the best online bookstore? share with us!


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