His Dark Materials read order

How to read His Dark Materials

Do you want to start reading Lyra Bellaqua’s story but don’t know the proper reading order? in this article you will learn How to read His Dark Materials. A fantasy series centering on Lyra, a girl who will travel to parallel universes. Here you will find His Dark Materials books in order.

Even though many may think this story is adressed to children this is not so, in fact, it is marketed to young adults, aside from the fantasy elements this story also alludes philosophy and theology. However, Phillip Pullman wrote his story with no target audience on his mind.

In what order should I read His Dark Materials?

His Dark Materials is a trilogy. The first novel, Northern Lights, is titlted The Golden Compass in the American edition. After His Dark Materials comes The Book of Dust, a series that starts before the events of the original series but eventually will show settings taking place simultaneously to the events in His Dark Materials so in order to understand The book of Dust it should be read after the original series.

So what is the best order to read His Dark Materials? here you have His Dark Materials books in order

His Dark Materials books in order

This is the best order to read His Dark Materials


  • The Golden Compass (Northern Lights)
  • The Subtle Knife
  • The Amber Spyglass
  • La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust)
  • The Secret Commonwealth (The Book of Dust)

Now that you know in what order you should read His Dark Materials you can embark on a journey with witches and armoured polar bears.

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