New fantasy book 2020

New Fantasy Book 2020: The Sapphire Eruption

This new fantasy book was released in January 2020 and it’s the first volume of four planned volumes. A high fantasy story told from the perspective of different characters. Looking for magic, humor, a bit of politics, strong and independent women or LGBT characters? you are lucky, this book series has all of that, and much more.

This story is part Harry Potter, part Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) so if you love those series you definitely must take a look at this new fantasy book series. Also, if you like The Kingkiller Chronicle or Lightbringer then you will like this new fantasy series.

Did I mention that the main character of this series has a sword of fire?

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Want to buy this new fantasy book? Purchase The Sapphire Eruption

The Sapphire Eruption is available for Kindle. If you want to buy the first volume of The Sword’s Choice series just click on the book cover, the link will take you to Amazon:

The Sapphire Eruption is the first volume in the Sword’s Choice series. A medieval fantasy saga unfolding in a harsh and vengeful world.  It is a story of ambition and resolve set in an environment where the heat of fire is countered by the cool tides of water—a world that will remind Noakh every day that whatever happens he must never surrender his destiny. 

If you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited then you will be able to read this ebook for free, so enjoy it. Also, for those who love to read in paper format: a paperback version will be available soon (planned to be for February 2020)

For those who purchased the book don’t forget to leave an honest review both on Amazon and also on Goodreads.

A new fantasy book in 2020: What is the Sapphire Eruption about?

Four kingdoms located around The Void. Four sacred weapons, each infused with the power of one of the elements—fire, water, air, earth.  

These four weapons allow Alomenta’s four kingdoms to maintain a delicate balance. But the world’s tense harmony is soon to be tested.

In a lost village, Noakhail arduously trains to learn the art of the sword.  He remains unaware that when he was a baby, on the day the sky turned red, he was chosen by one of the two sacred fire swords to be the Ascendant Phoenix, heir to Firia, the fire kingdom.

Until now Noakh has lived with Lumio, his stepfather, as an outcast in the Aquadom, the queendom of water.  But now that he is mature enough his stepfather reveals to him who he is—and that the time has come to return to Firia and claim the throne.

But even as Noakh sets out to claim his destiny, in the castle of the Aquadom, a coterie of young princesses dutifully perform the water-sword ritual day after day: one day the sword will choose which of them will be the Lacrima, the rightful heiress to the water throne. Everyone knows that such an honor will fall to the older sister, Katienne; after all, she is just like her mother, the queen. But will she be the sword’s choice?

Particularities of The Sword’s Choice: What makes this new fantasy series from all the others released in 2020 different?

Let’s see some particularities of this story that you will find interesting:

The world of Alomenta is a place where the color of the skin is not relevant, but the color of the eyes and the hair.

As said before, in this story there are four kingdoms (or better said, three kingdoms and one queendom). In these territories, the citizens not only behave differently but their appearance is different: the citizens of each of these kingdoms have their eye and their hair of a different color.

For example, the citizens of the queendom of Water, the Aquadom (where the first book in the series is set), have blue eyes and blond hair. 

That’s something Noakhail knows very well. His brown eyes stand out too much in a blue-eyed queendom. As would his black hair if he didn’t dye it blond.

This is a story of motivation set in a medieval fantasy scenario

The name of one of the main characters, Noakhail, means “do not give up”. As a result, the boy will remember that he must keep fighting no matter what. He only has to remember his name.

A brief summary of what this new fantasy book has and doesn’t

This is a high fantasy story, and as well as most fantasy book releases of 2020 this tale has the most usual components of the genre. Here you have a good summary of what this book has and what doesn’t:

Will you read this new fantasy book? Remember that you can read this ebook for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. What other fantasy books released in 2020 will you read? Leave a comment.

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