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Rise of the Dragons

Today in Freedays book we have Rise of the Dragons by Morgan Rice.  This book can be downloaded on Amazon, here is the link. The plot takes place in a fantasy world, in which the author invites us to dive into exciting adventures with dragons and trolls as companions. This is the first book of Kings and Sorcerers, a six-volume saga. The author decided to let people download the first volume for free, a nice way to introduce you to this wonderful saga. Then if you liked it you can buy the resto f the books which can be found at a reasonable place on Amazon.

What is Rise of the Dragons about?

Rise of the Dragons

Rise of the Dragons book cover

This first book in the Kings and Sorcerers series serves as a presentation for Kyra, a 15-year-old warrior’s apprentice who seeks to follow in her father’s footsteps. Kyra is a girl in a man’s world, but in spite of that, she wants to prove her worth as a warrior. This girl is very special and her motivation comes from a mysterious and unknown element that is inside her and that will lead her to live thrilling adventures

What we can read through the pages of this book, is a world in which the humans who star in the story live along with fantastic beings such as dragons and trolls. In a plot in which the protagonists will have to demonstrate their honor and courage, we will witness how they learn to control this world of magic and fantasy to solve their problems.

Who is Morgan Rice?

Morgan Rice is a novelist who has earned a great reputation in the field of science fiction and fantasy. Her prolific career began in 2011 and since then she has declared that she has no interest in publishing using the traditional publishing system. Instead, she has opted to self-publish her books in an attempt to use modern distribution channels. This is one of the reasons why we can find many of her books for free on the internet. So, if you are looking for books for free as a way to introduce you to new universes, check her books!

Other series

His series of books such as “Of Crowns and Glory”, which has 8 books in this series. “Kings and Sorcerers” with 6 books. “Sorcerer’s Ring” with 17 books. The trilogy “Survival”, the series “Vampire, Fallen” that has 1 book. “Vampire Journals” which has 12 books. “Way of Steel” with 1 book. And his new series “Kings and Sorcerers” that begins with this “The Awakening of the Dragons”, constitute all his prolific literary production.

As said before, the book can be downloaded from the internet at Amazon for free, to have it in our kindle in a matter of seconds. It is a work that should undoubtedly be downloaded by all lovers of literature and science fiction. Because Morgan Rice’s ability to create dazzling worlds and characters we empathize with from the first minute makes this book worth reading.

Hope you like it!

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