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These are the coolest Marvel bookends

Our books deserve the best protection, and what better than one of these Marvel bookends to make sure they are well protected. It doesn’t matter if you collect scifi books, romance novels, or comic books; Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America and other Marvel super heroes will be there to make sure everything is under control.

There are many superhero bookends, but the Marvel ones have always had a special appeal. Probably because the Marvel character are now even more popular thanks to the movies. In fact, we believe that Infinity War deserves to be considered one of the best superhero movies ever.

These are the best Marvel bookends

As you can see, one of these Marvel bookends includes Ironman and Captain America, fighting as in the Civil War movie. We may not be entirely neutral, but that bookend is certainly one of our favorites. Of course, a more than honorable mention must also be made of Spider-Man, a character many of us grew up with, and who has always been held in special affection by the public.

In addition to these Marvel bookends you will also like these from other super heros

Not all the coolest super heroes are from Marvel, okay, many of them are. But there are others like Batman or Superman that we also love, so we have no doubt that some of the following bookends are going to make you struggle to decide which one to get. And now you will see why:

Some competition just came out, huh? It’s true that the Marvel character bookends are pretty cool. But let’s not forget that DC also has some of the most iconic characters, among which of course we have to mention two of them: Batman and Superman. By the way, having so many books on your shelves you will surely read at night, so do not miss this article in which you will’f find the best light to read in bed.

As you probably know, Marvel is now owned by Disney, as is Starwars. So check out this post to find out what is the order of the Jedi Academy books.

You won’t want to miss this either

Here are three Marvel board games that are also really cool, in case you happen to love them:

It’s true that the DC movies haven’t been that successful. Or, rather, the movies based on the DC characters as a team, The Justice League which is DC’s equivalent of Marvel’s Avengers, have not. On the other side, the performances of Christian Bale as Batman or Henry Cavill as Superman have certainly found their deserved niche in the cinema.

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By the way, if you have small children then you won’t find a better way to introduce them to this super heroic world than with these Marvel books for kids. With these they will begin to learn about the adventures of the most popular characters of this franchise that as you know is now in the hands of Disney.

With great power comes… great furniture?

Having so many options at your disposal you won’t have found it easy to make a decision, will you? the decision is yours, this is like when Captain America and Ironman fight because they have opposing views on whether or not they should sign up for the Avengers Initiative. You will have to decide which of these Marvel bookends, is the one that fits you, or your room, the most.

You probably remember the emotional words that Uncle Ben told his nephew Peter Parker, with great power comes great responsibility. The same when choosing what to buy, although well, in this case if you don’t like something you just return it and that’s it, right? In any case, we hope you found the perfect bookend for you.

You can leave a comment telling us which of these Marvel bookends you have ended up buying, or if you have doubts between more than one you can leave a comment so we can help you make your choice!