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These are the coolest Harry Potter bookends ever!

If you are a fan of the this popular series written by J.K. Rowling, then you are going to love these Harry Potter bookends. In fact, let’s be honest, there are not many bookends based on this fantasy series. And even though there are a few, you’re going to have a hard time deciding which one to get, and now you’ll see why:

The Harry Potter train bookends are our favorite

Out of all the choices out there, we have to say that we’re particularly fond of these two. Not only do we think they are incredibly original, but they are also so well detailed:

The moment when Harry uses platform 9 and ¾ to be able to board the train and reach Hogwarts castle is one of those memories that we will have forever. And these amazing Harry Potter bookends helps us remember that magical moment. However, the others are also great options, so it’s up to you to decide which one you get.

Now that you’ve got your Harry Potter bookends, don’t miss out on this

As a good fan of the series, you will surely love the magical world created by J.K. Rowling, that’s why we thought you would love to see some products related to this franchise. Here you have them in case they catch your attention:

On the other hand, we leave you this post where we talk about the new Harry Potter books that have been coming out over the years and that maybe you don’t know. For example, didn’t you know that there is an official story about Nicolas Flamel? Well yes, the Nicolas Flamel books have been authorized by J.K. Rowling herself, so run to this article to make sure you don’t miss one in your collection.

This way, you can puff out your chest with pride and claim that you have everything published related to this series. And not only that, but if you have finally decided to buy one of these Harry Potter bookends you will never find a better way to have them properly collected.

Also, if you want to read similar stories to the one written by J.K Rowling, here you have a compilation of several books like the Harry Potter series, in case you want to take a look.

How old were you when you read the first book of the series, did you read it as a child or as an adult? Many people read them when they were children and read them again as adults, so tell us how many times you have read this story.

A series that has been with us for a long time

harry potter bookends hogwarts

There is one thing that we find very curious about the Harry Potter books, and that is that no matter how much time passes, they continue to find themselves on the bestseller lists. Despite having been published quite a long time ago, this story written by British author J.K. Rowling is still one of the most successful.

In fact, there has not yet been any other fantasy series that has had as much importance as this one has had. In fact, only the Marvel movies have been as relevant as the Harry Potter movies were at the time. By the way, if you like this franchise then we have to tell you that we have also compiled a few models of Marvel bookends that are amazing and that show us the most popular characters of these movies such as Captain America or Ironman.

Although if you like fantasy books then we have no doubt that no matter how much you like superhero movies nothing can be compared with the story of that young orphan boy who lived in the house of some uncles who mistreated him, and a cousin who just made his life even more than impossible. That’s why, for sure, you will prefer to buy a Harry Potter bookend, because those of us who like this series like to have as many things related to these books as possible.

Which book of the Harry Potter series do you like the most? Leave a comment telling us which one is your favorite.