How many Black Butler manga volumes are there?

prepare to be enchanted by our collection of Black Butler manga volumes. Brought to life by the talented Yana Toboso, this series (also known as Kuroshitsuji) blends gothic aesthetics, supernatural elements, and an unforgettable storyline that’s both chilling and charming.

Ever wondered how many Black Butler volumes there are? Curious to dive into the dark and opulent world of Black Butler? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re new to this series or a longstanding fan, you’re bound to find something to pique your interest. 🕵️‍♂️🏰🌙

All Black Butler manga volumes in order

We’ve got just the thing for you! Our set brings together the first 9 volumes of the enchanting Kuroshitsuji series, providing a solid foundation for your reading journey. Complete with Yana Toboso’s riveting storytelling and stunning artwork, this collection is sure to keep you hooked from beginning to end. So why wait? Start your Black Butler adventure today! 🎩📚🔮

Following are all the Black Butler volumes, meticulously collected in their publication order. Immerse yourself in the gripping narrative of this celebrated manga and explore the dark and opulent world at your own pace:

The English version of Black Butler is brought to you by the esteemed Yen Press. Famous for its intricate artwork, it expertly captures the manga’s unique blend of Victorian England and supernatural intrigue. As for the translation quality, Yen Press ensures that the wit, dark humor, and gripping suspense are all well-preserved. 😮🖌️🔎

Trivia time! Did you know that Toboso initially intended for the Kuroshitsuji series to be a shounen before the idea evolved into the shounen-ai we know today? Other works from the author, such as “Rust Blaster,” also hint at her affinity for dark, supernatural themes.

Now that you know how many Black Butler volumes are there don’t miss this:

These 3 amazing figures will prove great companions to your new Black Butler manga collection:

If you’ve found yourself entranced by the engrossing narrative and Victorian-era setting of Black Butler, you might be interested in another thrilling tale of intrigue and intellect, Moriarty the Patriot. Moriarty the Patriot is a unique take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic villain, placing him in the role of an antihero. The captivating mix of mystery and historical fiction in Moriarty the Patriot volumes is sure to entice any Black Butler fan.

Moreover, Black Butler isn’t the only hit manga published under the Square Enix banner. Another such title that you might enjoy is Toilet Bound Hanako Kun. Similar to Black Butler, TBHK also employs a unique blend of mystery and supernatural elements, underlined by a gripping narrative. Discover the story set within the walls of Kamome Academy, full of mystery and ghosts, in TBHK volumes. It promises to be a chilling and exciting experience!

What is this manga series about?

Black Butler manga tells the intriguing tale of Ciel Phantomhive, a young earl with a demon butler named Sebastian at his beck and call. It’s a deliciously dark blend of fantasy, mystery, and historical genres, making it suitable for older teen audiences who love a good thrill. Ciel, driven by revenge for the deaths of his parents, leverages Sebastian’s supernatural abilities for his cause.

Now, the impact of Black Butler volumes cannot be overstated. The series has made a significant mark on the manga industry with impressive sales records and a loyal fanbase. It’s even won several awards, further solidifying its status as a must-read series.

Beyond the manga, Black Butler has also been adapted into an anime series, with three seasons available to date. Moreover, there’s even a live-action film and a musical adaptation – proof of the series’ versatility and enduring popularity.

How many Black Butler manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

The Japanese version of Black Butler is quite extensive, boasting a total of 32 volumes. And guess what? It’s still ongoing! First serialized in 2006 in the Square Enix’s Monthly GFantasy magazine, the series has kept fans on their toes for years, eagerly awaiting each new volume.

Good news for English readers – all 32 volumes have been translated, allowing you to fully catch up with the thrilling narrative. So, whether you’re looking to start the series or pick up where you left off, you’re covered.

Have any more queries regarding the Black Butler manga volumes? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you navigate the bewitching world of Black Butler. 🌌👻🎭

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