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Reading websites for children (make them love reading)

The Internet has become an important part of our lives, we usually use it for our entertainment, but it also can make our life easier if we know how to take advantage of it. For those who have kids and want to encourage them reading, there are a lot of online platforms that will help your children in order to improve their skills. So for all those parents who want their children to love books and reading this article is for you! A nice example of this are i-Ready and Reading Plus, online interactive programs that lots of schools use as a supplement for their classes.i-Ready  Will help your children to improve not only their reading but also their math skills. First of all, your kids will have to do a test (the i-Ready Diagnostic) which will determine their academic skills in math and Reading. This will allow this online learning program to identify your children strengths and weaknesses. With such information, this website will design individualized programs to ensure their progress and learning. But of course, in order to use this program, the school where your children study must purchase it.

The same happens with Reading Plus, a similar website to i-Ready which focuses on reading comprehension and improving reading efficiency. This one is also available only for school subscriptions. But what if your children’s school do not purchase these interactive learning programs? this might be frustrating because we want our kids to learn to value books and stories. We are aware of the multiple benefits of reading, like sparking imagination and stimulating curiosity. If that was not enough, the effects of reading on child development are crucial for language development. Then, are there any alternative websites were our kids can improve their reading and have fun?

Are there any options to help our children improve their reading? the best reading websites for children

Yes, there are quite a lot of options, different websites with reading programs all of them having a different approach.  Because learning and having fun are compatible! Let’s see some educational and fun websites for kids:

Raz kids

Raz kids has an appealing web design for children, with a nice robot kid as a mascot. This reading site is used in schools, but it also can be used by families. The website has a marker which indicates how many books have been read on their website, and it gets continuously refreshed as kids keep reading new books. While writing this article the marker was already in more than 8 billion books read!

You can sign up for free and get 15 days of a free trial, as you will see the first question they ask is “Are you signing up for a classroom or home?” so you only have to click that option and let your kid start reading for free. This is a way to see if your children like this way of learning thus if your school doesn’t have a Raz Kids subscription you can purchase it.

This website has a lot of useful features. Children can listen to book recordings in order to gain fluency. Their books are leveled in 29 levels of difficulty and also have a test reading comprehension. If that was not enough Raz kids has its own free mobile app which provides access to these books and their quizzes. It also has a record function which allows you to check their fluency as they progress through all the 29 levels of difficulty.

Reading Eggs

This website has the slogan “Where children learn to read”, and it has a point since this website also provides reading online lessons. This website helps kids who struggle with their reading and also focuses a lot on making them learn while having fun which is essential. This interactive website is suitable for children aged two to thirteen years.

As it happens with Raz kids, you will have to purchase this subscription, but you can have a free two-week trial. Reading Eggs has already ten million users worldwide, so if you wanna join them you have different subscription choices. You can get an All-access twelve-month subscription for 47.95 pounds (which is 62.77 dollars in case you were wondering). This full access provides not reading learning full also math classes. Lots of their books are illustrated so it makes the young get more entertained,  while at the same time they will be developing their language skills.

Reading Eggs also provides free apps for their subscribers, available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. These also include interactive touch activities which are ideal for the youngest. These apps have multiple benefits, one of the most relevant is that these reading texts enhances a child’s concentration

Read theory

Unlike the two websites previously suggested, Read Theory is free and available for all. You only have to sign up and create an account which your child will be able to use in order to learn.

This website is really easy to use, kids will make a pretest after which depending on the results the following material will adjust to his level. This way kids can improve starting from an achievable level of difficulty. In the same way, reading has a lot of levels and adjusts the difficulty. Depending on the child’s progression, if he or she received a low score the next materials will be easier.

The kids can do online quizzes after their readings, depending on how they did they will earn points which Will help them to motivate. These points are reflected in their progress level, so they can see how they are gradually improving.


Readworks is another free website on which parents can also register for an account. While signing up you only have to complete your profile and choose the role of “Parent/Guardian” in the drop-down menu.

This website was created in order to solve America’s reading comprehension. As a result, more than one million teachers use Readworks to improve their teaching and learning. So, if you are looking for free online reading programs for struggling readers this might be a good choice.

By logging, you can access their free library, their content and lots of useful tools. This site has a lot of interesting features such as ebooks, audio versions or even Step reads (Less complex versions of an original article). If you were looking for a free and fun website for your little boy or girl, this one will work for you.

In addition to the digital experience, Readworks allows you to print the articles vocabulary and questions. This way, kids can keep improving even if the computer is shut off.


If you want your kids thinking they are in an adventure instead of improving their reading or learning maths then Jumpstart is a great choice. This free website offers tons of fun educational games for kids, with a 3d environment. Jumpstart has been designed by educators, providing so a personalized learning experience so kids can go at their own pace. The approach of this site is simple, they provide engaging storylines that will keep the learner engaged while unconsciously learning, there are different levels of reading so you can adapt depending on your needs. At the same time, it has customized tracking reports, allowing parents to get insightful progress reports of their kid’s activity, a really useful tool that will help you know how your children are improving and if there’s any skill to be reinforced.


Starfall provides free and low-cost experience, here your children will be able to learn through exploration, this one is great for beginners. The premise of this website is the following: kids must have fun learning, and at the same time encouraging children to become confident, intrinsically motivated, and successful. This website is free public service designed to teach children to read while being entertained. In addition, if you want to expand the experience, there is a low-cost membership program which includes more animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities.

PBS Reading Games

PBS  provides tons of fun games for children, and they also have reading games. Your kids will have more than 60 reading games where they will embark on an interactive adventure connected to characters like Princess Presto, Martha or Wordgirl. Aside from reading games, this site provides other related content such as vocabulary games or rhyming games.


In this site, your children will be able to read, learn maths, play games and watch videos. As a result, using this free educational game website your kid will develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy. Funbrain is really easy to use, your kid only has to press on the book or comic she/he wants to read and that’s all! they will be able to read it only. Simple and effective. You can also browse by grade, which goes from kindergarten to 8th grade, so your kids read easier or more complex books depending on their level.

Hope these educational websites were useful for both parents and your kids. If your children already fancy reading what about these Books for kids suggestions?

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