How many Vagabond manga volumes are there?

If you’re a fan of historical epics, look no further than the Vagabond manga volumes. The exhilarating journey of the warrior Musashi Miyamoto, masterfully illustrated by Takehiko Inoue, will transport you to a tumultuous period in Japan’s history. 😮👹

But just how many Vagabond volumes are there? Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this gripping series, revealing each volume that forms this classic manga. 📚🔍

All Vagabond manga volumes in order

We’ve put together the Vagabond volumes in their publication order, ready for your manga binge. Dive in and let the journey of Musashi Miyamoto unfold before you! 📚💫

The English version of the Vagabond manga, published by VIZ Media, brings Inoue’s detailed and dynamic art style to life for a broader audience. The translation is smooth, staying true to the intense, atmospheric narrative of the original. Vagabond manga made a successful voyage across the sea and has been fully translated into English! 🌊📖 Each English volume encompasses 3 of the original Japanese volumes, offering fans an immersive reading experience.

Fun fact about this series: Inoue drew inspiration from the 1935 novel “Musashi” by Eiji Yoshikawa. He is also known for other works like Slam Dunk (you’ll find the first volume of this series among the recommendations shown below) and Real, but Vagabond has a unique, almost realistic portrayal of the samurai era. 📖🎌

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First up, is the dark fantasy epic, Berserk. Its intense storytelling, rich characters, and stunning artwork make it a must-read. Many Vagabond readers find themselves lost in the chaotic world of Berserk manga collection, drawn to its gritty, action-packed scenes and complex character development. 😱🗡️

Next, we have Monster, a psychological thriller that takes its readers on a suspense-filled journey. If the complex character development and gripping narrative in Vagabond hooked you, then you’re going to love exploring how many volumes of Monster are there. Its haunting tale is sure to leave you at the edge of your seat, just like Vagabond did! 😵🔍

What is this manga about?

At its core, the Vagabond manga is an action-filled, historical saga. Following the life and journey of Musashi Miyamoto, a famed swordsman in 17th century Japan, this series offers a thrilling dive into the philosophy and conflicts of the samurai era. 🏯👺

The Vagabond volumes have achieved monumental success, selling over 82 million copies worldwide. The profound depiction of Musashi’s transformation from a brash, violent youth into a reflective and peaceful warrior has won over readers globally. The series has also garnered numerous awards, including the Grand Prize for manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2000. 🏅🌏

As of now, Vagabond hasn’t been adapted into an anime or video game. However, its rich narrative and the depth of its characters make it a worthy contender for adaptations in the future. Fingers crossed! 🤞🎬

How Many Vagabond Manga Volumes are there in the Japanese Version? Is it Finished?

In the land of the rising sun, Vagabond had a remarkable journey. The manga series originally debuted in Japan, with the narrative spanning across 37 volumes 📚. Its captivating story, penned by the talented Takehiko Inoue, kicked off and concluded within this impressive collection, making a significant impact on manga enthusiasts worldwide. 🌏

However, the series has been on hiatus since 2015, leaving fans waiting with bated breath for new additions. The mastermind behind the series, Takehiko Inoue, has mentioned that he would not continue the series until he regains enthusiasm for it. 🕗 A similar thing happens to the Hunter x Hunter volumes, a series also on a long-term hiatus.

Regarding the English version, each English volume is a treasure trove, condensing 3 original Japanese volumes into one. This approach not only provides an immersive reading experience but also keeps fans up to date with all the story arcs covered in the series so far. 📖👀

Any questions on Vagabond manga volumes? We’ve got you covered! Whether it’s about the story, the characters, the author, or where to buy them, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out, and let’s dive deeper into the exciting world of Vagabond! 🕵️‍♂️🎉

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