my love mix up manga volumes

How many My Love Mix Up manga volumes are there?

Welcome to the colorful and emotive universe of 🎊 My Love Mix Up manga volumes! The series is crafted with love by the remarkable Wataru Hinekure, and offers a delightful exploration of teenage romance and friendship. 💌💫

You’re probably wondering just how many My Love Mix Up volumes there are to dive into, aren’t you? Prepare yourself for a charming adventure through the highs and lows of young love, as we’re about to unravel the complete collection of this heartwarming series! 📚💖

All My Love Mix Up manga volumes in order

Here you have all Love Mix Up volumes in publication order:

When it comes to the English version of the My Love Mix Up manga, the series has been carefully translated and adapted while maintaining the integrity of the original content. The publisher has done a commendable job of preserving the unique drawing style, ensuring a high-quality translation that resonates with international audiences. 🌎✨

As an interesting tidbit about the series, did you know that Wataru Hinekure is also the creative force behind several other popular titles? Their adept storytelling has charmed readers across multiple series, adding a distinctive charm that sets their works apart. 🖊️🎉

Now that you know how many My Love Mix Up volumes are there don’t miss this:

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What is this manga about?

How many My Love Mix Up volumes are there
How many My Love Mix Up volumes are there

My Love Mix Up manga is a delightful rom-com that twirls around a series of hilarious misunderstandings leading to unexpected love. It’s a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and school life genres that promises endless giggles and ‘aww’ moments. The main character, Aoki, is a high school student who navigates through the confusion and chaos of his feelings, making his journey utterly relatable and heartwarming. 💖🏫

Since its inception, My Love Mix Up volumes have garnered an impressive fanbase, contributing to its notable sales figures. The series hasn’t just won hearts but has also clinched several accolades that acknowledge its delightful storytelling and artistic prowess. 🏆📈

Adding to the manga’s charm, an anime adaptation of My Love Mix Up has recently been released, enabling fans to enjoy the lovable characters and their shenanigans in a dynamic animated format. 📺💗

How many My Love Mix Up manga volumes are there in the Japanese version? Is it finished?

My love mix up volumes
My love mix up volumes

The Japanese version of My Love Mix Up beautifully encapsulates the entire storyline across 9 well-structured volumes. Published initially in the distinguished Bessatsu Margaret magazine, the series commenced in 2020 and concluded successfully in 2022, offering a satisfying and complete reading experience for fans. 🇯🇵📘

The English version of My Love Mix Up is fully translated and is available for fans worldwide. It keeps the essence of the original storyline intact, bringing international readers closer to the delightful journey of Aoki and his companions. 🌐📚

Got any queries about My Love Mix Up manga volumes? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to provide all the information you need to enjoy this delightful series to its fullest! 💌🔍

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