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How many Dragon Ball Super volumes are there?

Welcome, Saiyans and humans alike, to the high-stakes universe of Dragon Ball Super manga volumes. This world of over-the-top battles, powerful transformations, and unforgettable characters has captured the hearts of manga and anime fans around the globe. Whether you’re a long-time follower of Goku’s journey or a newcomer just dipping your toes into the world of Ki blasts and Super Saiyans, there’s never a dull moment in this epic saga.

But you may be asking, just how many Dragon Ball Super volumes are there? Fear not, fellow fan, because we’ve got all the answers for you. From the explosive beginning of the series to the most recent releases, we’re here to guide you through the thrilling world of Dragon Ball Super.

All Dragon Ball Super manga volumes in order:

Dragon Ball Super has released a fantastic set that collects the first 15 DBS volumes:

You can get each of the Dragon Ball Super volumes at your own pace instead, here you have them in publication order:

These volumes have been published by VIZ Media in English, ensuring high-quality translations that remain faithful to the original Japanese script. The drawing style of Toyotarou, who has taken up the artist duties for Dragon Ball Super, is akin to that of Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the Dragon Ball series. This consistency in art style has delighted fans old and new.

In terms of trivia, did you know that Toyotarou was handpicked by Toriyama himself to work on Dragon Ball Super? He was a doujinshi artist who was making fan comics of Dragon Ball under the pen name Toyble before his rise to fame. One of the series’ most significant feats was in taking characters from the Dragon Ball films, which originally existed outside the primary storyline, and incorporating them into the official canon. A prime example of this is the character of Broly. Initially, Broly was introduced in a Dragon Ball movie as the Legendary Super Saiyan, known for his uncontrollable power and raw rage. However, it wasn’t until Dragon Ball Super: Broly where he was introduced into the main storyline, offering a reimagined backstory that intertwined with Goku and Vegeta’s lives.

Now that you know how many Dragon Ball Super volumes are there don’t miss this:

Who better than some of the best warriors on earth to protect your Dragon Ball Super manga volumes? Here’s 3 great additions to your collection:

If you’re a fan of the high-octane action and intricate world-building in Dragon Ball Super manga, then you should definitely check out the One Piece manga. Known for its grandiose story arcs and memorable characters, One Piece has carved out its space in the annals of manga history, much like Dragon Ball Super. Both share epic narratives that see their protagonists travel across diverse lands, encountering friends and foes alike. From the high seas adventure in the Grand Line to the intergalactic battles against cosmic entities, both series boast high stakes and epic battles that keep readers hooked from one volume to the next. Discover the incredible journey of Monkey D. Luffy with our collection of One Piece volumes.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Berserk, a darker, more brooding series that offers a stark contrast to the relatively bright and upbeat world of Dragon Ball Super. Whereas Dragon Ball Super follows our heroes as they protect the universe from a variety of threats, Berserk delves into a brutal medieval fantasy world filled with demonic beings, where the line between good and evil is often blurred. Despite their differences, both series excel in showcasing intricate fight scenes, well-developed characters, and captivating plots. Dragon Ball Super fans looking to explore a darker narrative with a deep storyline can dive into the world of Guts, the protagonist in Berserk. Check out the Berserk manga volumes we have available.

What is this series about?

DBS manga volumes
DBS manga volumes

The Dragon Ball Super manga continues the epic journey of Goku and his friends, following the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z. This time, they’re faced with threats beyond the realm of their own universe. Belonging to the action, martial arts, and science fantasy genres, the series is appropriate for readers aged 12 and up.

The Dragon Ball Super volumes have made a considerable impact in the manga community, bolstering the popularity of the long-standing franchise. Thanks to its intriguing new story arcs, memorable character developments, and stunning artwork, the series has seen robust sales worldwide and won numerous accolades.

As expected, the Dragon Ball Super manga was adapted into an anime series, further expanding the franchise’s reach. The anime has been well-received, successfully capturing the essence of the manga while adding its unique flair.

How many Dragon Ball super volumes are there in Japanese? Is it finished?

How many Dragon Ball super manga volumes are there
How many Dragon Ball super manga volumes are there

As of now, there are 21 volumes of Dragon Ball Super in the original Japanese version, and the series is still ongoing. It’s published in the monthly V-Jump magazine, which also publishes various other series based on popular franchises.

Meanwhile, the English version is slightly behind with the latest releases. There’s typically a delay of around six volumes between the Japanese and English versions. However, fans can rest assured that each volume is worth the wait, thanks to the series’ thrilling plot developments and high-quality translations.

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Have any more queries about Dragon Ball Super manga volumes? Feel free to ask us anything. Whether you’re curious about future plot predictions, character details, or anything else, we’re here to help. Now, power up and dive into the exhilarating world of Dragon Ball Super!

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