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His dark materials BBC tv series

Hello Wottareaders, today we are talking about Phillip’s Pullman famous saga: His Dark materials and its upcoming tv adaptation.   This is His dark materials  BBC tv series, and it’s coming out soon!

There is no better thing than showing, so here you have the Teaser trailer:

I have written recently about Phillip’s Pullman latest novel, The Secret Commonwealth. This is the second volume of The Book of Dust saga, an equel, as the author likes to call it, of His Dark Materials.

What will  His dark materials  BBC tv series be about?

As you know, the original series is a trilogy. So it is expected that each season will cover the entire series. That is, the first season will tell the story narrated in the first novel, The Golden Compass. The following books, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, would be covered in the subsequent seasons.

The first season will have eight episodes.  Even though it has not been aired yet a second season of eight episodes is confirmed.

Regarding the filming, the first season is already filmed. the official Twitter account confirmed it (see here).

Who is casting His Dark Materials BBC Tv series?

If you are wondering who is casting this adaptation, the entire cast is already revealed.  The actress Dafne Keen is cast to play  Lyra Belacqua,  Billy Costa will be cast by Tyler Howitt while Lewin Lloyd will cast Roger Parslow. You can check the full casting on the following IMBD link.

When will His Dark Materials be on tv? Release date

His dark materials  HBO tv series will be released later in 2019, so it will air this same year.

Previous adaptations

His Dark Materials has had a previous movie adaptation. Or, better said, the first novel, The Golden Compass (or Northern Lights depending on the country), had a movie adaptation. The movie is considered a flop, having a budget of  $180 million earning $372 million worldwide. Even though the movie recouped its cost, the grossing in the USA did not meet the expectations and as a result, the sequels were never made. As a result, this movie adaptation was not one of the highest grossing movie adaptations of all time, you can check which movie adaptations are honored with such achievement highest grossing fantasy movies.

There are high hopes for this BBC adaptation. Fans think this adaptation is true to the original material and expect it to be the proper movie adaptation this saga deserves.

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