His Dark Materials books in order

Philip Pullman books in order – His Dark Materials series

Here you will find all the His Dark Materials books in order, a bestselling fantasy series by English author Phillip Pullman starred by young Lyra Lyra Bellaqua, always in the company of her loyal friend and daemon Pantalaimon of course. In this story, we’ll travel to the North, and that will be just the beginning of an epic journey that will take us to other worlds.

Are you ready to read Lyra Bellaqua’s books and join her in her amazing and dangerous adventure? great. Also, just a quick clarification: if you are seeking The Golden Compass book series in order, it’s this one! (so we’ll use both terms indistinctly) It’s just that the movie franchise took the title of the first book (in the USA version) and not of the series.

His Dark Materials reading order: In what order should I read Phillip Pullman’s books?

Here you have the His Dark Materials books in chronological order. The original series is a trilogy, and it’s important for you to knot that the first volume has two different titles, if you are American then it’s The Golden Compass for you, however, the original title, and also the one shown in the British version, is The Northern Lights. Here you have the 3 individual novels starred by Lyra in order, as an alternative, you’ll find a superb book set that collects them 3:

Maybe you just decided that you wanted to get all 3 of them? if that is the case this His Dark Materials book set is what you are looking for. A gorgeous set with a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating, with more than 4,000 reviews, and you can choose between paperback, hardcover, or Kindle.

We are not done! After the His Dark Materials books comes a duology, known as The Book of Dust. A series that starts before the events of the original series, but eventually will show settings taking place simultaneously to the events in the original trilogy. So, in order to understand The Book of Dust, it should be read after the original series.

Prepare to embark on a journey with witches and armored polar bears. And, if that’s not appealing enough, everyone in this story has a companion, an animal known as a daemon that is attached to their very own soul, isn’t that incredibly cool?

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Let’s know a bit more about the Golden Compass books

Philip Pullman's Lyra books in order
Philip Pullman’s Lyra books in order

The His Dark Materials books by Phillip Pullmans tell us a story about a girl who is in charge to save the world. The first volume in the series, known both as The Golden Compass and The Northern Lights, will take us to the north, in which a group of people known as Goblers are taking several kids that they have kidnapped. But why are they kidnapping them and taking all of them to such a peculiar place? This will be Lyra’s quest to find out the truth and help all these kids.

His Dark Materials centers on Lyra Bellaqua, an eleven-year-old girl who will travel to different parallel universes with her friend Pantalaimon. While she believes herself to be just a regular kid, she’ll soon find out that she has a special ability, she’s able to read a powerful artifact known as the alethiometer, with which she can find out the truth to her questions.

Which one goes first?

The fact that The Books of Dust narrates events that take place before the original trilogy might be confusing for some readers so here’s a further explanation. Phillip Pullman called this new series an equel that is, the story told in these novels tells us about scenes that took place before, meanwhile, and after the His Dark Materials series. Despite this, it is highly recommended to read these two novels after having finished the original series otherwise you’ll get quite lost.

Lyra’s books have had 2 adaptations. The first one, as a movie franchise, which didn’t go especially well as it was canceled after releasing the first film. Secondly, as an HBO series, which seems to have had a greater reception from both the fandom and the general audience. Did you watch the next adaptation of His Dark Materials? if so, did you like it or it wasn’t as good as the books? don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your opinion!

A list of all His Dark Materials books in order of publication

This is a brief yet useful list of the His Dark Materials reading order. This series is published by Penguin Random House, and each of the volumes is around 400 pages long. You’ll send that the novels have tons of different covers, however, we love the ones shown above.

His Dark Materials books in order

This is the best order to read His Dark Materials
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  • Yearling

Reading order:

  • The Golden Compass (Northern Lights)
  • The Subtle Knife
  • The Amber Spyglass
  • La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust)
  • The Secret Commonwealth (The Book of Dust)

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This story is addressed to a children’s audience, the His Dark Materials books are recommended to children between 10 and 17 years old. However, it can also be enjoyed by a mature audience. in fact, it originally was marketed to young adults because, aside from the fantasy elements, this story also alludes to philosophy and theology. However, Phillip Pullman has stated on several occasions that he wrote his story with no target audience in mind.

If you want to read another story about traveling (not to another universe but in time) then here you have the Outlander reading order so you can start Diana Gabaldon’s famous series.

We hope this list of the His Dark Materials books in order helps you to start this amazing story by Phillip Pullman. We are curious, how did you discover this tale? Was it thanks to the movie? The HBO series? Also, do you call these The Golden Compass books or you’d rather use the original titles? Tell us, we love to know!

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