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Fantasy novel characters becoming League of Legends Champions/Dota heroes?

Hello Wottareaders! this is an article for both bookworms and gamers. What if some of our favorite fantasy novel main characters were Lol champions/Dota heroes? which abilities would they have? would they be op?

A bit of introduction for non Moba Players

In Moba games, every player can choose a champion or a hero (the term differs depending on which game you play). These champions have diverse abilities, which can be cast (active abilities) or others that can’t be toggled (such as an attack aura, for example, providing higher damage to closer units). One of those abilities is more powerful than the others, and also costs more mana and has a higher cooldown. This last ability is called the ultimate.

Generally speaking, League of Legends champions have more than four spells.  However, in order to make this article less overwhelming let`s assume these characters only have four spells: three of them being regular abilities while the fourth one being ultimate. Meanwhile, in Dota or Dota 2 heroes usually have four spells.

Having mentioned the basics, let’s create some new champions!

Frodo Baggins – The Lord of the Rings series

Frodo League of Legends

Armored Hobbit: Frodo wear’s Bilbo’s Mithril shirt, providing him impressive additional armor allowing him to survive to lethal attacks.

Sting’s premonition: Sting glows blue when enemies are nearby, allowing Frodo to detect enemy champions who are approaching to him.

Lembas healing: Frodo always carries Elven bread with him, when he eats Lembas he recovers his full hp.

The One Ring:  The power of the One Ring grants invisibility to Frodo letting him escape from any battle untouched.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter series

Harry Potter League of Legends

Expeliarmus: this spell disarms all the enemies of Harry Potter in range preventing them to deal physical damage.

Invisibility cloak: Harry can hide himself and one of his allies under his invisibility cloak and won’t be revealed unless they move.

Felix Felicis: Harry Potter can drink this potion or give it to an ally, Felix Felicis increases the champion’s evasion to 90%  and doubles his damage for 5 seconds.

Patronus: Harry can cast his Patronus charm granting him and his allies area protection, enemy spells will not work as long as Harry Potter’s stag remains on the field.

Speaking of this series, here you have all the Harry Potter books in order.

Rincewind – Discworld series

Rincewind League of Legends

Runaway master: Rincewind’s philosophy is based on the “there is nothing worth to die for” principle. When this ability is casted Rincewind speed gets multiplied x3.

Accidental hero: he never meant to be a hero, even so, fate wanted him to be. When in combat, Rincewind’s attacks deal x2 damage.

Death evader: No matter how much Death tries, it can’t find Rincewind. When Rincewind hp is lower than 15% he gest invulnerable for 15 seconds.

The Eight spell: This wizzard’s incompetence is so that he can’t spell (hope Discworld fans get the reference). Rincewind can cast the Eight spell, a spell nobody knows what it does exactly. When casted a random ability will be cast instead: a ball of fire, time stop or dead corpses rising are some examples of abilities that have been witnessed when the wizard casts this ability on combat.

Percy Jackson- Percy Jackson & the Olympians series

Percy Jackson League of Legends

Swordsman: After his training in the Camp Half-Blood, Percy is a highly skilled swordsman. When attacked he will instantly counter attack his opponent.

Curse of Achilles: Percy Jackson can cast this ability that grants him immunity from physical damage.

Anaklusmos: Percy’s celestial bronze weapon can change of shape adapting to fight every enemy. Percy Jackson’s attack deal damage as if the target had no armor.

Son of Poseidon:  Percy Jackson has the ability to manipulate water, he can summon waves of water that deal damage and stun his enemies.

Geralt of Rivia – The Witcher series

Geralt of Rivia League of Legends

Alchemist: His collection of herbs allow Geralt to prepare a potion that makes him deal x5 damage while the attacks  the damage he receives will also deal x5 damage to him.

Monster Hunter: Geralt of Rivia is a master swordsman experienced in hunting and killing monsters. His blade is lethal, gaining a chance of dealing critical damage to enemies.

Witcher ritual: As a witcher, Geralt survived to the Trial of the grasses among other mutations and experiments increasing his physical capabilities. This is a passive that grants Geralt of Rivia bonus health regeneration, attack speed, and additional armor.

Sign master: Witchers can cast simple spells called signs, these abilities have proved to be very useful and versatile in combat. Geralt can use his signs of Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen, Axi, Heliotrop or Somne.  This champion after using one of these signs won’t be able to use the rest of the signs until 120 seconds have passed.

Hope you had as much fun reading this post as I had writing it. Of course, these characters could have other abilities, this was just an example of abilities that these fantasy figures would be able to use during a battle. Also, if you don’t know which saga read next, just make this quiz to know!

Which other fantasy main characters would you like to see as League of Legends champions? just leave a comment!

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